72 comments on “Sticky Post: Chords of Strength

  1. Just fyi, I am going ahead with Kino and getting the book from them. Borders couldn’t give me a definite reply (the person I spoke to was a complete blur-case) and the person for MPH is so unsure.

  2. yeapp June 1st is..5 days away!
    James,seems like kinokuniya is the best bet..Have you managed to check with Popular?

  3. There’s no kinokuniya in Penang!

    Wish MPH had a release date… oh well…


  4. Just want to note that Kinokuniya delivers, and it only takes 2-3 days, even if you’re up in Ipoh/Penang, etc. I’m making my order later today. =)

    Anne, idk about Popular, person didn’t know.

  5. ah thanks for the info james!must we order the book now if we want it in 2 weeks time or it will already be in the store by then?

  6. Current price of COS went up to $20.66, but still a wee bit cheaper from elsewhere.

    I heard from another site that someone gave a call to the shop, and apparently the book is out june 1st, not Aug as stated. Not sure how accurate that is.

    Otherwise, you can order from http://www.acmamall.com.my as well for RM85, free shipping to Msia for a limited time.

  7. yan,not too sure about that…

    cy,thanks for the info!Will check out that site..

  8. Just checked with kinokuniya klcc and they said that COS will be avail. in 1 weeks time. Price is rm80 but they will stock only 5 copies.

  9. RM80? only 5 copies?? how come so few? is it only for those who ordered ah?

  10. Heh? Only 5?! Would it be possible to order by phone? I can’t go to Kino now… Exams >< *pulls hair out*

  11. omg!! hah, last wednesday, i have odered it at kino, uhm, one of the staff said maybe 3 weeks that book will arrived, idk, why just 5 copies?

  12. Hey, Malaysia!

    I hope you guys are aware of all the videos I have posted over on the “COS Columbia signing” thread. I know many of you are studying hard for your exams, but when you have time for a break be sure check them out for a bit of inspiration!

  13. Hi πŸ™‚

    Sorry, when you say that Kino is gonna restock them, are they gonna stock in a larger amount or very very limited? Do you think I should order it, to be safe? Or should I just wait for it to be restocked?

  14. Kathryn thanks so much for the videos. will try and post them asap πŸ™‚

    As for COS, I think maybe u guys can try and order them either thru Kino or MPH. I checked with MPH and their retail price is Rm100. Dunno how many copies they’re stocking though.

  15. So much for efficiency, kinda regretted ordering from MPH. I need the book like by late June, my friend’s birthday, ordered from MPH thinking all the stock will arrive in all bookstores the same, but Kino beats MPH to it. =(

  16. Why is it so hard to get a copy of Cos in M’sia? I’m afraid to place an order with any of the bookstores as i need it in this two weeks. Don’t have any time to read it after the school holiday.

  17. I think the bookstores in Msia do not really know about David and his fan base so they’re not willing to invest in bringing in a large consignment of COS.

    Let’s hope MPH will stock more than 5 copies.

  18. I think they’ll have more copies as they have so many stores in Msia. But doesn’t think it’s safe enough to order it as no one can really confirm when can we get it.

  19. hey guys, lily and I have ordered 2 copies from the acma mall website yday night..Hoping it’ll arrive within 1 week as the office is only in KL. We’ll let you guys know when we receive it but the site is reliable..only thg is you have to pay online thru credit/debit card.

    and MPH…aih -.-

  20. For those who lives in PJ’s areas or Sungai Buloh can buy the book for me if it’s only avail at Kino next week?
    Will pay extra πŸ˜€ haha

  21. Hey! its the same over here, not all the stores are selling COS. And the popular bookstores are carrying very few copies. I went to a few stores and finally found it. Only 2 copies on the table.

  22. I think we’ve been kinda misled by D’s various signings thus far into thinking that COS is found in every bookstore in the US.

    Obviously this aint the case.

  23. Does anyone know the initial print run? It’s made it to the NY’s list, so I’m guessing AT LEAST a 100,000 print, worldwide.

    Update: Acma Mall is a good bet for most of you. Free delivery within Malaysia, you’ll get it in 1-2 weeks. Cheaper than Kino. They’ve got about 297 books in stock.

    Kino has stock of the book, they’re getting it within the next 1-2 weeks. But it’s 8 ringgit for delivery. And about 3 ringgit more than than Acmamall, priced at 88.90. If you’ve already reserved the book though, you can call and check, and then pick it up.

    MPH and Borders has NO STOCK of the book, nationwide (believe me, I asked in several outlets) and they have placed orders, but most of them have no definite date of when they’re getting it in.

    For those with gargantuan amounts of patience, you can go with book depository.

    Popular has no stock either.

  24. LOL james i love your icon XD

    so it seems the only choice we have is book depository, acma mall and kino. *shakes head at MPH and borders*

    thanks for the update jamesy! ❀

  25. Hey guys,

    I actually ordered the book for my ex-girlfriend like a few weeks back, paid RM51 bucks for deposit, but since I got dumped, I guess I no longer need the book do I? So anybody want it? Pay me RM51, and I will pass you the receipt and all.

    Desperately in need of letting the book go.

  26. Victor, sorry to hear that. I do recommend you get the book anyway, and give it a read. It’s pretty good, from all the reviews so far.

    If not, could you please tell us where you ordered book from? And the total price, etc?

  27. Dear Victor,

    So sorry to learn of such sad situation.
    Well, don’t give up the chance of reconciliation yet. Never know both of you will get back together someday. Is she a fan of DAvid? If she is, your generousity may touch her heart.

    No matter what, James is right, give it a read. It is worth your investment. David has great insight about life and family value. This book is therapeutic to all who loves to read!

    Take care

  28. It can be a bit hard to read about someone when you are not interested in that someone in the first place. But Victor, why not give your ex a surprise with the gift? She might eventually come back to you because of the book πŸ™‚

    Good luck!

  29. Gt a call from MPH that day. The girl said that we’ll get it in 2 months time if we order from them. And they’ll help us to order it from the publisher if we want.

    2 months is kinda long. But i’ve bought it from acma mall. Waiting for my copy to deliver to me.

  30. can anyone tell, have c.o.s arrived at kinokuniya? i’m still waiting for that book T-T

  31. yivian,thanks for the update!2 months?walow that is super long.if have to wait for that long,might as well get it from book depository for those who can wait lol. im still waiting for my copy from acma mall too..

    hazmi,not sure abt cos at kinokuniya…did u pre-order from them?

  32. Hazmi, if you pre-ordered before June 1st, it should be in already for you. If later then that, have to wait for until the end of June (or July), I think.

    If you’re heading over to KLCC, please call first and check if they have your book ready.

    I’m heading over to Singapore this weekend. I think I’m just going to buy it there. Haha.

  33. haha. i just get the confirmation message from kinokuniya. they said i can collect that book before 1/7/2010, OHMY !!!!!!!!!!!! maybe this afternoon i go to collect that COS!!!!!!!!! thank god !

  34. Hazmi, that’s great. =)

    Also, in other loltastic news, not a single bookstore in Singapore carries the book. I did some major shopping (poor dad) and just checked out their bookstores for fun. I kinda feel bad for all the Singaporeans, lol.

  35. oh james, sorry for hear that, that’s okey, have u order ur copy through local bookstore or online?

  36. I was looking at the page in MPH, they changed the price from the previously advertised, RM102 to RM87.20. Possible sign that the book has reach the local shores? Gotta call them up tomorrow to check on the status. =)

  37. Gotta get my copy of book that I’ve bought from ACMA Mall tomorrow. Hooray!! =)

  38. victor,they did??hmm. do let us know if they do have it in stores already after u call them up tmr hehe.thanks!

    yivian,thats great!Perfect for the weekend πŸ˜€

    my book has arrived this week actually..havent got my hands on it as its still with lily but im waiting until next wed when i finish working and then i’ll just soak in the archuleta.Ahhh.blissful thought.

  39. Anne, sure you’ll like that book. Just gt my copy of COS. I’m here screaming and jumping around when I unwrap the book.

  40. Got my copy as well… from Amazon, ordered on June 11 and it arrived yesterday eventhough I selected the normal international mail. They said it would arrive after July 13…really surprised!!!Total cost is RM79.52 (after conversion to RM), I only used my debit card, so for those who doesn’t own a credit card, you can use your debit card to buy from Amazon…

  41. Went to the MPH store just yesterday and they claim that they don’t have the book yet. They said they have no idea when will the stocks arrive. Bummer!

  42. Elicia, try ordering it from acma mall? MPH seems to be pretty unreliable 😦

    am at Chapter 3 currently and LOVING it so far.that boy said he cant write? *smacks…softly*

  43. Hmm, I think tht ‘special order’ thing kino has is the usual ‘placing an order on a book not in stock’. What you do is, you e-mail kino with the details of the book, (just include the link of the book you want from amazon) and kino will check if they can order it and tell you how much it’ll cost.

    Then, they’ll ask for ur name n contact number and issue you an order number n tell you how much you need to pay for the down payment n when to expect the book to arrive.

    Kino will only proceed with the book order after you’ve dropped the down payment at thecustomer service counter (just tell the person at the counter ur book order number).

    Simple as A B C πŸ™‚

  44. I had to get the e-book from Sony e-reader, because couldn’t wait. Pretty good price though at about USD10.99. It still had pictures lol but nothing beats the physical copy.

    Wish Kino would just order in bulk and have ready copies in stock.. I’m pretty sure if they display it prominently it will sell well!

  45. juice,thanks for the info! Hopefully those who are still trying to get it from kino will find it helpful πŸ˜€

    sheba,u got the e-book?hehe!at least you carry it everywhere with you πŸ˜›

  46. LOL! guys. The e-reader is downloaded to my PC at home. I can’t view it elsewhere and I definitely can’t carry it everywhere! haha!

    Still need to get a hard copy of the book though…

  47. OH. loll oops!i thought you could download it onto the phone or somethg else..i guess if you have ipad,you could carry it everywhere hehehe!

    have you tried ordering from acma mall sheba? i got mine from there..the price and service are pretty good πŸ˜€

  48. victor,thats good to hear!try giving the book a read..i think you’ll be inspired by it! πŸ˜€

  49. my dad finally said that I can’t buy the book because it’s too expensive and I can only buy it when I grow up and earn a salary of my own or when the book comes out as a soft cover one in like 43924329 years.
    I can buy the e-book though. πŸ˜€ it’s just that I’m afraid a cheaper option of buying the hard copy will pop up right after I buy the e-book. (and I really want the hard copy because, well, nothing beats that) ohhh money woes.

    have fun reading the book you guys!

  50. ai lyn,so sorry to hear bout that 😦 How much is the e-book again?
    but on the bright side,you still get to read it! (:

  51. it’s 11 USD. πŸ™‚ I’m gonna follow David’s example and focus on school instead of worrying bout the book. bahahah. xD

    a friend of a friend found COS in MPH, Gurney, Penang! Just in case any other penangites are looking out for it! she said there are 2 more copies left for 87 ringgit. πŸ˜€ (so tempted to make my dad drive down there and let me read through it in the store… lol)

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