6 comments on “Chi-town pics and vids; Other stuff

  1. Thanks for the updates john..
    sigh.when i got the new modem now my wireless is giving me probs.driving me nuts..

  2. I’ve always loved the ‘4’ t-shirt xD

    And in the ILA huge pic, ain’t he wearing the t-shirt he wore in S’pore’s m&g?! xD

  3. oh yaa the red shirt he’s wearing..he wore it when he first came to malaysia.at KLIA! MEMORIESSSSSSSSSS.

  4. You’re welcome Anne.

    I luv that t-shirt too! He looks great in red 🙂 Annnd KLIA, yes memories. Rewear FTW!

  5. Yeah that red tshirt! He looks really really good in R.E.D. Hehe just saying 🙂 Lol that shirt has a Chinese New Year vibe 😛

    I like the grey graphic tee too.

    Kylie Red

  6. Gosh. How on Earth did I forget that those were the t-shirt he wore when I first saw him in the flesh?!!! xO

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