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  1. OMG thanks for the alternative link.since vevo currently blocked other countries from viewing it.HOT

  2. I love it! It has an edgier more mature feel to it than his other videos did. David looks and sings amazing!!

  3. Although the close up shots of David is the highlight of the video I think the individual story lines within the video were a tad cheesy. I feel they could have been better portrayed and thus given the video a more ‘meaty’ feel.

    IDK am I being too cynical and picky?

    p.s. Daniel in the video was raad! πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you John and Drexar for the links!
    Thank you, Anne, for staying up late to post those breathtaking pics!

    David is capital G Gorgeous!!

    I agree with you, Anne, I did not care much for all that dancing – too much of it. All the multi-movement, dizzying lights and masses of people take the focus away from the depth of the song.

    I like the beginning where David wanders by himself (love the walking!). That, I think, should have been the basis of the feeling of the song.

    There should have been more scenes like:

    A parent hugging a wayward teenage son/daughter..

    A young couple making up after a fight…

    …….that sort of thing….

    More focus on LOVE and LESS scenes on dancing.

    But then, that would have been one big yawn to the very young fans. Haha It’s not too bad – I’m ok with it – anything with David in it is a Huge plus for me.
    But it could have been more meaningful, as the lyrics imply.

    Hey, do you guys realise the vid song is not the final version? – the ending bit.

  5. Trace

    It should be “totally rad!” – a slang for something awesome. Having Daniel, his brother, in the video was great πŸ™‚

    I think the story lines, although very appropriate to the concept of love that David is singing about, should have been fleshed out more. Instead it was done in a very minimalist fashion – almost a passing mention so I got the feeling that things were left ‘hanging’. Having David walk through the video, narrating the story of the song was a great idea but the stories told should have been longer.

    Something along the lines of Mariah Carey’s ‘Through The Rain’ video:

    But like I said I’m probably being too picky.

  6. loved it! πŸ˜€

    I think there should’ve been a little less dancing though. haha. I preferred the beginning of the video because there were those two short clips of the big kids including the little kid in their game, and the helping a stranger pick up stuff that fell. Random acts of kindness which really should be the norm thing to do but still mean a lot.

    but like, unlike Jordin’s video the clips weren’t like… a continuous story line throughout the video so the video felt kind of choppy and the dancing didn’t really relate to the lyrics except maybe being happy and having a good time? idk. it had less depth. but it was still really good! I love seeing David sing, he’s got so much expression when he sings (or lip-synch? haha).

    love the Daniel and Joy cameo too. πŸ™‚

  7. John

    I agree with you 100% in everything you’ve said. You’ve said it it better than I. πŸ™‚

  8. i don’t get the dancing scenes either. but i’m liking the closeups and the hairstyle πŸ˜€

  9. ai lyn, i agree with u abt the jordin sparks video..have to admit that jordin’s one was better done in the way that, it focuses on few central characters and develop their storyline thruout the video..something like a mini, mini movie hahaha. but then again, im pretty satisfied with this one. Its definitely not perfect, but i believe David gave his best (: ❀

  10. Wow….I love the video and it’ll definitely appeal to his young fans. Agreed with Trace – David looks gorgeous here.

    This morning over the radio, I just mistaken Justin Bieber’s something to love with David’s something ’bout love. Geez…. almost identical song title!!.

    Early this week, I went to Borders at San Francisco and asked for COS and mentioned David’s name as the author, the guy said he has never heard of that author before. hahaha and now he did. πŸ™‚

    p.s. John, you’re sure picky but in a good way. πŸ™‚ You just want the best for David and this is his 3rd video which is far better than his first!!

  11. hey all! gosh, i’ve been a lurker for a gazillion years..haha.
    oh, u can’t help but to love the music video aye? πŸ™‚

    he has grown so much from Crush MV and we can really see him putting some input into the making of the video. (Daniel’s cameo yayy! :D)

    yeah, much prefer the first half of the video than the rest of it. but i guess we can’t complain too much haha. he sure has lots of young fans to appeal to. πŸ™‚ one thing for sure, it has a lot more depth than the previous 2 videos. πŸ™‚

    oh, and loooove the black jacket! *squeallsss* haha. someone’s looking oh so good. πŸ™‚

    can’t wait for the whole album! πŸ˜€

  12. akang! You’re in San Francisco??

    Hey drexar! No news of him performing at the TCAs but he’s presenting an award heh.

    Nadiah…no more lurking! Lol. He has grown up indeed…*sniff*

  13. Hi all! Nice to see the crowd here again.

    He sounds and looks gorgeous!

    Yah! akang, you are in SF?

  14. Reading previous comments, I feel like I should add my opinion.

    I really liked the dancing.
    Maybe I’m a freak or something, but dancing and partying happens to be a really good way for me to bond with my friends.

    Doing funny things at a party (like spraying confetti on the walls, playing pranks, hunting endlessly for stray twigs to throw into the bonfire, dancing crazily to music while singing along to the lyrics, laughing the whole time)… that makes up some of the fondest memories I have of being with my friends.

    So the party-related clips made me SMILE REAL BIG… and it made reminisce till I kinda choked up.

    And, to me, the music really fit the later part of the video. Being upbeat and everything.
    Putting in scenes that are too, how do you say it, ’emotionally intense’ might have made the whole thing pretty awkward.

    I’m just saying…


  15. ^
    Oh, the woes of being artistically-and-musically-inclined.

    Your brain’s hardwired differently from everyone else’s, makes you see one thing while they all see another.


  16. love his new music video, he look even more matured in that video, go archie ! πŸ˜€

  17. hi Anne and Eunice,

    Came back from SF yesterday and now having jet-lag. Spent one week at LA, terribly hot and dry and one week at SF, cool and dry. Eunice, how is your weather over there??

    Its seem David is not that popular in the west coast as my friend’s teenager daughters are listening to Justin Bieber (his songs were being on heavy rotations on both cities), Jones Brothers and the latest craze is Selena Gomez. The most surprising was the korean group, Super Junior and Wonder Girls are making waves amongst the Asian teenage age group. My friend’s teenage girls were choreographed to perform Super Junior – Sorry Sorry at their school before the summer holidays including my six year old niece at her daycare center!!…hahaha… πŸ™‚

    Retail sales are on in both cities but not many people are buying stuff, relatively quiet. Companies in silicon valley are still laying off people.

    It was ironic that I saw David’ SBL video in HK Intl airport (free internet service with 17″ screen) whilst waiting for my connecting flight but with no sound….hahaha!!! It was fun watching David’s facial expression while the song was being played in my head. πŸ™‚

  18. Hey akang, hope you will recover from jetlag soon. LA’s weather is usually cool and nice! Yes, it is unusually hot this summer, it is over 100F here for the past several weeks. Texas is sizzzling hot in the summer.

    You are right, David is popular overseas, especially Asia, not sure in Europe. Justin B is a hot potato now. Especially among the teenies.
    Hope you had a great relaxing time.

  19. hi eunice,
    wow – 100F is hot! My family and friends said that the west coast is having a much cooler summer this year than last year. As far as I remembered, summer is the same – hot & dry. πŸ™‚

    Both cities that I was in had the same songs radio rotation as in Malaysia except that SBL is being played here. I hope SBL is able to break into the US airplay as it’s really a tough business there!! Justin B is the Tipping Point for the pop music scene after posted his own self-made video on Youtube. Incredible!

    Enjoy your sizzling summer!! πŸ™‚

  20. aKang: I’m here to defend the honor of the West Coast of the United States!!! I’m kidding, of course, but I wanted to give you my perspective since I happen to live there. I live near Seattle, so I’m from the Northwest. When I say “Northwest,” that includes the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana, as well as British Columbia, Canada. Here’s a link to a map of the region:


    David is popular here, as is evidenced by his concerts in this region selling out and by the radio airplay for “Crush.” Many of the regulars at U.S. fan sites like FOD hail from this region of the country. I know that David does have many fans in the State of California, and people flock to see him there as well. The problem with California can be boiled down to one word: Hollywood. Hollywood can be characterized as the anti-David. In other words, it is brash, superficial, and self-obsessed. Unfortunately, the bulk of the entertainment media in the U.S. is centered in Hollywood/Los Angeles, and they determine who gets media attention and who doesn’t. If you aren’t a dope addict, a sleaze bag, or something along those lines, you aren’t going to receive the coverage you deserve no matter how talented, unless you are perceived to be super cool (think Chris Brown before he beat up Rhianna) or you sex things up considerably (think Katy Perry). Although I don’t know much about the Bieber kid, I’m certain the reason he’s popular in California is the same reason why he’s popular in South America, Europe, and elsewhere: he’s got a brilliant marketing machine behind him, pure and simple.

    I’ve no doubt David will outlast all of them. His career may or may not ever reach the heights we might hope for, simply because we know he will never compromise his values and principles in order to do so. Nevertheless, as long as he wants to continue on with his singing career, I’ve no doubt David will have loyal fans. We love him beyond his looks and his talent. We love him because of his character and spirituality, which creates a much deeper and longer-lasting bond than simply because someone is “cute” or “hot.”

  21. Katheryn

    Why then does Jive not use some of that marketing brilliance on David’s career? Do they not have the resources? It doesn’t have to be a campaign that uses sleaze, sex and sin or is that the extent of Jive’s imagination (seeing they are part of the Hollywood establishment)? I’m sure Taylor Swift’s team didn’t use any of the above to promote her but look at her career. Can’t Jive come up with a similarly effective angle for David? Or are they not trying?

  22. John: I’ve been asking myself those same questions now for 2 years. From what I’ve heard, Jive is notoriously frugal, and with the U.S. economy being what it is they are probably more budget conscious than ever before. I’m convinced Jive had no idea of the gem they had on their hands when they first signed David. They probably figured they could capitalize on his fame, make a quick profit, and then move on to the next artist standing in line. As for today, I don’t think they quite know how to market him because he doesn’t fit conveniently into just one niche. Do I think they are not trying very hard? Sadly, yes. I’d love to be proven wrong on this in coming weeks and months. If not, then I hope David seeks out another label.

    For comparison purposes, let’s look at another talented singer who could have fallen through the cracks without the right label and backing: Michael Buble. I’m sure many would not have thought a young Frank Sinatra type could make it in today’s music market, but he has done extremely well thanks in large part to signing on with David Foster. That guy is brilliant at marketing his singers (including Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli) in a way that labels like Jive don’t seem to be able to. For example, Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli have both had television specials, and I’m sure one is in the works for Michael. Also, their albums can be found in places outside of iTunes and the typical marketing spots for popular music. For example, I remember seeing Buble’s current album “Crazy Love” near cash registers at Nordstrom (a high end department store) and Starbucks coffee houses as well as at warehouse stores like Costco. Last winter when it was difficult to find David’s Christmas CD, there were literally hundreds of copies of Andrea Bocelli’s Christmas album stacked up in a special display at my local Costco. I’ve come to the conclusion that David Foster and his team are brilliant at marketing special singers like these guys.

    Female artists, especially the younger ones, have many advantages over their male counterparts here in the U.S. If you peruse the covers of the popular magazines in America, they feature female artists all the time. Jennifer Lopez, Rhianna, Britney Spears, and Taylor Swift are just a few of the female singers I see regularly on magazine covers. You’ll also see the female stars marketing products like cosmetics, perfume, and clothing. All of this brings them more exposure and thus more familiarity with the public at large. Young guys have fewer options, and unless they are featured frequently in the teeny bopper publications, magazine exposure is far more limited. The exceptions to this would be for those magazines aimed at the Latino and African American markets. Now that David is becoming better known amongst Hispanics, I’m hopeful he’ll have more exposure in that marketplace.

    It will be interesting to see how long Taylor Swift maintains her image as a “good girl.” Many young female stars begin to head in the other direction once they get a bit older; i.e., Miley Cyrus.

  23. Eve, you do have a point too! Art is indeed a very subjective matter. In terms of this music video, im very glad to see that David had more input compared to the previous ones (ie.with Daniel in it,etc)

    akang, niiice!Holiday there? i would love to visit the states someday! 😦

    hazmi, now its up to over 500k!! πŸ˜€ Hope it breaks thru the 1 million mark soon.

    Katheryn, i definitely agree with you abt David Foster. He’s a pro in marketing his artists. Besides the example you gave, Charice is also another fortunate singer who got his support (well besides Oprah LoL) but yeah..Michael Buble..Josh Groban..not the typical mainstream type, yet they’ve lasted so long.

  24. Katheryn you’re absolutely right about Josh Groban and Michael Buble. Without the right label and management who truly believed in their potential they would have disappeared long ago. As it is they’re two of the more successful singers out there today selling millions of records and pulling in the crowds at their concerts. If only Jive could do the same for David but it’s true that they don’t know what to do with him. Where does David fit in? This is where brand building comes in and one of the ways of getting your brand noticed is to come up with unconventional ways to make your brand visible like the way Buble’s and Groban’s music was marketed as you mentioned. Get him -David the brand – out there visible, front and center at every opportunity so that he gets known. Surely Jive can use their industry contacts to arrange for such appearances? But it looks like they’re not – and David is left to attend another concert on his own. Go figure.

    As for female singers, at the risk of sounding sexist, they can always use their sexuality as a marketing tool. Prime example Lady Gaga. I don’t think males would be able to quite pull it off if they started taking their clothes off.

    Which leaves David in limbo doesn’t it? First off he would never compromise his principles to gain fans and I don’t for one moment suggest that he does. His voice and talent alone should be enough to get him a stellar career but in a landscape of outrageous and OTT personalities masquerading as talents I’m afraid David will be lost in the crowd as the current music scene calls for outlandish behaviour rather than talent.

    Unless of course you get the right producer, artist management and promoter. Will Jive step up to the plate for David in these areas? I’m not holding my breath. That diamond in the rough is just going to stay there hidden and under appreciated. Which is a darn shame.

  25. Responding to comments above…

    I feel uneasy when it comes to artists who blow up real fast (like Bieber, currently).

    They’ll either die out just as fast as they blew up (like, where’s the cast of High School Musical now?), or get hunted down nearly to the point of no return (Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, and maybe even Miley Cyrus right now)…

    David’s going at a pace I’m fine with. It’s wanting to make meaningful music, and not trying to be the hottest thing around, that makes an artist last… that’s how I feel.

    *goes off to watch SBL again*

  26. I believe David will find his spot in the music scene with or without Jive. He’s asserting himself right now in terms of expanding the type of music he wants on his album, and I’m sure he is and will continue to assert himself in terms of management as well. Will he get where he want to be with the current album? I don’t know. But I feel confident he will eventually.

    There are plenty of us out there, both young and old alike, who want real musical talent, not “outrageous and OTT personalities masquerading as talents,” as evidenced by the aforementioned success of Michael Buble and Josh Groban.

  27. Eve

    Justin has the world’s most fickle fan base – teenage girls. They change allegiance at the drop of a hat! While David’s fan base has his fair share of teenagers he also has many old geezers like me as fans lol πŸ™‚ We are the ones who tend to be more loyal and stick with our favorites for years to come. In a year or two Justin’s teenage fan base will latch on to the next in thing and he will be left on the heap of memories like the cast of HSM as you mentioned.

    This is one reason why Madonna has been so successful because she has been able to cultivate the interests of the older generation who have stuck by her all these years.

  28. Oh yes! I agree, David has a lot of “old geezers”standing by him. Lots of them in other fan sites.

  29. John,

    You should see my 12-yr-old sister and her friends. In May, they would chase after you with kitchen knives if you said one thing wrong about Justin Bieber. And they said they’d be in love FOREVER with the Bieber kid. Now it’s August, my sister and her friends are sooo sick of Bieber; they call him overrated, hate his hairflip, and whenever I bring him up, they immediately start bashing him. They’re “forever in love” with this new KPop band now… and I’m shaking my head at them in wonder.

    The thing about David is that he’s someone you can look to as a role model as well as an inspiration for the rest of your life, and not ‘the current hottest in-thing’… and he has a strong base of LOYAL fans, which to me is waaay better than having millions of random viewers that are only interested in what’s new.
    Like how it’s being said in my Principles of Management classes, ‘quality over quantity’.

    Am I right or am I right.

  30. Oh, and initially, my reason for commenting is…

    over ONE MILLION views???!!!!

    GO DAVID!!!


  31. I feel slightly insulted. I’m not an ‘old geezer’ at 15 but I’m pretty sure David and his music has and will have quite a lasting impact on me and my life as with the rest of you guys. πŸ™‚ My favourite band has been the same since I was 11 so yeah please don’t stereotype all young teenaged fans as fickle. There is a large number of fickle fans out there whether they’re young or old soo yeah just wanted to say that. haha. πŸ™‚

  32. I’m sorry though if I misunderstood any of your comments that lead me to post that!

  33. LOVE IT!!!!!!

    something ’bout love~~
    that breaks your heart~~
    Whoa oh oh oh~~

    wow.. so much that i missed.. huhu =))

  34. Hi Ai lyn,

    You are the “young geezer.” Pls don’t get offended! I guess the label is for those over 30. πŸ™‚

  35. When I said teenage girls, I didn’t mean all of them because there are exceptions of course. If I made a sweeping statement and I offended any teenagers out there I’m sorry. Unfortunately the few exceptions will get stereotyped when the majority acts out of herd instincts. It’s really tarring everybody with the same brush and it’s so unfair but it happens. Welcome to the real world.

    “old geezer” is a phrase that in no way was meant to “insult” nor was it referring to anyone under the age of 40. It would be like insulting myself if there was any to begin with. It’s an endearing term – if you choose to look at it that way – of people who are decidedly long in the tooth i.e. way above their teenage years. For example our moms and dads would definitely qualify as “old geezers” Again it’s not meant to insult, just one of the many quirky terms used to describe people who have lived a long life.

  36. Old geezers…young geezers….I’m so amused πŸ™‚
    If I have to describe myself, I am a person with an “old geezer mind” but a “young geezer heart”.
    Whatever it is, we all have one important thing in common – one precious connection bonding us – you guys know what it is. “Old” is not a derogatory term; it is, as John says, “endearing”.

    The “foetus” will not last for more than a few years as far as I can see, because he has no real talent. He is out there because he is fortunate to have a good management. (and seriously, I don’t even think he is cute – and he is too full of himself – sorry, fans of his!) All those singers who are considered super-cool, super sexed, super-super-whatever, will have their time-out, and David will be there climbing, reaching for the stars and out-lasting everyone else…..the evidence is in his huger-than-life talent and the unfaltering loyalty of his fans plus the inevitable potential growth of the number of fans he will have. Slow and steady – but definitely progressively forward and upward. As I said in a previous thread, his music will unconsciously create a brand of his own. I know we want it to happen now, but, for some reason, we have to wait a little….remember what David said?…..everything happens for a reason.

    Having said that, I am not condoning what Jive is doing, or rather, not doing for him. I am just as confused and frustrated and angry.

    If the SBL vid has reached a viewership of about 1 1/2 million to date, why the heck are the people not dang buying it?!!!

  37. Trace lolllll – “that foetus!” Now that won’t go down well with Justin’s fans πŸ™‚ But it’s funny no?

  38. hey Anne…

    ya.. egypt is okay.. HAHA
    i’m back!! wee~~~

    hey when will the 2nd album out? september is it?

  39. hi Katheryn

    Thanks for clearing up my perception of David’s popularity status in the west coast. It’s comfort to hear that there are a huge and loyal fan base out at your region. Well, we all hope SBL can surpass Crush’s numbers!!

    hi Trace: Yes, I’m with you on the philosophy of old geezer mind and young geezer body!! πŸ™‚

  40. Hahaha! that is a great definition of “old and young Geezers. We are all either old or young geezers in body, mind or heart!

  41. The way I look at it, the body may age but the spirit is eternal. When I was very young I had no difficulty relating to those much older, and now the reverse it true!

    I have to give props to Paula Abdul for her comment about David being an old soul. That helps to explain why he can see past the outer shells and into the hearts of his fans.

    aKang: Whereabouts do you live?

    trace: Jive needs to do a better job at creating a “need” in people to purchase David’s music. I believe that happens best through appearances on TV talk shows and entertainment programs (preferably while performing SBL), which will help to create a bond between the viewer and David, and create and a desire to own a piece of him as it were.

  42. fatin,you’re back in msia for holidays?thats great! (:

    the album is due out on Oct 5th (:

  43. Almost 2 million viewers!!!!
    Is that more than Crush? (in proportion to the duration of time after its release)
    So where the heck are the music buyers??

    You still got it wrong the 2nd time. It is “young geezer HEART” lolllll!!

    Agree totally with you.
    Looking forward to the “more assertive” David –
    both for his choice of music and the choice of his management.

    Did I read somewhere some time ago that David Foster thinks our David will not make it in pop music? Correct me if I’m wrong.

  44. trace,
    idk, but i know for sure david foster also said that Michael Johns is gonna be a superstar.

    *looks around*

    hmmm… not to bash MJ or anythin, but… hmmm… can’t exactly take foster’s word for it all the time, i guess…

    And isn’t David, like, #5 on iTunes, last I checked???

    I think ‘old soul’ might be the PERFECT description for us ‘maturity-over-popularity’ fans here.

  45. According to my iTunes the SBL video is now no6 overall and the no. of views is nearing 2 million. Not too bad.

    I think at this stage SBL is doing better than Crush viewership wise but downloads are another story altogether. The buzz from the video is not translating into sales for the song. *??????*

  46. Eve
    Haha you are right. MJ is nowhere in sight as far as I know.

    When I read about DF’s comments then, I immediately disliked him for it. He can eat his words now. And, to make up for it, he can make an amazing plan to promote David. Lol

    I know! I cannot understand it.
    Why is the buzz for the vid not translating into much more sales of the song? Very strange.
    Just a little more push from Jive would have done the job.

  47. trace: Foster was a guest commentator on Access Hollywood during David’s season of American Idol. For the interviews I saw him give, he was very pro-David, although towards the end he predicted Cook would win, not because he thought he was better but because he sensed that Cook was overtaking David in popularity. (Foster personally preferred David and thought he was more deserving of the title.) For his final interview, Foster was asked which of the two he thought would have a better chance of success in music and he chose David, although he admitted that neither one might make it due to the fickle nature of the industry. That could be what you are recalling. I cannot imagine that subsequent to those remarks he would believe that David’s odds for success had decreased, given how well his first album has done and the singles sales for “Crush.” I’ve done some web searches, and I cannot find any articles or blogs that contradict this.

  48. We need to step up on requesting Hitzfm, Mixfm & Redfm to debut SBL. Song has been sent to them since premiered on Fly.

    You can tweet, facebook, email and call them.

  49. SBL has been played on Red fm a couple of times…only havent debuted on hitz and mix 😦

  50. Katheryn
    I admit it was a hasty read for me about DF’s comments because I am inclined to often skip things that are negative about David. Such is the sad case of a fan who prefers to bury her ostrich head in the sand – not that I think he is perfect as a person – no one is of course – but to me, his singing is very close to perfection. So I would like to think, now that I have read (not so hastily this time!) what you said, that I have taken DF’s comments out of context.

    Thank you for clearing things up for me.

    Hmm..I see DF in a different light now. If he has managed, or is managing, singers like Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban, he would most definitely realise the gem that is David.

  51. hi Katheryn: I stay in Malaysia. My family and relatives stay in Fremont, CA – 1hr from San Francisco. My family members were puzzled as to why I was listening to radio the whole time during my vacation. πŸ™‚ I just want to try my luck to hear SBL or Crush but alas no luck. Well, hope I could meet up with you one day at David’s concert if he holds it at SF or San Jose.

    hi trace: hahaha… Tks. ‘young geezer Heart’ it shall be!! Must get my eyesight checked.

    hi Kylie – “yes madam” – will do so.

  52. trace:

    I’ve been wondering if David Foster has approached David about possible future collaborations. (After all, he did invite him to participate in the Kaleidoscope special last November.) I’m not 100% certain Foster would be the best choice for David’s career at this point in time, but I do admire how he gets personally involved in promoting the artists he has signed to his label.


    My sister lives near San Jose, the next major city south of San Francisco. I would love to be able to visit her and attend a David Archuleta concert at the same time! Who knows, perhaps we will meet some day!

    Anne: You need to update this post again — SBL now has over 2 million viewings on YouTube!

  53. Katheryn
    Hmm..interesting – what you said about DF and David. I can understand why this is not the right time for them both to collaborate. I would love David to be considered to be of a level comparable to the likes of Andrea Bocelli.

    I like the “young” David songs but I also love the ballads he sang during AI – that was when most of us fell in love with him, including the teenie boppers (term used for identity purposes only – no more old/young geezers jokes haha!). But David has chosen to go down the “younger” route and I’m ok with it.

    It would be lovely if all of us could meet up one day in SF (or the ends of the earth!) to see David in concert.

  54. hi trace & Katheryn:
    Yes, some day we’ll meet!! πŸ™‚

    I wonder what would the USA immigration officer think if I say I’m here to attend David Archuleta’s concert instead of visiting family and relatives?? Would the officer believe me??!! πŸ™‚

  55. aKang
    Haha! You’re so funny!

    I think we’ll approach the immigration officer (especially a female one) with a pic of David in our hands – she’ll be so mesmerised that she’ll grant us a multiple-entry visa (preparation for future concerts)!
    Then we’ll reward her instantaneous ODD with a David CD like SBL (admins are watching – we must stay on-topic!) which will hypnotize her into such an euphoria that will render her to give unconditional access to ALL international Archie fans attending his concerts! L O L ! !

    (Apologies to the local US Embassy – it’s just a joke.)

  56. I wanted to be the first to tell you guys some fantastic news: David will be filming a Christmas special for PBS on September 2nd! He will be a special guest of Orla Fallon of Celtic Woman fame. Her other guest will be Meav, also of Celtic Woman fame. From Orla’s website:

    I also have some very exciting news to announce in that I am filming two PBS Specials in September. It’s been hard to keep the news quiet, but I’m delighted that I can at last tell you that the first will be filmed at the beautiful Polk Theatre in Nashville on September 2. It’s a Christmas Show and I am thrilled to announce that I will be joined by former Celtic Woman Meav and American Idol sensation David Archuleta. It will be the first time for Meav and I to perform together since our CW days so it will be very special. We are both really excited about working with David, who is an extraordinary talent.


  57. Here is Meav’s announcement from her official website:

    MΓ©av is delighted to announce that she will be performing in a new Christmas TV special for PBS. The concert reunites MΓ©av with her former Celtic Woman colleague Orla Fallon, who is presenting this collection of Christmas classics. Orla’s other guest for the evening is the gifted young singer David Archuleta of American Idol fame. The TV special will be filmed in the Polk Theater, Nashville, Tennessee on September 2nd at 7pm.


  58. Katheryn, thank you for this special announcement!

    Wow! what an early Christmas surprise/gift! David sinigng with these two lovely ladies!! That is a real treat! This CW is popular and my favorite too.
    I can’t wait to watch them perform together!!!

    Guess, there will be more surprises coming our way!

  59. aKang:

    I hope your relatives living in Fremont, CA are David Archuleta fans! If they are, then please alert them to the following radio stations where they can request SBL. (Note: I’ll have to split this message up into three parts in order to get in all the links!) Fans on FOD have posted these — I’m just cutting and pasting. Hopefully, your relatives can pick up one or more of these stations.

    1. ChrisK@endonline.com (dj) wants to hear from SacramentoArchies. He mentions SomethingBoutLove on his HotMusicNews video! please email him! Check the video out, it is on bottom of the page.
    Please email him!

    Sacramento Archies please request SomethingBOutLove here, under LISTEN LIVE Box, in the β€œGO” slot > http://www.endonline.com/

  60. 3. SF/Bay Area fans can also request SBL:

    92.7 The Revolution, KREV-FM: http://www.927rev.com/ , Tweet requests (anytime) to @djsupajames and @1047NOW , (5-10pm): 702-739-1043 or 1-888-789-HITS (4487) 415-543-7500 (Top 40)

    They have been spinning it at least once in the evening. This makes me very happy as I’ve only heard Crush once on the radio out here about a year and a half ago.

  61. Katheryn!
    Thank you for the wonderful news! I love Celtic music. The thought of David singing Celtic Xmas songs, combined with my eager anticipation of his moving towards future performances at the Carnegie Hall (like Meav), is making my heart miss many beats! He is gradually, but surely, gaining the recognition he deserves, by his fellow-singers.

  62. hi trace,
    hahaha….you definitely have a witty imagination!!! If we do that, I think the immigration officer might think we are so out of this world!!! πŸ™‚

    eunice – how far is your place to Nashville??

    Katheryn – woww… SBL is on at SF Bay Area after I left my heart there a week ago!! Good news!! πŸ™‚

  63. aKang:

    Part 1 of my post regarding Bay Area radio stations hasn’t posted yet, apparently because there were 2 links in it. (I’ve emailed Archuleta Avenue Malaysia about this.) Anyways, I posted these for your benefit. I thought perhaps your Bay Area family members might like this info so that they could request SBL! The 3rd station is in Sacramento. Here’s the info on that station. (Note: I’ll have to break this up into 2 comments in order to get in both links.)

    ChrisK@endonline.com (dj) wants to hear from SacramentoArchies. He mentions SomethingBoutLove on his HotMusicNews video! please email him! Check the video out, it is on bottom of the page.
    Please email him!

  64. aKang:

    Oops! Right after I posted these my original message showed up! So…please see above for Part 1 of my original post.

  65. Hey Akang,

    I think it takes like around 8 hours or more to drive to Nashville. I wish I can attend this special filming but I have to prepare for an important event on the 3rd/4th. So I will wait til December!

    Let me know when you are around the neighborhood next time.

    Take care and happy requesting/listening.

  66. hi Katheryn,

    Thanks for the above info. I’ve forwarded the radio stations’ links to my family members and hope they’ll keep on requesting. They commented that SBL sounds so current after they listened to it at youtube, i.e. before the video came out!! πŸ™‚

    hi eunice – wow…8 hours is a long drive to Nashville. When you’re back to Malaysia, let me know, too. πŸ™‚

  67. Hi akang,

    As a matter of fact, I was just back in April. Had lunch with our AAM mods. You need to join the gathering if you are around PJ/KL. It is so nice to visit with some of David’s diehard fans in persons.

    Make sure you join us the next time. πŸ™‚

  68. Hi!Selling David Archuleta autographed poster and two of his debut album!Please contact if interested.Thank you! (:

  69. Please vote for David on Portrait Magazine’s The Beauty Poll – the most beautiful celebrity inside and out:


    The winner will be featured on the cover. David is currently in first place, but the lead has changed hands a few times. Depending on your web browser, you may be able to get in additional votes by clearing cookies and waiting an hour or more before voting again. The poll closes mid-to-late September. Here are some voting tips I posted on FanScene:

    Ideas for extra votes: 1) Email trusted friends and family members with the link to the poll and ask them to vote. 2) If you have a laptop, you may be able to get in additional votes depending on your IP address at different locales. 3) If you are in a computer store with WiFi, sneak in a vote or two! 4) Public libraries. 5) Workplace computers β€” only if you are allowed! 6) Tweet vote requests, and include the link. 7) Ask for votes in the comment section of David’s videos on YouTube. 8) Vote from phones with web access.

  70. Idol Live Poll: Who is your favorite runner-up of all nine seasons?


    Voting Tip: Here is a tip that was posted at FOD regarding the Portrait Magazine Poll. Perhaps this same technique will work for the Idol Live poll.

    Using Firefox as your web browser, go to tools, click on options, up at the top click on the down arrow and choose: β€œuse custom setting for history”; β€œUnclick Accept cookies from site” click ok, refresh, vote. Do this every 30 minutes.

  71. hi eunice,
    Geez…I missed the fun!! The next time you’re back to M’sia, be sure to include me to the fun gathering. Promise?!! πŸ™‚

  72. Sure Akang! Will remember to inform you. Make sure you let us know how to get in touch with you.
    AAMers and mods have gatherings off and on sometimes. You may like to inform them that you like to join them too.
    It’s fun, they had a Durain fest gathering sometime last year. Not sure if they are planning any this time of the year.

    Probably ICECREAM fest!!!:) Any plans, Purpley and Red?

  73. hehe yes yes akang!We’ll let you know the next time we have a gathering, you must join us! (:

    ice cream fest eunice?HAHA. I just found out today i can get ice cream at a MUCH cheaper price here πŸ˜›

  74. hi Anne – Include me in your gathering and I think you’ve my email address in your database πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to hear David’s new songs!!!

    hi eunice – πŸ™‚

  75. Yes! discounted price for Ice cream!!!!
    YOu are so blessed Akang!

    Anne, you may have to find other loyal AAMers to replace our 2 lovely ladies..who are currently MIA for the next few years. 😦

  76. akang,sure will! πŸ˜€

    Eunice,theres no replacement for those 2 lovely girls, but we welcome anyone who wishes to join for sure! (:

  77. Right, they can’t be replaced no matter what, both in our hearts and minds! :((

    Hey J & J, visit the site sometime. We miss you girls!

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