12 comments on “Saturday Gifts.

  1. Everytime I think I’ve seen David at his “beautifullest”, there comes another pic of him looking more beautiful!!! Thud .. Gone .. Finished .. Destructed .. Dead..!
    His eyes pierce into your soul, causing waves and tingles down your spine, tremblings in your fingers and toes, but you continue to stare into the screen, wondering how anyone can look so dang beautiful, until the screen goes blank, and you click it back on again … then continue relentlessly to stare some more. Sigh….David, you’re taking up the whole of my weekend hours…

    And yet, he looks relaxed, confident, non-chalance, comfortably perched on that railing, as if he has nothing to do with the emotional and mental turmoil and chaos going through our minds and hearts. He is a real teaser, I tell ya…

  2. Here are some more “Saturday Gifts” from David at the Zoo-A-Palooza in Greenville, South Carolina! (Credit goes to Wanda – ArchuletaAvenue)

    1) First Live Performance of Something ‘Bout Love!

  3. haha!!! I just love to read how trace and eunice goes gaga over David’s pictures!!! 🙂

    Katheryn – thanks. He sounds so good. It was not very clear when I heard it over the cellcast this morning here. 🙂

  4. hi Anne – how do I go to John’s article on Brand Loyalty. I couldn’t find it as I was reading it half-way before I have to head off to my parent’s house. Thanks.

  5. Those notes in Crazy is cra-zehh! hahahahahaha! Elevator is sooooo random! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. Thank you Katheryn for posting those vids. Those performances are truly amazing and his “Crazy” is driving me crazy. You don’t realise those songs are really difficult to sing until you hear them live – but David makes it so perfect.

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