6 comments on “Official Album Cover; Vlog – Finishin Up the Album!

  1. Hey! Sweetie, you are cutie with that hair do! Just cute! and Aaron has the same hair do too! Tell me are they the same height?

  2. oh my goshhhh.
    he’s sooo hyper in the vlog! loveee ittt! XD

    yeshh anne! LOL. that grin..gahhhh.

    oh look, white eye’s there. 🙂
    yes, indeed.

  3. eunice: I think David did say that Aaron is a small guy and also shorter than him in one of his interviews. Well, I know the fact that David is taller than me!!! 🙂

    David certainly love music very much looking at the ending of his latest vlog…his face really shows the enjoyment.

    Just finished reading his COS – gosh!! his philosophy of life is so positive. I wonder would he ever get angry??!! hmmm…

  4. Akang, did he say that in an interview? I must have missed it. I am not particularly in tune with this year’s AI contestants. Still can’t get over David’s season.

    I am so glad he is excited with his new album. I am waiting to hear the new songs.

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