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  1. I AM SO FULL OF GLEE. Anne mah dahling, I need to talk to you first before I can finalize. (You tertido on msn issit? LOL) Just want to confirm and stuff.

    11 more days. Oh my gosh. I can’t wait to be ~hypnotized and mesmerized~ and awed.

    Dear David Archuleta, stop making me a crazy nutcase, thanks.

  2. Hey there! Just wondering.. the price of the CD pre-ordering through AAM is rm39.90 as well?

    Also, where is the location of the COD? I’m afraid if I pre-ordered and then won’t be able to meet up for the delivery.

    Thanks for ur time 🙂

  3. Cavey

    we have not decided on the location of the pick-up yet. If you’re pretty sure you would not be able to collect the CD, then I suggest you pay extra for the delivery charges.

    Will let you guys know the cost of delivery asap.

  4. I’m a bit confused… just received an email saying that the pre-order starts on 5th, but it says above that it starts now… errr, so?

  5. Yan and everyone

    If you’re ordering thru AAM, email us your order now. Sony just wants to keep to the original date as a formality.

    We want to speed things up by asking fans to email now. You will still get ur CDs from the 12th onwards.

    Last order date is 17th October.

  6. Thx John for the update. I’m definately dropping you guys an email very soon for my order. 🙂

  7. :DDDD can’t wait for the CD!! lol..

    I got some questions..
    – is it RM39.90 if I pre-order from AAM?
    – will there be a bank-in payment method if pre-order from AAM?
    – can I pay for delivery charges since I’m not around KL??

  8. hai….have emailed u guys!! n oso i have atacched sum questions as well!! i need to whtr the price is 39.90 if i order frm aam’s! n is these the special edition CD’s ?? im frm klang! 🙂

  9. Hey all

    new updates will be posted on AAM this evening or next morning. Hang tight as we have some details to iron out.

    Thanks so much for your support 🙂

  10. Hey all

    The price of the CD is RM40.00, the extra ten sen is because bank policies will require you to round it up to the next highest whole amount i.e. RM40.00. They won’t accept deposits of 0.90 sens.

    The extra ten sen will be accumulated and included in the fund for charity to help the people in the Philippines. I hope it’s ok with y’all.

    Now here’s the breakdown for shipping and handling:

    1) Normal mail: RM1.00 for postage plus RM2.00 for bubble wrap envelope ( required by the post office ).
    Total: RM3.00.
    Delivery time: 2-3 working days ( post office schedule ).

    2) Pos Laju: RM5.00 for postage and RM2.00 for bubble wrap envelope.
    Total: RM7.00
    Delivery time: Overnight delivery.

    Therefore the faster you want delivery, the more you have to pay. Hope this helps with your questions.

  11. i’ve sent the mail and made a pre-order. But the question is how about the payment cause i can’t pay via credit card.

  12. hi jason! You can pay by cash – if you are able to meet up with us on the decided date and venue, u just pass us the money and we’ll pass the album. However, if you’re from outstation or can’t make it, you can pay via cash deposit and we can mail the CD to you 🙂

    jamesyy!sorry abt yday..msg me on msn when ure free 😀

  13. Hey all. Want to order. Will be sending mail soon. Can we no longer pick it up at Sony’s office at Great Eastern Mall again like the first CD? That was kind of convenient. Anyway, will wait for pick up point wherever it is 🙂

  14. Hey guys. Just sent my email 🙂

    Hope you guys can post all the way to Kuching!

    Thanks again!

  15. hi sheba! Cant pick up from Sony office dy..they moved to a new place recently..will let u know the pick up point! (:

    Adeline, COD at subang is possible, no worries 🙂

    amy 😀

    *draws with james*

  16. Hey all 🙂

    wowee!! luv all your support and enthusiasm guys 🙂

    We hope y’all can make it to the eventual pick-up point cos we can turn it into a reunion of sorts. wouldn’t that be fun? we plan to take pics and videos for remembrance. so hope y’all can make it, it should be a lotta fun 🙂

  17. Daniel

    sure we can post it to Shah Alam, but try and make it for the pick-up lah 🙂 we all wanna meet up and make it a grand outing.

    Also guys, we have added a ‘Christmas Album” tab at the top of this page. All further announcements and updates will be done in that tab.

  18. I wish I can make it for the pick-up….

    Maybe I can ask mum if she’ll let me celebrate my birthday in KL..lol

  19. woooohooooo!! yeah!!!! i’ve edy sent an e-mail few days ago! yahooooooo!!! weeeeeeeeee!! 😛 hehe…..sori! ermmm tis the special limited edition CD rite?? 🙂

  20. i’ve sent mine too!! so excited for this album! i can feel this christmas is gonna be real goooood! heee…
    btw, the songs he sang in the album are just so amazing! ❤

  21. ooh, i heard its about the same price….

    Hey the christmas songs preview clips r reli good!!!

  22. Christine and tilashini, thanks for the emails!Stay tuned for more info on pickup location and time

    Jason, do u need us to mail it to you? If yes,we will email u the bank acct details later..

    bill!Spazzy spaz spaz!!!

    calibug, its all rm 39.90 = rm 40.00 but extra charges for postage fees if u need us to mail it to you

  23. Hey calibug and all 🙂

    The CD will retail for RM44.90 when it’s released nationwide on the 26th October. Plus it won’t come with the extras as the pre-order edition. This pre-order edition is limited and once the quantity has been sold, you will only get the regular CD.

    So please email in your orders now so as not to be disappointed.

    Yes we have received your order. Thank you.

    Guys please direct all your queries to this link:

  24. Hey John, Anne, Kylie…and Baby J :p

    I’m just checking…have you received my order?

    I’m going to KL on the 22nd! Any chance that I can order via-cash deposit but pick the CD up in KL?
    (just wondering)

    Cheers and many thanks

  25. Amy 🙂

    Yes you can pick up the CD from us. Email us your arrival details and we’ll make arrangements to meet and pass you the CD.

  26. Amy 🙂

    Got your updated details and the donation. Thanks so much.

    You’re pretty awesome yourself! 🙂

  27. GOSH!!!
    i just listened to Melodies of CHristmas and i think my heart is gonna fall out…
    im so peeved i couldnt pre order 😦
    i have to wait so much longer to get the CD 😥

  28. unknown, we are waiting for an online link from Digimusic or Sony then we will post it up.


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