15 comments on “Sumos El Mundo!; Terra TV Interview; CFTH Tour Pics

  1. Totally OT again lol! Gtg 2 b a habit of mine but is anyone following the current season of AI? Seems like there’s a couple of young singers being compared to D. Are the comparisons valid?

  2. woo..hoo… David has a good start for the Year of the Tiger, yeah!! 🙂 Let hope he gets a solo part for the Sumos El Mundo. Can’t wait for Mar 1/Mar 2? In fact, I truly enjoyed “We are the World” song, the old version but not the latest version.

    I just finished watching AI9 Hollywood Week (recorded)..eeeee..yet to spot anyone that has the same league & good looks as David. Am I being biased?! hahaha…..

    hi Anne – agreed that he has grown before our eyes!! The first pix above that KimmieDavid took at one of his CFTH tours was….dashing. Simon Cowell was right that David is a good looking guy, likeable and also has a great voice.. 🙂

  3. hi John,

    AI9 young singers comparison valid?? Well, read this:

    From Michael Slezak at EW:

    Aaron Kelly: Proof that someone high up in the Idol food chain is either helpless to resist the rosy red cheeks of teenage male singers, or at least cynical enough to know a certain segment of fans must have a contestant whose head they can fantasize about squeezing off and dangling from their rear-view mirrors. Indeed, with Aaron’s ”yes, ma’am” responses and his big doleful eyes, it’s easy to see how the judges fell for his charms. But whether or not the kid has the emotional maturity and vocal confidence to actually contend for the season 9 crown, well, that’s an altogether different story.

    I mean, can anyone out there imagine that two weeks from now, the kid will be ready to deliver anything in the same division, let alone the same league, as David Archuleta’s Top 20 Week take on ”Imagine” back in season 7? Sure, Aaron’s initial audition to Miley Cyrus’ ”The Climb” was impressive, but that was in a little conference room in front of only the judges and some crew members. Up there on the massive Kodak stage, Aaron struggled with the lyrics to ”Get Ready” during the group round, and again whiffed on ”Angel” on Day Three. And while the nervous quaver in his voice during the latter track added some poignancy to the proceedings, I couldn’t help but feel like the judges had prematurely sent a potential stick-ball prodigy to the Major Leagues for the aw-shucks irresistibility of seeing him swim around in a big ‘ole uniform. I hope Aaron proves me wrong, but somehow his step forward felt like a disservice to both him and the show.

    p.s. I did not pay attention to any of the guys’ age, just looking out for good voice; looks and size…. hahaha….

  4. Selamat tengah-hari shuyee,

    What does your first sentence means?? No clue at all!! 🙂

    How did David fair in his Spanish since he had said that he speak broken Spanish?? Good? 🙂

    Nice to hear from you. “Gong Xi Fa Cai” to you & your family!!

  5. John,to be fair..i think ALL of us here will say no singers on AI compares to the archuleta HAHA 😛

    Akang,thanks for the EW article!Didnt read that one yet.haha. So far,this year’s batch looks quite promising.The ones that stood out to me are andrew garcia,didi benami and another girl named crystal.they’re pretty good but..we shall see hehe.

    hi shu!Good to see you here!Happy CNY to youuu!

    thanks for the interview kelvin!

  6. Xin Nian Kuel Le to everyone:-))

    Hola aKang .. mmm trying to recall your English name .. memory failed me .. lo siento (sorry):-))

    Saludos de Malasia .. greetings / best wishes from Malaysia:-)
    At the end of the interview .. David said ‘saludos a Panamá’ – greetings / bw to Panama.

    His Spanish pronunciation is perfecto!

    AI this year might be fun to watch cos it has a commedian as a judge .. she is interesting. Yet to pick up a favorite:-((

  7. Saludos a shuyee, So that’s what it means! Gracias ! 🙂 Yes, I like Ellen as a judge and she is funny.

    hi Anne, I’ll take note of your recommended AI9 contestants. Yup, agreed that Andrew Garcia has a promising voice. So far, the guys all look pretty decent with no full make-up or 10 black finger nails. 🙂 Talking about Adam Lambert, his 2nd single – “Whataya Want From Me” is pretty danceable song.

    Anyone following the tv series called “Glee” on Astro. My sister bought a whole season 1 and I had a Glee marathon during CNY. It would nice for David to make a guest appearance on the show to showcase his voice. Most of songs on the series were enjoyable.

  8. LOL!yeap!No glam rocker this year alright hahaha!As the competition goes further we’ll definitely get to see who lives up to their potential..and yeah i like ellen as a judge too.i like her sense of wit and humor lol.

    GLEE!<3 im an official gleek lol.if David ever makes a guest appearance in it….i am going to explode with GLEE. ahaha

  9. Wow Sleaze-ak er I mean Slezak had something good to say about David! Imagine that (pun intended) 🙂

    Re: the interview – can u imagine conducting an interview with D and having him train those laserbeam green eyes on you all the time?

    No Glee for me. I did watch bits and pieces of it but not my cup of tea. Sorry 😦

  10. John – no GLEE… hehehe… the show is kind of cheesy but entertaining, though! 🙂

    OK, I’m off to watch today’s Winter Olympics. Very exciting competitions! The Koreans were very good at speed skating yesterday. Wow! Anyone following it?

  11. Yup I’m watching the winter Olympics specially the skiing, speed skating and the figure skating.

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