29 comments on “Yvette’s Interview with David!

  1. I really like your mouth……..
    bahahahaha!! xD so cute!

    anyway, I really like the new banner!!
    but honestly, it sorta look like CNY.. xD

  2. OMG!! What a nice n wonderful banner! It’s been a really long time.. Missing all of the memories! Now i’m in egypt n browsing with my phone (didn’t get the net yet).. Miss m’sia n u guys so much n miss David too.. 🙂

  3. i was like merry-go-rounding the “i really like your mouth” part. it’s too cute for words. gaaaaaaaahhh Daaaavid

  4. Fatin!! 🙂

    All the way from Egypt whoo!!

    How are things over there? Started your lessons yet?

  5. wow John .. u r still awake!! 😀

    Hey Fatin … hope Egypt will be kind to you. Wish u the best in everything u endeavor:-))

    Bill .. hehe .. like ur profile photo .. ‘cuteness’!

  6. Hey Athira,

    Greetings from Texas! How are you adjusting over there (Egypt)? What time is it now?
    Miss you dearly. Keep in touch!


  7. Oh .. love the banner .. but ya ‘Zulaika’.. green n red is usually associated as Christmas colors:-))

  8. Hey Eunice:-) what time is it in Texas??

    Anyway, is way past midnite here … so ya .. be turning off the lights soon:-)) Nite2

  9. Eunice .. Hahaha…we crossed each other. How are you????

    mmm mookcake … went to my in laws for popiah dinner and durians. Guess the kids are to big for lanterns hahaha!

  10. That was sooo cute! “I really like your mouth”. LOL! He said it so angel like! Hahaha!

  11. Ya! didn’t notice the banner earlier. It looks really autumn and Christmasssy too. It is beautiful. It takes a great artist to combine both seasons on one banner!

  12. Shu,
    it is 11.45 pm. ALmost noon here!
    Good night. Yes, lanterns!!! lovely sight!!!

    Has your son returned from England yet?



    Second… *sees self*

    *bloodcurdling scream of terror*

    *goes back into hiding*

    *runs back*

    “I really like your mouth” wasn’t the only funny thing David said, XP.
    Too bad they didn’t show the rest of the video.

    *hides again*

  14. Hola everyone

    Still awake after binging on mooncakes? Next time we’ll have a mooncake theme for the header 🙂

  15. Hola John … were u out carrying lanterns under the moonlight *wink2*.

    Anyway, buenas noches:-)

  16. John – hmmm, idk, i guess i could ask them if they still have the raw foortage or sumthin… i’ll try my best! No promises, though, :(…

  17. Klah Eve, try your best. would love to hear what else he had to say and more flailing of arms and hands 🙂

    Good nite all. Buenos Noches 🙂

  18. Thanks EVE, for the candid interview! I am sure you will recall more later. Just don’t stress out now, relax and take your time.

    Good night!

  19. shuyee – kissy face.lol.
    oh Eve, really wish they’ll give you the raw footage. and you’re adorable in that vid btw. lol

  20. Eve- omgosh! there’s still rest of the videos?? LOL. y la Digi so kedekut… haha!

    Fatin- hi Fatin! how’s life there?? is it hot there?

  21. whoa u guys chatted up a storm here!hahaha!
    Fatin!!!So good to hear from you girl!Hope all is well in egypt!!u get to see the pyramids! 😀

    eve,theres more?? Digi needs to release them!

    “I really like your mouth!” Bahahahaha!

  22. I haven’t been able to watch the video yet…. I refresh and reload and refresh and reload but it just won’t play. But I’m sure videos like these are worth all the wait 😀
    *waves to fatin*

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