10 comments on “CFTH contest in Galaxie Mag

  1. lol!i sure hope those who win are fans who already have the CDs and give them to friends who dont have them ..or better still, non-fans who win it 😀

  2. hi, just wondering, does anyone knows how many CFTH CDs are being sold in Malaysia?? Thanks.

  3. I see Adam. I see David. Why don’t I have this issue yet? Brb, fixing that.

    Also, I’m going to try and win it for a friend. He is asking me to burn it for him, and I’m like JHCHFUIFUHBHDJBNHBNJHGBFHBUHDFJKDNJD OMG NOES. And am brokeeeeeeee to actually buy him one, so hmm win this I shall. if not…. forgive me, David.

    Also, oblig AAAAAH DAVID, Y SO CUTE??!?!!?!

  4. aKang, no idea yet how many copies have been sold..hopefully we can get to find out (:

    hi amira!how are you? hope you’re doing well (:

    aww james.i really hope you get to win the CD for your friend.he needs to be ARCHUFIED 😀

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