5 comments on “The End of 09 – Last Vlog of the Year

  1. Very thoughtful of him indeed. Lol @ “the only second decade I ever lived…”. Don’t make me feel so old, David!

  2. Oh no band with David for the SunBowl performance? Kinda hoping it would be live band music backing him – adds to the atmosphere.

  3. http://tweeter.faxo.com/Best_American_Idol_Ever
    Allison Ihareta´s fans are VERY mobilized (idol forums):

    “Archie has surpassed Allie [crying.gif]
    (I suspect it is younguns with time in their hands now that they have vacations… maybe they’ll tire of voting, and if we keep our constant voting may overtake him at another day)”.

    The difference between Archie and Allison was +- 1500 votes… after Allison´s fans effort, it´s now +- 800 votes only… and decreasing! If we, Archie fans don´t react, our birthday effort will be lost… sniff!

    Let´s vote? http://tweeter.faxo.com/Best_American_Idol_Ever
    We can vote every 20 minutes! You vote, the button turns red, you wait 20 minutes, refresh the page, the button turns green, and you can vote again!

  4. So sweet of him to think of us! I am so encouraged by his positive attitude/mentality.

    Yes! the tough things made us strong! Way to go, young man!

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