11 comments on “Chords of Strength’s First Line; New Pictures; Weekly Idol Buzz

  1. Farida I’m stoked!! 🙂

    I hope he brings his A-game this time and show them what real singing is all about. I remember how he freaked out the first time he was back on Idol.

    Be still my heart.

  2. Sweet! One strong-good reason for me to tune in to AI – just for this week. 🙂

  3. YES YES YES! Although i really wished that they would have asked him to cover another song instead of Imagine which he already did twice previously..but i guess, im just more thrilled to see him on my screen again. gosh i miss that feeling!

  4. Yay!! he did much better this time 🙂

    But ohmygoshashley his hair!! Very Beatles like 🙂

  5. havent watch the performance yet!GOING TO.and I FEEL LIKE EXPLODING ALREADY,HELP ME.

  6. David look so young with his hair style….cute as a button. Imagine by David still leave a great mark! Yeah David!!!

  7. 2 years later and he still manages to impress and astound people.THIS is true talent. No gimmicks,fancy lights and props and stage dances(not to say that everyone who use them have no talent).
    Simple,classy and nothing short of amazing, thats the archuleta.

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