7 comments on “Ann Arbor Audios & Reviews; JTTW Cover; Press Democrat Review

  1. wow.. These last few days have been busy viewing David’s videos – half the time, don’t know which incredible songs to listen to or watch. His VOICE is so so good and rich. In the end, I’m stuck with The Riddle, Fields of Gold and the new Christmas song – A Merry Christmas To Me.

    The last I heard Five for Fighting was “100 years” over the radio play, least did I know FfF has so many other interesting songs. Thanks to David. Oh geez, The Riddle is now stuck in my head even when I’m in meditation…hahaha.. David’s voice and not FfF!!! 🙂

  2. I hope the next time David comes to Malaysia he gets to sing with the Petronas Philharmonic Orchestra.

  3. John – yeah, that would be Christmas time with Petronas Philharmonic Orchestra. IMO – Pop songs doesn’t suit so well with the full orchestra but David is brave to try it… 🙂

  4. I could “kill” now… 😦 Youtube has been bad. It just load halfway and stops. the Internet is always bad during the weekends! Hopefully its going to be fine tmw. I want to listen to them a.s.a.p….!

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