77 comments on “Sticky Post : Volunteers for CWS, Invisible Children bracelets, MJ Legacy

  1. DURIANS! Wish I can join you guys!

    Will ask my family to go enjoy the durians!!

    Look out Missy Red Yoda, don’t eat too much, its fattening!

  2. Rest in Peace, Michael Jackson. I remember listening to & singing your songs with school friends. Your videos were the standards to follow.

    Rest in Peace, Farah Fawcett, one of the orginal TV Charlie’s Angels. Never missed an episode.


  3. Yes, rest in peace Michael and Farrah!
    May God comfort your families during this very sad time.

  4. What sad news to wake up to! Michael Jackson was a one of a kind entertainer and pop icon – innovative, creative and a trend setter. Many of today’s artists has been hugely influenced by his work. Rest In Peace Michael.

    On a brighter note. Yay for durians! If you guys would like to volunteer for the CWS charity, please take note that we want to present ourselves as David Archuleta fans. Therefore it would be good if all of you can wear the t-shirt that you wore during his showcase in Malaysia. We have plans to work with CWS on other projects in honour of David so this is a good way to start our association with CWS.

  5. Lol Eunice, I like durians and it’s not the fattening part I’m worried about. It’s a “heaty” fruit so I cant eat that much or else I feel sick.

    RM10 for all you can eat – pretty much worth it!

    Come and help out. CWS needs some volunteers. Plus you don’t need to stay the whole shift. Two hours would be fantastic.


  6. RIP Michael and Farrah
    Im excited about this charity activity we’re doing.but
    i cant join the CWS activity coz im back in college now 😦 .can i just donate?

  7. OH, then you need to drink some salt water after eating. That helps!! Remember no beer or alcohol! That’s what I was told!

  8. Just last night I was going thru some of my earlier postings and I came across the one that I wrote on Michael’s best selling ‘Thriller’ album and I don’t know why but I read the post a couple times, slowly and methodically almost as if I was trying to commit it to memory.

    Then came the news today of his passing. Coincidence?

  9. Hey all! A great opportunity to hang out together if you volunteer at the Durian fest!!!You are the DAvid ARchuleta Fan Volunteers! Wow! what a great opportunity to promote David Archuleta.

    Is any one making a banner to say David Archuleta fan Volunteers?

  10. RIP MJ. U are really a legend.

    Mayb someday, DA will also be known as a legend like MJ in his music.

  11. Bill, awwww…I wish you can come join us! Awesome to see some you guys again 🙂

    Yes of course can make donation. We can donate as a group of David Archuleta Fans and submit the invididual names.

    Hold on to the idea while we make the arrangements.


  12. Email us so that we can get organised and submit the details to CWS early for them to assign the tasks to the volunteers.

    Also, spread the word around and invite them to the event.

  13. Yes, I remember that one.
    I just heard he sang “Gone Too Soon”, over
    at Snarky.
    It’s a really nice song. Didn’t know he was singing about his untimely death.
    My father loved his songs, eventhough he didn’t understand English.He loved his dancing.
    Young and old loved Michael Jackson’s music.
    I love the song he sang when he was just 8,I’ll be there.” The first English pop song I heard.
    Yes, we lost a legend.

  14. Jason,

    Based on exchange rate of 3.56…..

    If you purchase a single bracelet, it is USD20 each. Then add shipping cost (est. RM10 each) and local postage cost (RM5 each)…estimated cost RM86.20

    If you purchase the set of 6 colours (no choosing of colors), the set costs USD100 (or USD16.67 each) then add shipping & postage costs….estimated cost RM74.35

    But please note above cost is an estimation only. It depends on currency rate and total weight being shipped out.


  15. Bill, go and hang out with the AAMers. Eat all the durians you can and play David’s songs there.
    Dance to Zero Gravity. That will be a real Archuleta’s Durian party!!! Hahahah!

  16. John will you write something to pay tribute to Michael Jackson? I hope you will. That will be nice.

  17. Morning Eunice .. I so need to workout .. but at the same just want to sit in front of the computer and read abt MJ, David, vote … choices. Hitz is playing all MJ music and it just makes me cry….

    I hv to go now .. am very late for class that starts at 10am. Chat with you later Eunice.

  18. Have a great workout. I am not surprised you may hear MJ’s songs everywhere today.

  19. Ohh no. That charity event is on the day I report for college intake. Idk if I can make it…considering everything I might have to do before the orientation and stuff the next day.

    …and gahhh it’ll be durians. Yum. *buries head in the sand*

    IC bracelet: THAT. I dunno yet. I’d love to get another one. But I have things to handle with college first.

    Aahhh durians *flails*

    RIP MJ and Farrah. 😦 KEeping it short so I wont drone about it in here. Hah.

  20. Even if you cant volunteer but able to coem and support the event, email us also! We want to meet up with you guys 🙂


  21. Yah lah guys come and join us at Subang even if you can’t volunteer. It would be a fun gathering for all of us. Wear your t-shirt though.

  22. Subang Jaya! Hurgh…now I seriously wish I didn’t flunk my driving test D:

    You peeps who’re going, do have fun! > . <

    and TAKE PICS!!! We wanna see pics 😀

  23. aww you guys are making me excited! and i cant go.take pictures.lots of em.i dont like durians but i want to see you guys eating durians.haha

    Eunice-i cant go coz im busy with college and im in Johor D:

  24. I am still watching all the tributes to Michael Jackson! Anyone heard his song,
    My childhood”? He composed it. They played a short version of it, really haunting. I didn’t really pay attention to his troubled life before.
    Just break my heart to know all the sacrifices he had paid for his fame. This poor soul didn’t have a childhood,no wonder he was so troubled.

  25. morning..sorry to hear abt MJ.what news to wake up to. life is so fragile..

    bill,leana,wish u girls can join ussss to turn the place upside down(in a good way) lol..

  26. Hi Anne,

    Do we have chatroll tonigt? Just thought we may invite some folks to join the Durian fest.

  27. my lecturer just said the same thing.MJ didnt have a childhood.poor him.im not a huge fan but that’s so sad

  28. Bill,

    You will miss the fun at the Durian fest!!

    So sad for MJ! I really like his earliest songs, when he was little. That was the time I discovered him. But as he grew older, I didn’t pay much attention.

  29. I hope one day david will do a cover version of “Man In The Mirror” , gosh i’m still reeling with this sad news

  30. I was shocked at the same times sadden by this news. Frankly speaking, I’ve never been a biggest fan of MJ but I do like his songs and his unique dance moves. He had everything what he want except childhood. Even though there were many people disapproved his weird behavior during the later stage of his life but it absolutely can’t be deny the fact that he is/was a legend and had great influences in the music industry.
    May he rest in peace and God bless his family especially his children.

    Durian fest? I wish I can go…. but I have flu….. just normal flu not H1V1….. hehe…..but still not advisable to pass the germ around.
    Anyway, for those who are going don’t forget to BLAST David’s songs there.

  31. Chart Voting!

    Positions @ 20/06/09

    1) Vote ALTNOY (#17-down A LOT!) on Hitz20 http://www.hitz.fm/charts/hitz20/default.asp
    – need an epass account
    – Get TMH & ZG onto the chart asap then we have not ONE but THREE songs on the chart simultaneously!

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  32. owh thats y anne asked me about Durian lastnite..

    but i have expedition at Gunung Dato on 2-5july…
    but i also want to be a volunteer for this event…

  33. Damania, expecting your flu to last till 5 July (10 days from today). Must be something serious. Hope you get well soon.

  34. I woke up to news that really shocked me.
    MJ was such a good singer and entertainer.
    I believe no matter what year you were born in, MJ was part of your childhood, wasn’t he?
    R.I.P Michael Jackson

  35. K.H. Don’t scare me. I have fever and sore throat. The doctor asked me to see him again after finished the full course of medication. I don’t know why. Hopefully he just want to earn money, not something serious.
    My son who studied in one of the school in PJ was told by his teacher not to attend school for 1 week just because he has some normal flu. May be we are over-reacted. I guess.
    Well, if the situation allow, I will definite go.

  36. Sorry guys, I can’t join you all for the durian fest 😦 Its practice every weekend for me from next week, which also means, Kylie, no ManU for me too.

  37. still thinking.. expedition or volunteering?? both !!!

    btw if u guys going to CWS dont forget to bring a gift to little Kai Yan for his surprise birthday party =)

  38. Hey I’ve sent u an email regarding the IC bracelet. I wanna order all 6 colours. But can you tell me the estimated price and how do I pay you… Hehehe… Thanks!

  39. Damania. Didn’t mean to scare u. Just curious how you can predict that you will not be well by 5 July. Anyway, pray that you and your family will be in the pink of health.

  40. Rest in peace, Mikaeel. You’re the last music legend and you will be remembered for hundred years to come.

    Silent prayer for Michael J (Mikaeel).

  41. i was shocked by the news when i woke up today. he was a great singer yeah a legend. RIP MJ

    i want to go to the durian fest with you AAM-ers!! but gahh i’m not gonna be in kl that time 😦
    and take pics xD

    have fun!!

  42. Join CWS and get free Amira Meet and Greet passes!


    i guess nobody wants to.. ahahhahah!!! XD

  43. Oriane

    The bracelets costs US$20.00 each from the source not inclusive of shipping if you buy them individually.

    If you want to enjoy a ‘discount’ on the bracelets you’ll have to buy a complete set of 6 different colours which works out to US$16.67 each not including shipping.

    BUT if you want to pick and choose the colours for example 2 of white, 1 of green, 2 of red etc you will be charged the full US$20.00 per bracelet not inclusive of shipping.

    Hope this explanation helps.

  44. Oh! I’m saddened at Michael Jackson’s passing, my musical icon that I grew up with. I’m glad that I attended Michael’s concert in KL many years ago, so worth it and it sure was his “This is it” concert!! *sob…sob* Rest in peace, Michael! You will be missed!

    Wow…David has raised his performances by a notch. This guy sure amazes us! I think the concerts that he attended during his r&r sure helped him a lot. We should THANK the creator of YouTube and those amazing videographers for giving us the total pleasure of viewing David’s full concerts everyday.

    THANKS, AAM team for posting the latest videos and latest news. You guys are wonderful!!

  45. My friend sms-ed me b4 I woke up this morning about MJ’s passing. I was so shocked… I can’t believe he’s gone already 😦

    I want the bracelet, but well, I’ll think about it first.

    And the durian! xD I’m not sure what I’ll be doing that day cause my brother will be here. Hey, maybe I can ask him along! And I’ll tell my friends about it too! xD

  46. Hello…

    sorry everyone who was on chatroll last night, I went off suddenly because there was no current :S
    Eunice, sorry I couldn’t chat with u on chatroll last night. Maybe next weekend? 🙂

  47. aKang..yeah imagine life without utube LOL. ah the wonders of technology.
    yan,yes yes!bring ur bro alongggg.the more the merrier 😀

    lynn ah,no current? lol.no wonder lah sudd hilang.

  48. Durians! Wow.

    Too bad, I’m residing in Kuching. It must be fun Anne 😦 AAM-ers are fun people. Man sayang I couldn’t come.

  49. Hey everyone,

    CWS rep said they need more people to help out in the afternoon. Do email us!


  50. Hey every1? Come and volunteer…. I have. Tonight, I will also be at their office to help.

  51. Is there any deadline for the volunteering? I wanna take part but am not sure if I’ll be able to do it.

    Coincidence? But last year, we have the same kind of event in Sunway UC, the durian fest. Also for charity. But we also had rambutan n mangosteen there 😛 And I was there volunteering for comm. hour haha

  52. Yan you have to decide asap as CWS need the confirmed numbers so that they can distribute volunteers evenly.

  53. hi, i just sent u guy an email about the bracelet and ive asked some question about it too. Hope to hear from u guys,or should i just ask here?

  54. I didn’t receive any confirmation bout my orders of my bracelet, so what does that suppose to mean?

  55. KH, thanks for the links!ure coming right?yay!see youuu on sun!
    serena, no worries,we received ur email 🙂

  56. Anne – Thanks. But how much do I have to pay you? and How do I pay you guys?

  57. Hey everyone,

    We will inform you of the details for IC bracelets via email.


  58. Nice meeting all the AAMers at the CWS event. Hope you guys had a great time despite not having a chance to eat durian.

  59. Serena, havent send d email yet. We will inform on the site if we have sent the emails out. Looking for the best colour combination for best pricing.


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