6 comments on “A Capella Crush; Stress reliever

  1. Uh!ha! Just look what David has done with this song and us his fans! :)))

    John, thanks for the write up!!!Are you kidding? the top management has to be involved to get you inspired!!Ohhh! I thought only David has that magic on you!!!:)

    I am sure everyone is happy when you are around more often.

  2. John: Thanks for your great detective work on the Stand By Me/Beautiful Girls videos. I have always been suspicious about the whole lyrics sampling controversy, and this absolutely confirms those suspicions. I am now 100% convinced Idol producers exploited the situation in order to place David at a disadvantage. Shame on them. I’ve only watched the show twice since Season 7, and I’m sure you can guess which two episodes those were! I’ve linked your story over on DA Buzzing with a recent article there dealing with the same song.


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