23 comments on “Something for the fans

  1. Hey guys we’ve received and taken note of your requests for gifting SBL.

    Keep em coming 🙂

  2. As always, AAM is doing it again!!! We really appreciate what you’re doing… 😀

  3. I must say it is extremely generous of AAM! David would be very proud of you guys. And I myself feel touched and priviledged to be associated (somehow) with you.

    A big thank you from all the Malaysian fans!

  4. Hey all, we’ve received your requests. There’s still room for more but barely. So keep em coming 🙂

  5. Hey, is it for the single only? I thought the whole package deal will be out on July 20th.

  6. Eunice the gifting from AAM is only for the single.

    The package deal is from David’s official site David Archuleta.com

  7. Neat~! Can’t wait for the single for pre-order announcement. 🙂 Gosh! This is like a 2nd part time job my mum is making me do. First, she made me pull contacts to get the COS book from Manila and bring it back to Malaysia; during my MBA exam paper week!!! 😛 Now, I have to keep a look out for the SBL album pre-order. I must make her buy me big, big present for birthday this year. LOL!

  8. Oh! That’s what it is about the package! I didn’t really pursue this matter further.


    Hey, Jonathan! How are you?

  9. Hey Eunice…all are well here. 🙂 Hectic life…but better than no life at all.

    Yes…what we are willing to do as loyal fans are simply amazing.

  10. Yes you are right AAM, the lengths we have to go to as Malaysian fans.

    It is my dream to go to David’s concerts one day in the US and bring back alot of stuff like tees, badges, car bumper stickers, archie dolls, whatever whatever, and have AAM auction them off for monies to give to some of our charities in David’s name. But I can’t make the trip yet for some time. Do you think it’s a good idea? Maybe someone who is going soon can start the ball rolling?

  11. AAM – way to go for SBL!! yeah!

    hey trace, your suggestions are good. We did one charity under David’s name last year when his Xmas album was out for Red Cross. We all hope that David will come by to promote his new album.

    hey Eunice, how are you?? We hope whatever the fan package is, we could get it here too. Happy Summer and I’ll be going for a holiday at your 2nd homeland very soon.

  12. Yo peeps

    The word is that the album’s world wide release date is September 14th. whee!!

  13. I checked with Sony Malaysia and they confirmed via twitter that the release date is Sept 14th.


  14. Whee~~
    I am going to pre-order the album from AAM again this time!
    2 more months till the released of his new album peeps!

  15. I have made my request few days ago. Hopefully I am one of the 50 ppl 🙂 Thanks AAM for being the angels 🙂

  16. me too ! i have request it, ehe

    thanks AAM for making this for ur all malaysian archie’s fan 🙂

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