3 comments on “Apple Idol, Chart Watch

  1. With AI9 coming to end and David is to attend next week, have a read on “Genuine Idol Moment” at this site, a good article:


    I agreed with the writer that my all time best moment was Fantasia on her coronation song and David’s “DLTSGD” where I got goosebumps wherelse David Cooks, I find him sexy singing “Always Be My Baby”. 🙂 Gosh! what a memory!

  2. ohh Season 7 finale…MEMORIESSS. i remember how hard i tried to avoid spoilers the entire day,and thankfully,successfully managed to! and how i felt so sad when cook won but realised not long after,D got what was perhaps a better route for him.and it did turn out to be better after all! 😀

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