20 comments on “SBL preview with audio / video

  1. Hi,

    I heard a portion of it today. It sounds lovely but not sure about the “oh, oh, oh” part.

    The Best is yet to come! We have to trust this young man, he knows better!

  2. Firstly, upbeat song for an official single!!!

    Secondly, doesn’t sound like the current hip hop songs put out by eg Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber or Jay Sean (oh my all the Js). But … need to hear the whole studio version.

    Thirdly, I’m liking it so far 😀 Plus “Something bout Love” may just become a catchphrase.

  3. Eunice, those “oh oh” parts have 2 functions : 1) gives a catchy and easy to remember to the song 2) filler, haha

    I think they fit into the song’s vibe.

  4. Yah SBL is working…at the moment. Need to hear the full song for ‘official’ opinion lol

    But it is catchy and radio friendly enuff. I like the pause between the verse and the chorus though. It makes you waaaaiiiiit…….then the chorus comes flooding in. Nice touch

  5. Some may think it’s a fluffy song, nothing deep and reflective. So different from Parachutes & Airplanes or NAVGL.

  6. Fluffy, shmuffy….anyone heard of the beaver er Bieber song?

    Yes, it’s a tad frustrating that so far Jive hasn’t been able to or want to give him better material but maybe this will give David the bona fide hit that he needs….or maybe not.

    IDK, will just have to wait and see. The fact that the beaver is hot stuff right now makes me think that Jive has the pulse on music tastes at the moment.

  7. John, “Baby” is nice and catchy mah. Look at what Usher & Will did with just the phrase “O.M.G”. Now Jive, can we have something like that? Bona fide hit 😛

    While we are on the reigning music pulse, every song out there has a rapper on it. I don’t mind that at all for one David song!

  8. I dunno about rap. I think I read some where that David himself doesn’t like rap otherwise he could do some rapping.

    As for OMG – now that’s a wicked song! 🙂

  9. Long time since I commented here. HI 😀
    Well, I think it’ll be a great new single! I’m glad it ain’t smth like “Baby” or “O.M.G” or “Billionare” yeahh. Smth a lil diffefernt. LOL. :D:D

  10. Hi wootsies101

    I agree with you on ‘Baby’ but I’m kinda partial to OMG and “I wanna be a Billionaire so freakin bad!” lol. It’s quite a cute song 🙂

  11. Hahaha. How about “Soul Sister”? David sang it at some party. I was glad that he did becoz I could see David singing that song.

  12. Oh I recalled David tried his hand at rapping at a radio station. I think it was a Rihanna song.

  13. Oh yah he did try some rapping. I remember now.

    ‘Soul Sister’ is da bomb! Train’s lead singer sure can write some interesting lyrics. Have you heard their ‘Drops Of Jupiter?’

    I wish David would come up with songs like that.

    There’s another snippet of SBL that’s slightly longer:

  14. Yoo. im back again. Hahahahh. “Baby” is a cheesy song, unlike SBL here. which has almost the same vibe as Zero Gravity :DD
    Hahahah. i think “OMG” is awesome. nt so much abt “Billionare” though … anyhow, all the sgs these days sounds almost the same! :O LOL. basically, SBL will do great, we jst have to vote vote vote n stuff 😀 😀

  15. Darn it! Why must the release be on the same day as my PMR trials?! Argh! But I love it! It has better production than even ZG, IMO.

  16. gonna make a completely irrelevant comment here – did you know that ‘archuleta avenue malaysia’ is listed under one of google’s suggestions when you type ‘archuleta’ into the google search bar? (:

  17. As I speak, the whole song is “leaked” on AOL radio. Official leak? Who knows anymore, lol.

    I havent checked it out. May only be avail in USA. *Not to worry, Youtube magic*

    Wootsies101, Lead The Way!!!!!!
    Archies, get ready with requesting, voting, buying and sprrrrrrrreading the love.

    Nik, ZG was a second-thought, aftermath. Seriously Jive, it should have been on the debut album. In USA, there were only 2 official singles nationwide – Crush & ALTNOY. The rest were from fan pack. In Msia, we pushed for ZG and Sony released TMH.

    SBL is so different, right?!!!! I know some fans won’t like it…….

  18. Joyce, that is so cool! Trick to name fansite, use the artist’s surname 😀

  19. HELLO.

    if you guys thought SBL or CoS had killed me,no worries! I was denied internet access the past few days but now im BACK WITH A VENGEANCE NYAHAHAHA.

    Okay im freaking out (in a good way) but i think you guys have noticed LOL.

    TO LISTEN OR NOT TO LISTEN, that is the question.

    and welcome back, mass spazzing!I think an upcoming chatroll/spazzing party is necessary? 😀 😀

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