41 comments on “iHeartRadio NY,New iTunes Songs, DA Vietnam Gifting, Archuduties

  1. Hey guys…. yay back home again… lol XD

    love the pic… 😉

    will watch the video later 🙂


    There are currently 3 polls to vote on for David in the music category, including 2 written by yours truly! I’ve summarized them below.

    1. Favorite American Idol Runner-Up.
    2. David’s international popularity.
    3. U.K.’s favorite D.A. song in concert.

    Go vote for David!


    Note: You can vote as often as you want on these polls. Depending on your internet browser, you can either clear cookies, or simply open additional windows and cast one set of votes per window.

    In addition to voting, you can leave comments on polls and write new polls yourself. However, to do so you must register with the site.

    Once a year Peoples Choice has an awards show, and the more buzz created for David in these polls, the more likely he will be nominated for an award!

  3. Hi.. Just dropping by to say Hi. LOL.. Looking at DA pictures make me go *sigh*… 😀

  4. gahh… peeps.. well erm bill and debz.. i can’t log in twitter again! dang.. so sad! 😦


    On Hitz Drive Thru.

    Please continue to request for TMH on Hitz and Fly Fm.

    Also the voting on MU20 & FF30 and email Hitz20.


  6. If I had my way I would have replaced ‘A Thousand Miles’ with ‘Save The Day’ in the Fan Pack. At least it’s an original song by David instead of a cover.

  7. I would like that too. But David hasnt sung STD anywhere. This digital fan bundle is supposed to contain fan favorites? Did they pick these songs from that concert survey?


  8. ya love Save The Day!!!! wonder why they don’t wanna put that song… erm 😉

  9. fatin.. does my page still exist on twitter?? seriously.. i can’t log in!!

  10. Haha ‘STD’ could easily be mistaken for that passion related affliction!

  11. i’m in the mood of emotional breakdown now.. why does weird things always happen to me?? ugh.. i can’t log in to twitter! 😦

  12. feli… it say the page didn’t exist!!!! is it someone delete ur account??

  13. Does it prove that Twitter Account is easy peasy for hackers???


  14. gosh!! doesn’t exist?? my god!! idk!! omg! how? how? kylie save me.. 😦

  15. Feli, I wud if I know how. Think you need abandon that account. Create new one?


  16. so no need to delete it? even if i want to i can’t coz i can’t log in. the funny thing is sometimes i can log in but sometimes i can’t! and what is weird is.. i used to use felitherandom right as my username. so yea i changed it to feliantique. then sometimes well most of the time i can’t log in using that new username.and it works for the old one. and when i tried just now to log in using the old one..twitter just said there’s a prob and they are fixing it. but when i use the mew one it said wrong username/password and email combination. so if i need to create a new one..i need a new email address. coz i can’t use the old one u see. dang.. so leceh! 😦

  17. ok this is my new twitter acc.. dang.. i want my old one back! Shontelle and David replied me there!!! ahhh!!! 😦

  18. anyone.. just anyone.. if u guys came across or happen to view my twitter page,pls let me know if it still exist. hope it’s not like..really GONE.. gosh..

  19. betul ka Fatin gua punya acc xde? omg.. tengah risau nie.. i’m gonna sue twitter one day. lol muahahaha.. XD kidding..

  20. peeps!! follow me.. i can’t find u guys.. it’s just too much for me to handle that.. lol XD haha jkg jkg. but really.. hard to find u guys la.. haha

  21. feli that’s what i get when clicking to your acc la… haha

    k la.. need to go back to hostel.. got teakwondo tonite… ttyl.. tata

  22. hey what if David do a cover a cover of Ave Maria?? well Beyonce sang this one too! Jordin did a cover of this.. cool isn’t it?

  23. Just a note about the twitter accounts.. apparently they had some problem where a lot of accounts and twits were lost… so maybe some of yours were the ones affected?

    ALSO OMG DAVID, LETTUCE AAAH! Idk, but he is like one of the few people who likes lettuce and everyone is always EWW so I’m like yay, kindred soul! But lmao @ twittering on stage. Boy is soooo addicted.

  24. Good night everyone!

    Hi James!How are you?

    I think you are right Kylie. Twitter is an easier target for hackers. So just have to watch out.

  25. Hi Annabelle, I hope you get to straighten out your twitter account!

    I like Shaheen. He is really good for a young boy!
    I hope he will win. He is most likely the next Jr David Archuleta of UK.

  26. eunice- oh no… my acc has disappeared! haha i’ve got a new one. still i’m yearning for my old one.. 😦 oh well things happen.. according to James there are problems related to the lost of accs? wow..hacker’s doing? hacking the archie’s fans? like how the hacker hacked Daniel’s and papajeff’s?

  27. Good morning!

    Shu Yee and John! I sent you an email! Good news, found what you need to open the ebook.

    Please check your mail!!!

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