16 comments on “SBL Artwork; Album Pre-Order; Album Title & Release Date

  1. I’ve been so hard-hit on the head (and heart and legs and arms and feet and everything else I own on my body…….) by that out-of-the-world divine pic of David that all I can do at the moment is to pick myself up from the floor and mutter these words:

    Does anyone know whether the single album (plus the whole package, it says?!) will be actually mailed to us in KL if we pre-order when the time comes?

  2. Haha..John…David does have that magical effect to people, right? 🙂

    Anyway, I’m sure this time the album would be great as well!!! Can’t wait for it…

  3. I have to remind myself to breath when I read this.

    OMG, it’s a freakin new album.

    Yes yes!!!

  4. trace,im pretty sure sony msia will be having some plans of their own for the album 😀 we’ll definitely inform you guys when anything comes up (:

    john LOL. i know right!seriously..that SMIRK. he should smirk more often. HAHA.

    AND yeah mann..NEW ALBUMMMMMMM.

  5. wow…wow…wow.. Beautiful eyes. The picture says that David is satisfied with his new album and also feeling comfortable in front of camera. Gorgeous!

    hey John, hehehee…. we know!!

  6. hey Anne, another round of excitement again!! I hope Sony could arrange for the similar package as the USA, whatever it is, for Malaysia, too. Thanks.


    Dear David,

    PLEASE PICK A SIDE. I mean, you’re either awww cute or thud-worthy, BUT YOU CAN’T BE BOTH because you’re giving me heart palpitations and psychological trauma. On one hand, I’m all awww omg, such a little cutie pie, but on the other hand, I’m all like, Oh why, hello there, Mr. Archuleta.

    So pick a side. Because in this album cover, I’m feeling ~conflicted, and creepy confession time, but this is now my wallpaper on my laptop and both iPhone wallpapers, and will continue to be until I amass enough will power to make the change. Also, another creepy confession, but I got lost for a whole minute (!!!!!!!) just staring. Which is both rude and inappropriate, I realize, but I’d like to say this was all your fault, anyway.

    Also, random!observation is random, but I like how your bushy eyebrows are still bushy, from the first album cover. Oddly enough, it’s like a familiar feature SINCE I DO NOT RECOGNIZE THAT MISCHIEVOUS SMIRK OH MY HECK WHERE DID THAT EVEN COME FROM, ~SASSCHULETA.

    But superficiality aside, I am insanely excited for brand new music, music that is going to show us more of who he is as a musician and writer, and oh my heck, I just want SBL and PANDA and NavGL yesterday.

    Wow, long!comment is long.

    P/S – Don’t forget to start making requests for SBL on radio!

  8. That picture reveals the mischievious side of that angelic face! Those killer eyes!!!!!so glad I am not a teenie fan, otherwise I may have countless sleepness nights! 🙂

    I miss his famous smile though!

  9. Thank you Anne – my mind is at rest now.

    Is that a wig?! Haha how can anyone have hair like that!? Gaaaahhhhh!!!!

  10. HAHAHA JAMES.I ALWAYS LOVE your flailing/spazzing comments.they are so full of win. SASSCHULETA LOL <333 *KABOOM*

    akang,sure thing hehe!looking fwd to hearing abt sony's plans soon too! *Excited*

    trace,you're welcome! 😀 LOL. his current hair is ❤ ❤ (lets just hope he doesnt decide to cut it anytime soon!)

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