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  1. awww this is so touching. i love the last paragraph especially.and how i wish david could get to read this.thanks for sharing this with us john ❤

  2. Aww, John. That was so beautiful..

    You know, its been almost two years since I first discovered David and yet, he just keeps surprising me and reinforcing the reason why he drew my attention in the first place, practically each and every day.

    That speech he gave at the women’s conference was inspiring. And not just the speech, but the very act of him going up there to speak itself! I am soo impressed. And even though I have no reason to be, I can’t help but be so very proud. I know he has this problem with the whole public speaking thing, but he took the bull by its horn and just went for it. And he did it beautifully! Once he settled his nerves a bit, what came out was truly from his heart and you can’t help but be amazed and inspired. I know of no other 18 year olds like David. Heck I know of no other person of any age like David! He’s certainly one of a kind and its a true blessing that we get to join him on this journey from the very beginning.

  3. Thank you, John. It was beautifully written. Loved every word.

    ~ John (Archuleta Avenue – USA)

  4. Hey John, You are right, and yes, you do sound like you are pouring your heart out to your son (David) What wonderful fatherly pride you have toward this rare GEM .( David ) Well said, well said! He is indeed like a son to many of us and a brother to many younger fans! Not to forget a precious grandson to many many!!!!

    And Sheba! You took the words out from my mouth. Yes, he is a true blessing to all of us!!!
    A breath of fresh air! And a great role model to the younger generations!

  5. Hi John from AAUSA! Houstonrufus! Joner, Hannah!
    Welcome and thanks for dropping by!

    Please visit us more often!

    Guess is lunch time for us all in the States. And they (AAMers) are in bed by now. No matter where we are, we are all diehard fans of the one and only David Archuleta!

  6. Oh wow. I have to go to work now, but the tears are streaming and so is the eye makeup. Thanks for saying what so many of us feel. Bless you.

  7. John, John, John! I didn’t know you had such profound writing ability.

    Ok, now I need to know the name English professor you paid to write this LOL

    Seriously, this was PERFECTO!! Love ya, John

  8. OMG. Sorry I had the wrong John. My apologies for the sarcasm and joke. It was meant for the other John who knows me.

    I will reiterate …….PERFECTO!!!

  9. John, your words were so beautifully moving!! My favorite moment of David’s speech…which is almost as impossible as picking a favorite song…was when he retired his notes, and spoke from his beautiful heart! He relaxed, and his inner light just captivated everyone. The warmth that he evokes when he speaks, is as mesmerizing as when he sings! He never fails to bring me joy.
    He is all about goodness and love!!! Bless him!

  10. John, what a beautiful letter. I hope it reaches him somehow. Also, I recognize the lyrics you speak of in your last paragraph. Is that “My Wish” from Rascal Flatts? That song is one that had resonated with me about David ever since the start of his journey on AI and still continues to be. Thank you again for opening your heart and sharing it with all of us. 🙂

  11. Oh gosh, John…what a wonderful blog! Your words tugged at my heart! I especially love the last sentence!

    – Wanda (Archuleta Avenue – US)

  12. You summed it up in a nutshell of how so many of us feel about David. You mentioned old fashioned, he is that way and it is so refreshing!

  13. Palm to Heart

    When I stop sobbing, I’ll give a decent comment.

    His “Spider Fingers”

    Palm to Heart

  14. I love this! And I just have to respond because I gave David a letter after the Cleveland American Idol tour concert, and I couldn’t find good enough words to tell him how he’s inspired me so much. I was thinking for weeks of what I wanted to write in the letter before I wrote it, and one day, as I was driving, “My Wish” (the song referenced in this) came on the radio, and I couldn’t help but think this is EXACTLY how I feel towards him. So, I told him pretty much just what I told you and included the songs to the song 🙂 I figured David would be able to relate to song lyrics most anyway haha. It just amazes me how many lives he’s touched effortlessly and just by being who he is!

    I just have one random question- which vlog was in a bathroom? I don’t remember this at all haha

  15. oops I meant “lyrics to the song” not “songs to the song” haha idk why I did that haha

  16. Beautifully written John. Thank you for putting into words how we feel about David. Loved the pictures you used too! Blessings!

  17. You’re another amazingly talented writer when it comes to expressing how we feel about David. Very nicely done!

  18. Dear Hollyre, susan, GMAX4, nNat, Stepahine, Notia, Gloie and Sevgi, on behalf of AAMers, we welcome you to our site. Thank you for all your lovely and kind comments.

    Please visit us more often! Or read more blogs from John, who is one of our AAM moderators!

  19. Oh, John, this is touching! Really beautifully written letter which I hope makes it’s way to David. Thank you for sharing this.

  20. Wow, John thanks for putting into words how many of us feel about David! David really effects a lot of people of all ages and backgrounds. Since the day he sang “Imagine” on AI, I have been an avid middle-aged fan of his. David is beautiful inside and out and all of us fans young and old love him for who he is!!

  21. Hey everybody 🙂

    Thank you so much for your kind words. It was with immense pride that I listened to David up on that stage delivering his keynote speech like a seasoned pro.

    He was funny, natural, charming and oh so sweet 🙂 I’m sure he had everyone in the audience under his spell. And to top it off with that performance of O Holy Night was the absolute icing on the cake.

    Thanks for dropping by AAM every one 🙂

  22. Dear John, No other words needed. You expressed them all for us. Thanks so very much.

  23. Palm to Heart

    Angels, I wonder if we all fully grasp the honor that was bestowed upon David James Archuleta being asked to speak at this conference. Gosh! I’m already tearing and my breath to shorten.
    David was asked by not only a Senator serving since ’77 but by a former First Lady of the United States to give a keynote speak to a conference of women. Have you any idea how much they must believ in David to honor him that way?
    David is an 18 yr old kid by many standards, so what could a room full of women no less, possible gain by hearing a speech giving by a kid.
    Does God know what He’s doing or what?
    Oftentimes we turn our noses up at the very thing that we need, and miss our blessings. David giving a speech on conquering your fears and being Inspirational had to first overcome his fear of speaking and cameras just to rise and walk to that podium. I can imagine he was praying all the way. But ANGELS weren’t we praying right along with David? And weren’t all of us right there on that stage with him?
    David often maligned for his stature stood ten feet tall and delivered to that room a message that was God sent. David was not only able to tell them how to be inspiring but his very appearance set the example. By the end he was his usual chatty self. David is at his best when off the cuff.
    Oh how proud I am to be supporting this weapon from God. He is such an exquisite creature, so full of love and hope. So willing to address any issue and to lend his name to causes that should stir the world to action.
    I’m sorry to be so long but when I start talking about David, I never want to stop. Never!
    At 18 there is so much going on in David’s life right now I suppose he often doesn’t know his right from his left. Not only with his family life but with his career David is being spread really thin yet he keeps it together. We should all be so very very proud to know David James Archuleta on any level. We must also do all we can to help keep him healthy and happy. Let’s allow him to have as much David time as possible. Let’s not all scream his name at one, We know that along with his family life, he is also doing the album and the book, and touring, and doing promos and trying to do his regimen. He does a better than most job of staying in touch with us, so let’s give him his space to be creative without us being baby birds with our mouths wide open waiting for food to be dropped in. Let’s give him encouragement without demands.
    Pray for him, tell God what you want for him. If you guys want we could have a regular Saturday morning prayer for David and his family. If you want. I think the prayer last week help David immensely as well as us.

    Okay, I’ll stop…don’t want to but I will.

    Thank you John for expressing your sentiments to and about David James. He is indeed deep within our hearts.

    Palm to Heart

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  25. I officially heart you John! I love how you fit it all in three paragraphs!
    My famous line to my kids has always been rise against the tide…Be the one that sticks to your convictions and others will be glad you did so they can follow. And, Blessed are the Humble!
    David lives both of these.
    David has climbed into my heart and taken up residence ❤


  27. WOW John,
    Thank you so much for taking the time to write what all his fans are thinking! Such tears of joy filled my eyes as I read these beautiful words about David! If this world would allow it David would change the world of music for good! He is such an inspiration and the hope for youth today they just dont know it yet!!! I dont think in all my years I have ever been so touched by a singer/artist as I am with David!!!Blessings to all!!!

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