5 comments on “Galaxie Mag Poster; Billboard Poll

  1. Here are a couple of voting tips for the Billboard poll:

    Voting Tip #1:

    To save time using either Google Chrome or Firebox as your web browser, use the link posted below. It loads much faster than Billboard’s web page:


    Click on David’s name, vote, go back to previous page by clicking on the back arrow button and vote again. You’ll note that David’s name has changed position on the page. This way you’ll know the page has reloaded. Vote again and again and again!

    Note: Be sure to bookmark the link for future use!

    Voting Tip #2:

    After putting in around 20 or so votes in quick succession, Billboard will require you to type in a couple of words, similar to what happens when you vote as a “Human” on the Tweeter Faxo polls. If you do not see a box into which to type the words, left click with your mouse on or near the red asterisk (*), and a box will appear.

  2. Please keep in mind that the winner of Billboard’s best male Idol poll will be pitted against the winner of the best female Idol poll next week.

    Here is what Archuleta Fan Scene wrote about the Billboard poll. (I agree with them 100%!!!)

    Who is the Best male “Idol” ever? David Archuleta, of course! I know that, you know that, but the whole world doesn’t necessarily know that. Let’s do our part to enlighten everyone. Billboard is a well-respected music news magazine. The winner of this poll will undoubtedly get a nice write up on their site. It would be great publicity for David particularly right now since his single will be released at any moment and his book is due out in 3 weeks. So click on the graphic and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! Like Billboard says, vote early and vote often!

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