31 comments on “Y100 Stripped Version; Galaxie Mag; Christmas Album buzz; Unplugged ALTNOY, ATM and Angels; Itunes Fan Bundle; Archuduties

  1. Thank you, thank you so verrrrrrrrrry much for posting the Christmas songs here! I was so excited this afternoon when I saw it over at snarky, and wish they will be transfered here.

    Thank you, AAM BOD. I thought I saw the song, How Great Thou Art, tucked somewhere here. Can you please put all of this Christmas or hymns together in special folder/corner? Sorry I am asking too much huh?

  2. Omg. I can’t wait to watch the “David Archuleta Stripped” videos. Hope someone post it up in YouTube as soon as possible.. 😦

    Haha! And I love the fact that he actually wrote on the board. So cute.. 🙂

  3. uuu Christmas songs..
    me want David to sing All I Want for Christmas and Do They Know It’s Christmas 😀

    me want to watch Stripped videos! D8

  4. David Archuleta stripped video?? Don’t worry it’s for every body to watch. Not just the adult…Ha!!

  5. ire 🙂

    lol that’s what I thought when I first saw the word ‘stripped’

    I thought “Hm David stripping?” lol. That would send all his fans into a frenzy!

    BTW have you got the fan pack yet. If not email us lah that you want to b gifted.

  6. AAM, can give the link for the stripped vids? Imma view it and see if I can ‘strip’ the strip, haha.

    Eunice, I have the mp3 of How Great Thou Art (and am working on getting the Children Uniting Nations one as well)… Drop me a msn la. =)

  7. Woah, the ALTNOY one… what the heck is wrong with his voice? o_O No offence Davey, but that is like the worst live version ever.

    Angels and ATM are so beautiful though. *sighs happily* And I’m being turned into a happy ball of mush thanks to all the Christmas song links, and ohemgee, Silent Night and O Holy Night… goosebumps man. WOW. I can’t wait for the Christmas album, and still so many months to go.. =.=

    Lol, it seems I’ve caught the Christmas bug too.

  8. John, thanks alot. I’ve already got a donor. Listening to those songs all the time.

    James, yah..something is wrong with ALTNOY. After the first listen, I try to listen a few more times to make sure nothing wrong with my ear!!..anything wrong with my ear?? I guess ALTNOY is hard to sing. The other two songs are beautiful.

    After listening to the audio, now I’m keen to watch the video just wanting to find out what has gone wrong with that song. Has anyone got something done where we can watch it on our side.

  9. Yeah, watching the video right now. It’s on a WMP on the Y100 site (screenshot:

    Direct link: http://img95.imageshack.us/img95/2826/40768676.jpg)

    and he does look slightly strained, but nothing unusual. However, this was done quite a while back, when he was still doing ALTNOY in his highs, where as later versions has him changing the tune slightly and bringing it lower, so that’s prolly it. Just straining his voice at the time, no worries.

  10. Sorry, take off the bracket at the end of the link.

    LOL @ our obsessiveness.

  11. hey guys…. finally i can be infront of my lappie.. lol…missed alot lately la…but in home rite now not feeling so well…. haha 🙂

    awww, everyone in x’mas now…. huhu 😉

    really?? TMH on mix already?? awooogahhh!! 😀

  12. Hey guys! I twittered to Hitz: Hey Hitz! I would like to request a song: Zero Gravity – @DavidArchie Awesome song! :D.

    And they replied to me: you’ll hear it on air soon….

    Hurray!! 😀

  13. Haha! Yeah, I was like, “Yay! TMH! Oh wait, we’re hearing Mix! *Yays louder* 😉

    I think it’ll be in the chart to vote for which song we want to hear on the MIXed Up 20 next week. So we have to vote!

  14. Angels was beautiful!!!!!!! *sigh*
    ALTNOY from the bridge towards the end was horrifying and much worse than his AI TMH performance which wasn’t even that bad. *twitch*
    ALTNOY is such a hard song to sing. But sometimes he does pull it off really well. Just this time it was……

  15. Yay! TMH on Mix 😀
    Yay more more more for ZG also on Hitz! It’s a sure hit!!!

  16. ohmygosh who posted that NST article here LOLLL. *hides* john!?

    oh btw, there IS an “e” in my name hahaha! He must have left it out lollll. what happened was my housemate’s friend who’s working at NST has a journalist fren who needed to interview someone abt AI..so i just kinda helped out abit lol.

  17. Sarah, they replied to your tweet? Yay!!! We should tweet to request that they throw in ATM once in a while…..hahaha….the more the merrier 🙂

    Listen out to Hitz coming week and alert us on AAM and Twitter.

  18. LOL! Kylie, I think you got the names wrong. That’s my sister Rachel! 🙂 Hitz replied her..

    Haha! David “stripping” will never happen in a million years! XD

  19. Christmas songs eh? (P.S: LOL @ everyone getting the Christmas bug in the end)

    I want David to sing all! But it seems to be a little bit greedy. Hahaha. Hm.

    Fun songs like Rockin’ Around the Christmas tree, Let it Snow 😉 <3, Sleigh Ride…and slow songs like Hark the Herald (with a choir backround would be nice), Winter Wonderland, The First Noel, Silver Bells,…and of course the ones he sung before yay!

  20. I HEARD ZERO GRAVITY ON FLY FM TODAAAAYYY!!!! its so good on the radio! My mum couldn’t tell it was David and was shocked when she heard steve announcing David’s name at the end of the song. hahahaha… its all good!
    Steve is really nice!

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