21 comments on “Chords of Strength Update

  1. haha!yeah pretty pricey considering the US price..i guess mph also needs to make their share of profit. There is another method of getting that book online though,besides Amazon, and at a much cheaper price too(no shipping costs) will get more info on that soon and let you guys know (:

  2. why the extra 10 sens? why not make it just RM102.00 or RM103.00.

    I think it’s pricey because it’s a hard cover book which is more expensive to produce.

  3. Hey Anne! Did you mean that u can get the book at US$15.61 (approx) from amazon without having to pay shipping fees?

    Can’t wait to hear more. I’ll definitely be interested ๐Ÿ™‚ Do let me know ya! Thanks a bunch!

  4. Woweee!

    c_y, I think Anne meant other than Amazon. If you order from Amazon, there’ll be shipping charges.

  5. Whoopie…will keep on a look out for more updates here. ๐Ÿ™‚ LOL…well, this book can hardly be considered to be the most expensive book that I would own to date; but definately will be one of the most treasured.

  6. yeap its another service like amazon but without shipping charges (:

    jonathan..the things that young man makes us do right? lol

  7. I want to own this book so much. I’m gonna think of a way to have some savings now. i won’t let my mom know the price if not she’ll kill me!!

  8. Anne: Yes…the things this fine young man makes us do…some pretty crazy as well.

    p/s: Viewing AAM while on a conference call in the office. Ha ha…conference call is such a bore and waste of time.

  9. cant wait! yay!!

    ps : btw anne,kylie lets go to Durian Party again at the same place XD

    p.s: miss my archukazenS and if u still remember Nadd Amelia, my campus mate aka our archukazen, now she’s a celebrity.. from Akademi Fantasia 8 .. forgot 2 tell u guys XD

  10. amira!its been a while since we last saw you!hope youre doin well…durian party?Yessss!Good times,good times indeed..thats great to know abt your friend!Ask her to sing some archie songs ๐Ÿ˜›

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