11 comments on “Something ‘Bout Love in full!!!

  1. Now we need the album photoshoot to L.E.A.K. I mean, the rejects. Okay wat.

  2. Notice the cover art for SBL on AOL link? What a 180deg turn from Crush cover. Hahahahaha.

  3. LOL kylie! tell me about it!(AOL album cover) HAHAHA

    btw.has everyone here head SBL already? i am trying to resist temptation but to no avail.

  4. *raises hackles* Am I the only one who thinks the song has traces of digital alterations? (Okay, I don’t think, I know). Don’t get me wrong, I know that *some* digital enhancements give a song a … je ne sais quoi… spice? Especially since the song is an upbeat tempo, something that could be almost remixed for club rotations, as that seems to be the current trend with music….

    Point is, David’s voice doesn’t *need* it. Idk, idk, I feel ~conflicted, but it’s catchy as heck. Which is the point, I suppose?

    Lyrics are mediocre, but the whole thing has a taste of innocent angst (something about love, don’t give up), so it sort of works, BECAUSE IT’S HIM.

  5. The song has very distinct Euro pop overtones and most songs of this genre has that ‘tinny’ sound to the vocals. Maybe that’s why Jive felt the need for the digital embellishments. It fits in though with David’s penchant for European pop music.

    We shall get the ‘real’ sound when David sings it live during his promotion tour or maybe this July 4th.

    I’m so gonna make this my ringtone lol

  6. Jamesy, LOL. Well I feel pretty young listening to SBL. That’s good right? I actually want a kind a techno David song. One. Just one.

  7. Jamesy, “something ’bout love, don’t give up” .. feel the Archuleta loveeee. Feel it. This line “something ’bout love that makes your heart woah oh oh sets you freeeee” very cool.

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