7 comments on “Album cover art…or not

  1. John, agree with all you’ve said. This is score. Totally captures the album title.

    I hope then there are even better and awesome shots from the photoshoot!

    “The Other Side of Down” is now synonymous with David Archuleta.

  2. Maybe if the picture was tilted to be a bit it’ll look better. But yeah, I agree this is a nice picture.

  3. Puuuuuuuurfecto!

    Now,Jive better use this as the cover. Unless of course, they have one which is even better (Which i cant even imagine now). Jive has been improving ALOT since the debut album..The other side of down indeed! hahaha!

    Hi debz!Good to see you here! Hope youre doing well 😀

  4. Debz, do you mean tilt the picture or David to tilt further back? Wonder how many times David did this pose? Maybe his chair’s not tilted at all. The shot is tilted. Lol.

    Jive is climbing fast on my coolness radar 😀 Keep it up. With more surprises for us. And the non-fans who will become fans of course.

  5. I wonder what was the exchange between photographer and subject to elicit that gleeful laugh?

    I’m really taken with this picture. There’s a much more sophisticated and yet contemporary vibe about David. The mixture of stylish attire and sheer abandonment of the pose displays such growth and maturity of the subject compared to when he was on Idol. There’s a real sense of accomplishment and ownership, as if he’s saying “Yup I’m here and I’m doin it!”

    No doubt about it – he’s simply blooming!

  6. It’s also the total outfit – jacket, jeans, boots. I think the chair is the main character here. And the legs pushing against the “wall of down, negativity, failure” to reveal “The Other Side of Down”!

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