9 comments on “Grace under fire

  1. Well said! She is my favorite one too! They are exceptional teenagers! Wonder if she is a fan of our David too? :))

  2. John – good article. These two teenagers are born with talent and both of them loves what they’re doing right now.

    Leaked song: She’s Not You

    Gosh! love his voice.

  3. About the leaked song – rumoured that this song maybe for his first album that didn’t make it….who knows! 🙂

  4. akang,hope you dont mind but i had to remove the link to the song leak..so sorryyy!Just that i had to thread carefully abt leaked songs circulating around..

  5. hey Anne,

    Yes, I fully understand. That is why I posted my next comment thereafter that it might not be official for his 2nd album. SORRY! 🙂

  6. Just listened to the ‘leaked’ song. Lyrically, melodically light weight. One interesting bit is that the story line feels like it’s a continuation of ALTNOY.

    The only redeeming factor is the vocals – as is usually the case.

    If David wants to sing achingly good heartbreak songs then he should do well to listen to James Morrison’s ‘Broken Strings’

  7. yeah the song is juts so-so..but i LOVE the accoustic intro! Broken Strings!!Love that song.wonder if we’ll ever get to hear him cover that one day hm.

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