6 comments on “David Archuleta on Good Day New York; Ridgewood book signing

  1. Hey, Malaysia!

    Here’s a short video of David at the New Jersey Bookends signing.

  2. Sorry for all the posts; however this one is very interesting. It involves a conversation with a guy named Walter (perhaps the store manager or owner?) at Bookends. He notes that he was surprised to see so many adults show up. (He initially figured it would only be young girls.) They also discuss what a nice group of people comprise David’s fan base!

  3. My convo with david…

    David: Hi my names david
    Me: Hey david, my names kayla and i like ur hair
    David: hahahah (he was laughing so hard) thanksss
    Me: ohh and i like the way you lick your lips when you sing is so so hot:)
    David: (laughing even harder) hahahah aww thanks thank you
    Me: oh i need to give you this..it has my twitter on it and i know u will not follow me….
    David: (He iterupts me) aww thats not true…
    Me: well can u give me a shout out or whatever but the other side in my phone number lol you can call me anytime.
    David: Laughing
    Gard: (to me) you gotta go
    David: one sec
    Gard: ok
    David: well i will try and see iof i can contact you in some way (big big smile)
    Me: aww thanks so much i love you
    David: aww thanks you too
    Me: (huge smile)
    David: huige smile
    Me: bye
    David: waves
    (2 sec later with izabella and her friends and nicole
    screamiong at the top of our lungs)
    omg we just met david archuleta aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa screaming~!!!
    We see david in there laughing at us lol! Best day ever

  4. DAgirl lol!

    Well u sure had a swell day dincha? I hope he’ll tweet u 🙂

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