4 comments on “David singing Crush at The Mint

  1. Oh David. ❤

    He makes me fall in love with his voice again and again. Stop already baby bro, I already adore your precious adorable self. (I'm lying, please don't ever stop.)

    Okay, done sounding crazy. LOL. Thanks for keeping the site so well updated guys. ❤

    Also, brb, making an mp3 of this. XD

  2. Woo….”Crush” is certainly a hard song to sing. 🙂 With his impromptu appearance, David certainly hit it right. Glad that he is hanging out with the right people and his career certainly looks bright.

    Anne – you’re on the spot with the AI9 girls you mentioned and IMO Siobhan Magnus was one of the best tonight. Let watch the AI9 guys tomorrow and see what happens!!

    Busy tonight with AI9 and Winter Olympics. 🙂

  3. jamesy!hahaha i know what you mean right there LoL. oh theres actually an mp3 but i forgot to add it to the post >< for anyone who wants it (thanks to naree):

    akang,yeahh im so glad hes with the right people too!everyone who worked/works with him just cant help but gush abt his talent,personality or both.thats David alright<

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