15 comments on “Utah Blaze & Good Things Utah!

  1. For a moment there I thought what was David doing with chewbacca. The mascot looks a lot like chewbacca haha.

  2. Wow…so much to catch up since Imagine 3.0. I was tickled by some comments from other fan sites of David’s new hairstyle ~ Dr Spock to helmet hair to bowl hair to beanie hair… hahaha…. This is the most awful time when one needs to let it grow longer to get into another hairstyle. I’m sure by June 1, David will have a new longer hairstyle. 🙂

    yeap, he looks kind of weird with his new hairstyle at Utah Blaze unlike the Beatles’ Night (AI9) …hahaha… Sorry David, you could have put on your beanie during yr Utah Blaze performance. 🙂

  3. LOL akang! i had to admit i wasnt a big fan of the new haircut initially but its growing on me hehehe. i still prefer the spikey hair though 😛

    btw guys, a David mention on Sunday’s Star – Variety section under an article abt AI9:

    “Bring back David Cook, David Archuletta and Adam Lambert on alternate weeks so that we won’t forget that American Idol can actually produce talent.”


    (They still cant seem to spell his name right for some reason -.- )

  4. Yah Anne those writers or their editor are seriously spelling challenged.

    First they got Miley (what?!) to mentor i.e to er..teach the idol wannabes to sing properly. I still don’t get the rationale for this. And now they have Adam Lambert to mentor? What’s going on? Surely they could have asked one of the actual winners to do the job. That would have been more appropriate.

  5. yeah this season seems to be getting worse…i guess they couldnt find a more established artist to mentor this week?

  6. hey Anne – this pix is for you (new hairstyle) /wink :


    I read somewhere that Adam Lambert is going to release his 4th single on AI9. Why Adam got to release so many singles in <6 mths when David only releases two official singles. Puzzles!

  7. Awww!! i wish he sing that to my birthday too!! lol XD

    OMG.. a new hair cut is it?? wow.. he’s totally different.. change is nice but i prefer the spike one too.. hahahaha..

    haih… how much i wish i’ll be in M’sia.. miss u guys much my archucousins.. xoxo =)

  8. thanks for the pic akang! hehehe! ❤
    i guess adam's label approach thgs differently..and since his previous singles were pretty successful,they probably thought..why not go ahead and release more?lol

    fatin!!so good to see you back here! How is egypt?met any archies there? lol

  9. haha.. egypt is great actually.. the more u’ve been here the more u like it.. =)

    ofcourse i met someone.. she event won the M&G tickets tho.. so jelous of her.. huhu..

  10. whoa really!? What a small world hahah!At least you have someone you can spaz with over there! (:

  11. Was reading the August Man mag this month and noticed that there was a column on “What make An Idol” and David A. was mentioned in it, as someone to keep a look out for in years to come – under the KIV List. 😛

  12. wah thats cool jonathan!thanks for sharing that piece of info..he is someone to look out for indeed..Do you have a scan of the mag by any chance? 😀

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