4 comments on “Hope for Haiti Telethon Updates

  1. Sorry to be so off topic here, but I wanted to post the following info regarding the Tweeter polls.

    As you are no doubt aware, there are several Tweeter polls going on. I’ve listed all of them below. (For me at least, the most important ones are Best Celebrity Website, Best Fansite, and Best Musician on Twitter, although I am voting on all of them.) Most D.A. fans I am aware of are voting for ALL of the David Archuleta fansites.

    It turns out there is a way to get in 2 sets of votes every 20 minutes – a technique I believe the “vampire worshipers” discovered a while back!

    Here’s how you can double your votes: First, sign in using your Twitter account and vote. Then sign out by clicking on the words “Sign out” at the upper right hand corner of the screen. Next, return to the voting categories and click on the “I Am Human” button. (To make the button appear, you may have to try voting first, and then it will pop up.) You’ll note that all the categories have turned green, giving you the chance to vote twice in twenty minutes. After 20 minutes, refresh and start all over again!

    Here is a list of the voting categories. The order and page numbers vary from time to time. To switch back and forth between categories, click on the words “Vote Wall Contests” near the top of the page. It will take you to a page listing all the categories.

    Best Fansite:

    page 1
    1. fansofdavid.com
    2. davidarchuletanetwork.ning
    3. http://www.snarkyarchies.com
    4. archuletaavenue.com
    5. teamarchie.weebly.com
    6. david-daily.com
    7. onedavid.wordpress.com
    8. archuletafansgermany.com
    9. thevoicedavidarchuleta.com
    10. archuletavenue.wordpress
    11. archuletaphilippines.com
    12. archuletafanscene.com
    13. davidarchuleta.com.br
    14. lovingarchie.com
    15. davidarchuletaitalia.net
    16. archuletahonduras.blogs
    17. thedavidchronicles.com
    18. david-archuleta.org
    19. davidarchuletafanblast.com
    20. davidarchuleta.com

    page 2
    21. davidarchuletaindonesia
    22. snowangelz.wordpress.com
    23. davidarchuletavn.com
    24. davidarchuleta-argentina
    25. souldavid.wordpress.com
    26. davidarchuletaspain.ya.
    27. davidarchuleta.blog.so-net
    28. dabuzzing.org
    29. davidbeyondborders.com
    30. gengenw.pixnet.net
    31. goldenarchies.proboards
    32. davidarchuletafansperu.blogspot
    33. archuletafans.com
    34. countingdavidcharacter.com
    35. orlyy.wordpress.com


    Best Celebrity Website:
    1. davidarchuleta.com (page 1)

    Best Blog:
    1. archiescrush.blogspot
    2. orlyy.wordpress.com
    3. davidarchuleta.com
    (all are on page 1)

    Best Forum or Message Board:
    1. lovingarchie.com
    2. archuletaonline.proboar
    (both on page 1)

    Top YouTube Musician:

    1. @theofficicalarchuleta (page 2)
    2. @thearchuleta (page 5)

    Top YouTube Channel
    1. @theofficialarchuleta (page 7)

    Best Musician on Twitter:
    1. @davidarchie (page 1)

    Mr. Twitter:
    1. @davidarchie (page 3)

    Happy voting!


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