18 comments on “Happy 1st Malaysian Archuversary

  1. Aaawwhh! It’s been a year already :’)
    We miss you so much, David!
    Thanks, Anne. What a lovely post. Down memory lane, I like that 🙂
    And yes, I can’t wait to watch Idols tonight!

  2. Now I’m super spazzing! Can’t wait to watch Idol! (been reading all the amazing tweets about it) And thinking about the historical day! Gosh. I need to calm down to do my assignments. XP XP XP

  3. Happy Archuversary to everyone! It’s been a year…wow time flies!!! Still remember those crazy moments in the airport, will never ever forget it LOLL. Yes Anne, i don’t think i ever said so many “OMGOSH” in my entire life! HAhahah..What a memorable day! Lets hope David will be back soon…I miss all of you a lot!! =)

  4. Talking about headless chickens. The funniest memory that stays in my mind is this image of Debz and a group of fans holding the welcome banner made by Juice and literally flying across the length of KLIA’s International arrival lounge in order to get to the domestic arrival section because one of the cops had told us that David would be leaving from there. (of course he was lying thru his teeth! lol)

    David and group then proceeded to blissfully and stealthily leave the airport from the opposite direction like ninjas lol. Leaving all of us chasing all over the airport, left, right, up, down looking for him. That was a hoot! 🙂

  5. woots AAM!!! remember the hustle and bustle during that time?

    right up to this day i’ll still remember all of our reactions – HE REALLY GLOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hilarious! and his glowing image remains clear in my mind to this very day; and always will. till we meet again, david!

    oh and of cos not forgetting the AAM-ers too. LOL. 😀

  6. you’re welcome elynna!It was a pleasure (:

    jolene,i rmbr how everyone surrounded you and FANGIRL MODE:ON! Esp after we saw ur pic with davi hahaha!

    LOLL john!The running!i still wonder if that guard was happily laughing away at us that time -.-

    gosh those were GREAT times,great times indeed!I miss you guys too…if only somehow,all the aam-ers could meet up again for a real concert soon. Tour for next album perhaps?

  7. Woo.. Time really flies. I still remember busy dialing to the sponsored radio stations trying to get hold of those free showcase passes which my family members and I have never done before. AAM team was also a great help ~ giving advices when and how to get those passes. This site was so busy then with contest, solving song jigsaw puzzle, ordering of T-shirts and get-together session. It was so much fun!! 🙂 What a memory! Thanks David and AAM.

    Wow… David looks mature and different at the AI9 Result show tonite. I like his hairstyle! I guess it is the “latest” as I’ve spotted some guys in our malls here having that kind of hairstyle. 🙂 His voice is still so incredibly beautiful. Great performance and I’m glad the judges stay put in their seats.

  8. Happy Archuversary! Has it really been a year? Although I wasn’t able to attend the showcase, I was still a happy kid cuz Kylie was very nice to give me cellcasts during Crush, TMH and Angels! Thank you, mamacub! Thank you AAM for all the daily updates/PacMe when David was here a year ago and for uniting Malaysian Archufans! ❤

    Yes, David please come back to Malaysia! I still need to hear you sing live.

  9. Happy Archuversary Everyone….Gosh! It brings back such great memories – seriously miss those moments when David was in KL – going crazy with all AMM-ers. I had so much fun with you all. Ha ha…

  10. Gosh! I missed the anniversary date:-( Happy Belated Anniversary to my dearest ArchuFans!!

    Only David can make me steal time from work hahaha! Tunning in to watch him sing Imagine again and again … He left me in awe .. always!

  11. This 11th of April I’ll make sure every single song I play on my iPod will be David Archuleta voice in it.

  12. hey everyone!!! i miss david a lot tooo!! n all of you! its been quite awhile since i was here, have been really busy getting used to work.

    ah david’s performance on idol really made me smile again (cause i was feeling quite down that day). its just weird that everytime i watch david sing or talk, i’ll catch myself smiling my head off.

    hope that he’ll come back soon!

  13. awww man 🙂 how i wish that i had a time machine! 😀 haha. time really flies. i hope that he would come to malaysia again! 😀

  14. heyy clara!You’re working now? Hope all is well with you (: I know right..somehow he just manages to bring a smile to my face even when all seems to be going wrong..

    alicia,me too!

  15. hey anne! ya ! been working for 8 mths now, and its been really tiring. anyway keep tweeting! your tweets are quite fun to read! 🙂

  16. ah working life…tiring indeed…im feeling it too lol. aww thanks!my tweets fun?i hope so LoL!i rant sometimes there so u gotta bear with me XD

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