10 comments on “When Will He Return?; Manila Pictures

  1. i didnt get the chance to go to his showcase 10 months ago and i relly hope he come back cause im saving my money!! 😀 lol

  2. hi anne,

    Any difference in performances between Kris Allen & David?? How was the crowd – as crazy as David’s??

    Oh yes! those were our “sweet moments” we shared with David!! Well, we’ll see how his 2nd album goes!! Lucky for youtube, otherwise, we don’t know what’s up with him after his visit. 🙂

  3. feli,totallyyy 😦

    ain,i really really hope that if he comes back,you’ll get to go to the showcase and be blown away! ❤

    akang,hahah well of course i would say david is miles ahead vocally XD kris..very sweet guy,has good vocals too and very good stage presence but david's tone is just so…different from other singers.it just really resonates through you and give you chills! the crowd was pretty hyped up..but i think generally,malaysian crowds go nuts at concerts LOL.

  4. Ah how well I rmbr the showcase 🙂 It was a sweet afternoon 🙂 So much happened and so many memories!

  5. hi anne,

    Totally agreed with your assumptions of our malaysian crowds going nuts at concerts…haha.. this is called “letting loose” Thanks for sharing and glad you’ve a fun day even though not as fun as David’s. ya! 🙂

    Wishing you Health, Wealth & Beauty this Chinese New Year. We will talk more after CNY. Take care.

  6. That Saturday was filled with all sorts of emotions!!! Anxious, hyped, excited, hot (!), worried, impatient, blow-ups … at the end of evening, I was bushed. Then in the basement, I see that David was still going on strong for the fans!! He must have been way more tired than us. Such a sweet guy.


  7. Haha. I went to Kris Allen’s showcase too, all the while wishing that David is the one on stage, singing with the piano :’) Can’t we do anything to bring him back? 🙂

    Happy New Year everyone 🙂

  8. kylie,yeahh..rollercoaster ride of emotions that day lol.but it was all worth it in the end..and he is indeed one of the sweetest dude around ❤

    hi elynna!yeah me too. i guess we can only wait and hope for it to happen in the (Very) near future (:

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