11 comments on “Read Across America Day – Dr.Seussleta; Memoir & Idol Buzz

  1. hi adeline,we’re still working on getting the details for that so hang on tight (:

  2. In the reading across america pic, the one with David among the kids… he sort of blends with the crowd hehe.

  3. yan,i think he would make a VERY good teacher!i would want to stay in 4th grade forever LoL.

  4. How old is 4th grade? same grade as our Std 4? Have not heard of Dr. Seuss, however, my favourite author during my primary years was Enid Blyton. Titles like Mr Twiddle, Mr Meddle, The naughtiest girl in school. What a memory! 🙂

    hmmm….I wonder did David inject some singing into his reading when he came across a certain words. I attended a story telling event once at the Popular Bookstore in Ikano long time ago and the storyteller, the mat salleh lady, has to use different tone in her voice to tell a story. This to get the children to pay attention.

  5. 4th grade shud be standard 4 here..dr seuss is very well known in literature,i think “Cat in the Hat” was one of his,if not the most famous work of his! and Enid blyton!!gosh i used to be crazy over her books lol.now they’re all collecting dust hahaha.

  6. Found this hilarious comment at Soul David:

    This is kind of funny…apparently the date for the book, Chords of Strength, has been pushed back to June 1st.

    On twitter this is what I found from FSteven….

    “Reason for delay: Editor’s attempts to convince author to remove all ‘lol’ and ‘haha’ in manuscript is taking longer than expected.”

    hahahahaha….. 🙂

    ps – not too sure about the change of date, apparently some of them did receive notice from Amazon.com

  7. lololll.that could very possibly be one of the reasons HAHA! but yeah it seems the date has been changed to june 1st indeed..

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