11 comments on “The First Step

  1. I kinda agree with you 🙂 I didn’t really like the song at first but now I’m completely addicted to it ( well, kinda) lol. Anyways, excellent way of writing 😉 thumbs up! Love the way you phrase stuff lol

  2. Great insight! We just have to trust this yoing man. He knows better when comes to producing his own songs.

  3. Actually, I disagree on SBL not being a hit. On a marketing level, it is set prime to hit the current pop-rock saturated market, which is shifting to something a little more edgy. SBL could be something of a breath of fresh air. I think it’ll take off on Asian charts, but may need a little time to break into the American Top 40.

    I wouldn’t call it Grammy worthy either, (then again, looking at past winners…….=.=) but I don’t think that’s the point of the song, or the point of David at all.

    If anything, COS provided a great insight to his musicianship and artistry and gave a crystal clear view of who he is and what he wants to do with his music.

    And I definitely agree on his musical freedom. David, in his very roundabout and non-confrontational way, expressed his feelings about rushing the debut album and his lack of power over it. Besides, his tweets have shown how happy he is to finally have more of a say over his music.

    In that sense, SBL reflects just that. Making happy music, who is a reflection of his values, about being able to relate to a universal feeling.

    On a personal level, I think the lyrics are mediocre, and the song is nothing ground-breaking, fan or no fan, but I can see his excitement and passion and for me, as a fan, that is enough.

  4. lovely write up john!I especially love the last line:
    “As the text in the photo above suggests- he is literally jumping for joy with his new found freedom.”

    james,i know what you mean abt his musicianship and say on the debut album…reading abt all that in CoS only makes me admire him all the more.ive always known he loved music.it was evident since the first time i saw him on my tv..but CoS really showed me just how crazy in love he is with music. and im not even done with the book yet!

    a toast to mr.archuleta!he’s all grown up now.*sniff* i feel like a mom more than a fan sometimes LoL

  5. LOL @ Anne feeling more like a mom. XD I’d say jia jia lah, not mama. 😛 But I get you, haha, so hard NOT to feel so proud of him.

  6. great blog! I agree with everything you guys are saying. you know, it’s really nice having people to talk to about this kind of stuff. xD

    ‘His aptitude for intelligent and tasteful musical expression has always been evident.’
    absolutely. I just want David to have a chance at making an album that is purely him, without thinking about whether his fans will like it or not or anything.

    Which is why I didn’t like SBL at first, because it sounded like the type of song that was meant for the radio and to like please those radio listeners with its poppyness and gumminess.

    Thought we probably saw it coming, because from the AOL interview it sounded like David still wasn’t getting as much control of his music as he’d want (or rather I want xD) like he still has to ‘find the middle ground’ when it comes to dealing with his label and stuff. =/ and when he talked about how his sound can’t be like all *mature* too quickly cuz it’d shock his fanbase or something I got saaaad. hehe. I know he’s all considerate and all of people’s feelings but when it comes to making your own music you gotta do what you want to do and not care whether people like it or not.

    that wasn’t really related lol BUT I ended up liking SBL, because there’s more David in it than all the other songs from his debut album and as David’s jumping for freedom, so are we, as fans.

    aaaand I’m sorry for rambling. xD

  7. Hahahahh. I agree with James there. 😀 I think the song will do well n stuff. And truthfully, I think it’s waaayyyy better than most of the songs playing on radio right now. fr example, Justin Beaver. LOL. 🙂

  8. SBL being a hit in Asia is almost a given based on David’s popularity here. A case in point is ALTNOY which did so well on Malaysian radio.

    But to me the holy grail of the music industry is still the American charts. Without a sizable hit there David is still on the periphery of the majority of music fans. Don’t be misled with all the hits on youtube videos about his performances – that’s all from his core fans. 99% of music consumers are still unaware that there’s a David Archuleta in the midst.

    We may declare that as long as David makes an album that he is happy with and which has ample amounts of input from him, we should be happy, and I would be the first to put up, my hand. BUT I dearly want him to be the flavour of the month the way Justin Bieber is right now. Although, no offense to Bieber fans, I think David is a far better musician.

    Because of his musical artistry I think David deserves his place in the sun and to be heard not only from his loyal fans but the majority out there who basically don’t have a clue about him.

    In the end I hope that with a combination of his talent, the freedom to express that talent in his own way and the right material, David will blaze a trail on the charts and minds of music fans who have not yet fallen under the spell of David Archuleta.

    It’s a win – win situation.

  9. james,ah yes!jie jie wud be a better description than mom LOL.

    ailyn,ramble away!we love ramblings here hahaha!

    talking abt most songs on the radio these days..i realized that most of the songs have a rap part in it.and so many songs with duets. so yesss,SBL would be pretty much a needed breath of fresh air 😀

  10. At last, I got my luck to hear SBL over at Flyfm today at 6:40 p.m. while stuck in the traffic jam. The lady DJ just said it was a new single from David A and no further comments on his song. It does not sound real impressive over the radio though, but I guess with multiple rotations, it’ll get better and grow on you like some other pop songs.

    I must admit that I did not like SBL the first time maybe it’s because I’m not used to David’s beautiful voice in the auto-tune presentation. I like P&A instantly and NAVGL is my second favourite. No auto-tune in both songs. Hopefully, these 2 songs will make it to his album.

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