11 comments on “Jive promotion

  1. I actually wanted to tweet @JiveMusic about this! Lol. Singapore is on the list but not Malaysia. So market size in comparison to the huger ones not relevant?

    If we are on it, it means we can order the packages? *blur moment*

  2. To be fair, most countries probably have what you described. But the most relevant point is Malaysia has been a big supporter of David and everything American Idol. Plus, look at us now, we have big international stars stopping by almost every 2 months, proving Msians still/will spend the money on music & shows. And honestly, if JB comes, I cannot imagine the havoc.

  3. do you think there is anyway to find a representitive from singapore to order and ship it back to Malaysia? just wondering. cause i’m really really hoping to get my hands on them 😦

  4. hsu zen, we’ll try to work something out but im sure we’ll get to purchase the album here in msia, just that the package that comes with it might be different. We’ll just have to wait and trust Sony Msia with this one..After all,they’ve been very good to us fans since the beginning (:

  5. Yes, the album will be released in Msia on Sept 14. That’s a sure. It’s the goodies that go with the album.

    We still should buy the Msian version for Msian sales numbers. As usual good sales good indication good chances of D returning.

    Peeps, can you casually tweet @hitzdotfm, @iloveredfm & @mixdotfm about SBL debut on their stations? Casually yah. Not spamming. And definitely not aggresive demand. Continue to flood FlyFm with requests.

  6. Even though I knew the list was in alphabetically order, I had to go through it several times to make sure my eyes weren’t deceiving me when I couldn’t find Malaysia in there. No words really as to why the omission.

    Am the other side of happy 😦 about this.

    Oh well. Hopefully Sony Malaysia will be able to get us a great package as well.

  7. What a bummer! What is Jive thinking?
    Sorry to hear such upsetting news!
    Can you actually write to them and demand for it?
    How is Sony Malaysia handling this setback?

  8. Sheba: “am the other side of happy about this”

    Yeah my sentiments exactly.

  9. They even have Singapore! It’s not that hard to ship to Malaysia if they can ship to Singapore 😦 This is so disappointing 😥

  10. I’d forgive them if they have a special version for Malaysia edition of the album lol =P

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