19 comments on “Happy 19th Birthday DAVID.

  1. Happy, happy Birthday to you dear David!!!

    May you continue to rise and shine both in the entertainment world and in our hearts!!!!

    God Bless you as you share your love to us with your gift!

  2. Anne,

    I happened to watch a clip, David’s concert in Westbury on the 20th. It was hilarious and fun to see Ray and David sang together!
    Maybe you have seen it but I thought it wil be a special treat for all!! That was such a memorable clip!!! Imagine Ray, the tour manager singing!!!

    There isn’t anything cuter than that!

  3. Hey all,

    I saw David’s birthday cake at twitpic!

    Family size! Just enough for his family. I wonder what flavor?

  4. heyy guys!Fatin!how are you doing in egypt??hope all is well with you!

    eunice,yeap i saw the clip..hehehe.reminds me how glad i am that ray is his tour manager (:

    hi ed!good to see you back here!

  5. happy 19th birthday once again DAVID!!!!
    luv ya…… 😉

    @anne hey anne…….wassup? hw r u???? awww man…i miss u guys……. 🙂

  6. a Cold Stone Creamery Strawberry Passion Cake……mmmmmm….yummy!!! DAvid? any leftover cake? lol…..hehe

  7. Happy 19th birthday David!!
    *joy all around*

    hey guys! 🙂 sorry..been missing from ye sight mateys~ haha.

  8. hey anne! im doin well (D’s tone) =D

    ooo..it has been a while since we had our spring gholls yeh? *raises eyebrows frantically* keke.

  9. Hi Amira,

    Do you have a birthday in December too?

    Anyway, have a happy and wonderful New Year!

  10. nadiah!oh yeaaa you reminded me!i really miss that too 😦 Hopefully we’ll get to do it as soon as possible one of these days..

    have a happy new year guys!

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