12 comments on “Rexburg,ID show

  1. LOVEEEEEE BOTH the new songs!gosh i cant even imagine how epic his new album will be.squee!

    if the choice was between these two as a single, which would you guys choose?if i HAD to choose, i think i’ll go with P&A..both the melodies are really good but i prefer the lyrics for P&A..so..clever and..cool.for the lack of a better word LOL

  2. Steal a moment from the football match to comment. I definitely love P&A…. Just listened to the song whilst my eyes are fixed on the tv screen. What fun lyrics….”monkey on the trampoline” hahaha….Catch up with the rest of lyrics later. Definitely love his falsetto on the airplanes, though. Will listen to the other song after the match. Ciao.

  3. I don’t dislike them but I don’t love them either. I suspect they won’t be on the album as I don’t think the record company would allow David to perform them in public otherwise.

    Both are quite weak in my opinion, far less than what I expected from David. If I had to really choose then it would be P&A. The lyrics are more interesting although juvenile in some instance. I do hope though that the new single is more superior.

    NAVGL sounds like something that Miley Cyrus would do with all the “oh,oh,oh.”

    Sorry guys I’m not lovin the new material but I’m probably in the minority here :-). I hope David gets far better songs for his second pop album. Something along the lines of “Drops Of Jupiter” or “Hey, Soul Sister”. A single …or two… that really shakes up the music industry and wins a grammy or two. Music that really shows off that wonderful voice and let the Lady Gagas of the world know that REAL music is all about connection and soul and NOT about flaunting your weird fashion choices or your body parts.

  4. I agree that he needs songs with more bite and flavour…and a haircut LOL.

  5. i think NAVGL has a better groove and variation in the melody as i found P&A a little bland after more than half-way through the song.

    i also prefer the lyrics of NAVGL over P&A because of the issue it addresses. NAVGL addresses something slightly more unconventional as it talks about hiding hurts (something which i believe many do). somehow don’t find appeal in P&A’s lyrics. 🙂

  6. oh one thing though – loveee the falsettos in P&A. esp the ‘ground, ground, ground’.

  7. i love reading the feedbacks hehe! gah july is almost here!!NEW SINGLE. john,i certainly look fwd to david releasing a future-grammy-winning single too!

  8. I think Parachutes and Airplanes is brilliant! It’s been in my head all the time these past few days. Especially when school just started after the hols I was kind of really not looking forward to it but whenever I played PAA in my head I got this really happy feeling and, well it got me through the past few days of school happier than I would’ve been. 🙂 and the song is so David-ish to me. I want more David-ey songs. They don’t have to win grammys or whatever. I just want songs that are truly him.

  9. LOL. I feel you, Ai Lyn! Only that, in my head it was NAVGL instead of PAA, haha. I dunno, I like it better, I guess 🙂 But I see the response for PAA is more overwhelming. Hmm, different people different perspective, I suppose 😉
    Anyway, GO DAVID!

  10. yeap ai lyn,its true what you said too..most importantly,the songs are truly reflective of david..the grammy would just be a (very) nice cherry on the cake hehehe.

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