10 comments on “Kaleidoscope Taping

  1. More tidbits…

    Ashley fell during Silent Night. David looked concerned but soldiered on with the singing. After the taping was over, Ashley did a re-take in silence. They could just bring David out again. He can just lip-synch but jeeeezz, he doesnt need to lip-synch. He will top the first version. He’s awesome like that.

    For First Noel, no skater.

    Also no skater for Pat-a-pan. The technical people fumbled on the microphone and David was already singing the French part. He kinda bantered a bit “…just so you know this isn’t an original song. it’s a french carol. …but i like to sing it” while they were resolving the glitch. Then he reprised the French part, perfectly with all his awesomeage.

    We hope and pray that TFN & PAP will still be included in the actual airing on Fox. THEY.SIMPLY.MUST.

    And someone at the taping, PLEASE, upload the video of David Archuleta dancing with the kids to BEP’s I Gotta Feeling. THEY.SIMPLY.MUST.

    Even though he didnt really dance; he just sorta bopped and clapped at the back.

    Ahhh….so eventful taping. Felt like I was there myself. I thought we’re just getting David Archuleta singing Silent Night….to get TFN & PAP…envious of those who were at the taping. And oh….the boy IS looking good.


  2. Oh well, bit of bad news. The CRUSH on Glee is not our CRUSH. It’s Jennifer Paige’s, to be sung by Rachel for her crush on Finn.

    Sorry ArchuGleeks.


  3. AHHHH. Absolutely AMAZINGGGGGGGGG.he sounds exactly (and even better) than on the CD.Pat a pan esp was a KILLERRRRRR!Christmas tour in malaysia one day? *puppy eyes*

    and oh..sad news aabt Crush 😦 Fingers crossed for a future guest appearance..that wud be EPIC.

  4. I havent watch any videos yettttttttttttttt!!!

    Should I wait for the higher quality videos?

    Gazillion “YESH” to Glee guest appearance(S) – a recurring character. And please, please, please, not as himself. Boring. Give us a real character on Glee. Okay, conceding..give his character similar background…like AI stuff, etc etc etc…after all they’re both Fox’s babies, yeah?

    To David’s management…..PLEASEEEEEEE??????? Get David on a REALLY HIT NON-REALITY TV SHOW?


  5. EPIC! I fainted and my fingers managed to find their way back to the computer keyboard to type this.
    This guy just tops those vocals each time he goes up there! David, have a Christmas Asia Tour next year please???
    The three videos were just “awesomeage”!

  6. wow… David’s VOICE is so so good and he sure enjoy singing!! The joy on his face. These videos really worth my 2 hours wait. Grrr.. the stremyx is acting very slow tonight!! Back to listening again…

  7. I’ve just watched Pat-A-Pan!! It’s too awesome for words! I wish I were there listening live gosh gosh gosh!

  8. imagine david’s peeps announcing an asian christmas tour in the future?i think we’ll go berserk like headless chickens LOL.
    oh oh!he can appear on Glee playing a mean character..stg like what Josh Groban did.that was hilariousssss XD Mean David?Hmmmm! LOL.

  9. David being mean would be easy peasy. Remember “Room 513” that was said with so much gleeful mischief and accompanied with a disarming grin? That was THE moment. 🙂

    David singing live is pure joy and magic. His voice is so full and rich. Pat-A-Pan is classic and the ad-libbing at the end is full of win.

  10. omg!!!
    pat a pan is beautiful!!!

    I can’t wait for the rest of David’s Live performances for the CHristmas album!!!
    aaaa! spazz spazz spazz!
    when he suddenyl went quiet during the start of pat a pan, i thought he list his voice!

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