10 comments on “New DA Site!; The Mint : Full Video

  1. hey……..i got problem in opening da.com.
    why huh? it keeps bring me back to the old site……

    thank you


  2. hey izzati..hm it seems some people are having the same problem too..unfortunately i dont know whats the cause of it 😦 but i guess u can try again tmr?

    I can see the new site but it also goes back to the old one for me when i try to register.Anyone else having this problem?weird..

  3. Love the new DA.com! So so so cool (my vocab is limitted…)! Haven’t tried registering though…

    Anyone else found it weird to see rude comment and such cute pic together? (refering to The Star) XP

  4. Me too. It brings me right back to the old site.
    Can you please get us some help, Miss Purpley?

  5. LoL yan..that columnist is quite snarky..read her previous articles and comments before so i guess its no surprise there lol

    sorry euniceee i have no idea how i can be of any help >< i think some have managed to register though..

  6. I just logged into David’s new official site. Ok-lah, nothing special, just changed from strong colours to cool colours. I think some of David’s fan sites have better layout. To be honest, I don’t go to David official site for his latest updates (I forgot that is one!) as I’m satisfied with AAM and other fan sites for keeping me busy. Thanks Anne for keeping us up-to-date news and John – for your great insight articles. 🙂

  7. akang,its my pleasure! (: to be honest,i dont even go to the official site at all unless to read his blogs sometimes LoL.the old one was just..eye-straining XD

    hey alicia!yay!good to know 😀

  8. Sharmila Nair needs to go back to school to brush up on her English and spelling. I quote:

    “David opens up………..unshakable fait (either her editor is spelling challenged or both are in which case both need to go back to elementary school!) and unyielding family (whatever does this phrase mean? Does she mean that D has his family’s full support or does she mean that they are stubborn?)” WTH?!

    John says: “double yawn”

    Re: The ‘new’ official site.
    I think it’s probably just me but I don’t think D’s site should allow fans to post content like stories, fan club news, photos etc. It just makes the whole site chaotic, messy and unprofessional with every TD&H posting onto the site directly. I think D or his management team should hire a professional group of site managers to control, post, edit and manage the content that appears on his site.
    And whoever designed the new look should be fired pronto! It’s boring and uninspired, seriously.

  9. Love David singing “Crush” at The Mint with Eman and his band. David looks like a little kid compared to them, but as usual he looks adorable and sings amazing!!

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