5 comments on “Real Salt Lake Game; RSO Fundraiser

  1. Something about the picture of David folding his arms made me not able to stop staring XP

    David and Jonah singing together = AWWWW!!! Jonah is such a sweetheart ❤

  2. Why Utah Blaze has such hairy mascots?? eewee…
    🙂 David looks small next to the Lion King looking mascot and he’s sure having fun!!

  3. Hi, Malaysia!

    Here’s a short snippet of up-close video with David and Jonah at the point Jonah does the hunkerdown move and hits the glory note. Priceless!

  4. By way of clarification, the video of David and Jonah singing together was from the Real Salt Lake soccer game. That event happened on Saturday, April 10th. The Utah Blaze arena football game was the night before on Friday, April 9th. (That was the event David did his halftime show for.) Two different sports and two different events, on two different days!

  5. hey katheryn, thanks for clearing that up!i must have gotten the events mixed up lol. and thanks for sharing that precious video! (:

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