7 comments on ““Chords of Strength” by David Archuleta

  1. Well, who is the author of this article????

    Uh ha! that is great! Well said! 🙂

  2. Hi guys!
    I’m a regular lurker but now feel an unavoidable compulsion to de-lurk and give vent to the joy and elation that are bursting at the seams of my heart and soul for our beloved David.

    I have met very briefly several of you at the Showcase last year and also at the durian party but you probably don’t remember me. All this while I’ve been keeping in very close touch with David’s news and listening immersed to his latest music and watching intently all his vids in many fansites – on a daily basis.

    I went to MPH in mid-val 2-3 months ago to pre-order COS but they didn’t seem to know anything about it. Anyway I asked them to do a research (because I told them the book was going to be BIG!) then get back to me. Several weeks went by without any response from them and I got into a panic. So I placed an order with Amazon which cost me US$11.69 (after a rebate of $3.79).

    The long-awaited book arrived on 9th June (one of the most exciting days of my life!). I cancelled all my pre-made plans and settled down to reading it that very evening – making sure my hands were not greasy or over-moisturized – had the mobile switched off – telling everyone at home I was sick and needed to rest – locked myself up in my room – turned the pages with tender loving care and began on a journey of listening to David’s words and savouring the pearls of wisdom dripping from his mind and thoughts.

    Justine – you wrote a very impressive and in-depth review of the book for which I would like to extend my appreciation and congratulations!

    As Justine put it, it was indeed raw and real and intense. It was as if David was talking to us individually – person to person – pouring out his deep heartfelt feelings – wanting us to learn from his experiences – giving us his love and encouragement…

    I finished the book in less than 10 hours because I could not, for the life of me, put it down. Now I am into my 2nd read – aloud this time so that I don’t miss anything – a hint of his smile – a wink ..

    David is definitely an old soul – come back to the world at God’s will – to show and teach us the way to world peace – to helping our fellow beings – to maintaining goodness and humility – and ultimately to greater happiness within ourselves. I think every bookshop and every library (may it be public, school, university) should have copies of his book.

    This book is not only a personal triumph for David (best-seller already? Wow!). It is also a triumph for all of us who GET him. I will always love David …because he is so real…because he has no pretensions, no ego… and of course the voice! Everyone must have a copy guys…you will treasure it for life and your children after that, and your grandchildren and on and on….haha!

    Trace/tracewillow (same person haha)

  3. Hey Trace and Justine 🙂

    Thanks for your reviews of COS. Now ur making those of us who don’t have the book doubly jell-us lol. Please de-lurk more often Trace.

    “old soul” is what he is and not one who flaunts it outrageously like the current crop of pop stars. Unfortunately people like David who’s more real than all of them put together is often misunderstood as manufactured and phony. Such is the irony.

  4. Hi Johnchang! Thank you for the response.

    You are so right – many people don’t get him because they consider him “uncool”. Here we have a beautiful young man with a heavenly voice and a just as wonderful character, and the masses reject him as phoney or just don’t “get” him. It is something I’ll never be able to understand but which I’ll have to accept as their inability “to see the forest for the trees”. So sad…

    I’m glad I’ve made some of you “doubly jealous” – now buck up and go find a way to buy the book! Haha

  5. thanks for putting this review up justine!Gosh i cant wait to immerse myself in the book! COME COME FASTER COME.

  6. Eunice, hehehehe. 🙂

    Trace, that is one VERY lovely review on your part!!! And already into your 2nd read now! That’s awesome. 😀 I completely agree. This book is going to be timeless and speak to just about anyone -lover of music or not! =)

    John, looking forward to your review once you are doing reading it!!! Be prepared. The book is going to WOW. 😀

    Anne, no biggie. Soon soon soon! Hehe.

    – Justine

  7. Hey Justine, so you are the writer! Great review!

    Thank you Trace for the review. Hope more fans will share their reviews once they get hold of COS!!!
    That includes our official inhouse writers/MODS!

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