7 comments on “15 minutes of fame

  1. refering to your statement kylie…watching the performances on AI results night..i hear 5% singing and see 95% gimmicks -.-

  2. Excuse me for my ignorant. Please enlighten me here. What do you mean by “lalangs?”

  3. Eunice

    ‘lalang’ is a Malay word for a species of tall, supple grass in Malaysia. They bend with the wind in whatever direction it may blow, thus the analogy by the writer of the current band of pop culture fans who move from ‘star’ to ‘star’ at the drop of a hat. It’s very much a herd mentality where the whole group will drop their current favourite like so much hot potatoes and move on to the next ‘big’ thing.

    Careers nowadays are measured more in months rather than years or even decades like in the past. Will the likes of Lady Gaga be still around a year from now?

  4. Thanks for the explanation. I thought about the tall wild grass and it has sharp edge.
    Hmmm! what an interesting reference.

  5. Lol, Anne. I’m a person sold to special effects – movies and music, the extras/toppings on the cake BUT I want the performer to have “substantial substance” before the gimmicks.

    Lady Gaga might stay around if she can re-invent herself with each album, much like Madonna until in her heydays 😛

  6. hahaha!special effects abit abit can lah…but some really overuse it one >< like last week's AI results performance..aiyo -.-

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