30 comments on “Contigo En La Distancia

  1. i FINALLY heard it..after i read all the articles,buzz,fan comments and then i prepared myself..but THIS IS DAVID ARCHULETA.no preparation is ever enough.omgosh.omgosh.omgosh. dyingdyingdyinggggggg.
    whathaveyoudonewithmedavid?!! AH.AHHH.

  2. John, I LOVE your review! Do you happen to visit The David Chronicles?!?! Would love to have you share your thoughts with us there!!

  3. Ronald, Thank You for directing me here and supporting my comment on TDC.

    John, This is my first time posting here. Your words have encapsulated just what I have felt about this performance, and ramifications for David’s recording future. I am sure Jive is floored the same way we are after last night because no one saw THIS out of David coming so soon in his newly hatched career – at least at this point. As you rightly said, this essence of David may or never be able to be fully captured in the studio. This single performance shocked non-fans in a way his cd never could. How DO you hold a moonbeam in your hand?

  4. Hey Ronald, Joymus and Pam

    Thank you so much for your kind words and thanks for dropping by.

    I do visit TDC on occasion but I don’t leave comments as I kinda feel intimidated by the members there 🙂 You guys are pretty articulate and expressive so I just lurk. You have a great site there.


  5. John, you have so accurately described what we have all felt. Splendid performance indeed!!!!

    Hi Ronaldsf and Pam05, thank you for visiting us here! Please drop by often.

    Hi Kelvin, how are you? Haven’t seen you for a long while.

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  6. Enjoyed your write up. Especially “how do you hold a moonbeam in your hand”

    Please comment at TDC, we are a varied bunch of people who love David and you would fit right in.

  7. in all my spazziness, i forgot to thank john for this LOVELY article. thank you john for putting into words the feelings that i so want to express but cant find the words too.


    what a special young man INDEED.

    Happy Sunday everyone! ❤

  8. John, saw your comment on TDC.

    You would fit like a hand in a glove at TDC. Don’t be a stranger. 😉

  9. Wow…Just wow!! David’s performance at ALMA’s was absolutely stunning. I have been watching it for the past 2 days (don’t understand a single word) and he sang it so beautifully. I, too, can’t express how I feel except a word “stunning”.

    Thanks TDC for the song’s translations (silverfox #198) and I’m learning Spanish language from David!! 🙂

    Thanks John for your beautiful article above. Agreed that he is indeed a special young man!!

    Happy holidays everyone!!

  10. Thks John for the wonderful writeup..beautifully pened down as usual:-))

    David has pushed my determination to improve my Espanol to the highest level!!

  11. shu yee,would love to hear u speak spanish..when we meet up next time kay! 😀 i wish i had time to learn some new language lol

  12. Anne .. vale (sounds like ‘baleh’ … is a spanish slang for OK):-)

    clarawan .. me toooo!!!! all of sudden .. I feel my Spanish has comes alive hahaha!

  13. El mundo parece distinto
    Cuando no estas junto a mi

    No hay bella melodia
    En que no surjas tu …

    Aiyoooo .. he is singing how we all feel! Cant wait for his Christmas album ..mmmmmmm

  14. Oh Shu Yee!! – can’t wait to hear you speak Spanish in person. When you type “vale” it kind of reminded me the British TV series called “Mind your Language” with Mr Brown…hahaha!!!!

  15. Shu

    after listening to David sing in Spanish, I too have this urge to take up the language! lol

    hm…maybe I just will. In case he comes back for a concert I can converse with him in Spanish yah?

    “Hola David, como estas?” 🙂

  16. John … David’s reply “muy bien, y tu?” (very good, and u?) That’s the 1st thing u learn when u pick up the language heheheh!

    Hey, you should try to learn it .. well so I have someone to practise with:-D

  17. Haha! We are soon to be a
    Spanish speaking crowd at AAM!

    We are so honored to have TDC folks here.
    I am so glad you enjoy our famous in house writer cum moderator, John’s write up. Please visit more often and get to know the other famous moderators at this Malaysian fansite. They have each met DAvid in person and have many more personal stories to share.

    Hey Shu Yee! Haven’t heard from you since your trip to London. You must be busy with your son’s returning home. How’s Josie?

    And of course not forgetting our regular visitor Kelvin Beh. How is your site doing? Yes I do have msn.

    This site is becoming internationally known, thanks to all you AAM moderators and members!

    Well, have a blessed week!

  18. I’ve listened to CELD for the umpteenth time and although David’s high notes are out of this world, his low notes are just as stunning.

    He sings them with such tender passion and holds them without losing the power. He has great breath control and his vibrato is sooo sweet! It adds that extra dimension to the song. He scales the peaks and glides through the valleys with just the right vigour. All the technical challenges of the song is handled with aplomb and results in a sweet, tender and yet full of vim performance.

    I think if this was on AI, I’m sure he would be commended for his song choice as well. Now that I know the English lyrics, I think the song could just as well have been directed to the audience at the ALMAs. It was very much in line with the spirit of the show and CELD is a much loved song in the Latino community being sung by the likes of Luis Miguel and Christina Aguilera.

    It is precisely because of this that I have to applaud David for his courage in picking this song as well as choosing to sing an acoustic version. And he stunningly pulled it off. Bravo David!

  19. Stunning performance… stunning writeup…

    Thank you, David, hope to hear that in ur concert in malaysia soon 🙂
    Thank you, John, I’ve almost forgotten how much I missed ur writings 🙂

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