102 comments on “Samurai Cookoff; Articles; Crush MS BTS & Pics; Archuduties

  1. GOSH!!!! hahaha
    i’m LOL like crazy.cool shades!!
    wanna see his face. hopefully Wanda got a better pic. David and huge shades FTW!!

  2. The light in the restaurant was dim. I wonder if David able see clearly with that huge BLACK shade. Hohoho this is too hilarious. Be careful David, don’t cut your fingers! Can’t wait for the video!

  3. How to eat with the DAVID ARCHULETA in cool shades cooking in front of you???????????????


  4. haha.have you guys watch the behind the scene of David on Fox 13 on snarkies?? LOL-worthy. he is too adorable.adorable.adorable.ADORABLE.adorable.


    David is sooooooooo love

    and yes Kylie, i won’t be able to eat. i probably would vomit and disgust others. lol.jk.jk.Tartar sauce!

  5. Bill, the “behind the scenes” video is posted in the post – have to watch it later. But I believe you! Adorable David. Now we just need the Samurai video.

    Ewww….tartar sauce vomit. And it’s lunch time now.


  6. Haha, John, don’t spoil the fun la. Plus Crush MS was for charity mah. So was the Samurai Cookoff?


  7. sooo sorry.lol.i’m going to lunch now.isnt it funny disgusting stuff doesn’t affect mt appetite at all? i just love to eat…haha

    later guys. love you all. and miss you guys 😀

  8. *my

    we should do something for charity too.like selling our famous t-shirt and donate the money.haha.just saying

    i love AAM tee….ngeee 😀

  9. Ok the Fox13 BTS video had me in smiles 🙂

    But we…er HE needs cd sales and I don’t think events like the cookoff is gonna help no matter how cute he looks.

    I’m a party pooper I know but hey people don’t just ooh and ahh over his looks and character…..


  10. Kylie- LOL You want me to? 8D It’ll be a challenge. (with the glasses) 😛 I’ll try later on.

    Bill- Yes, we should really do something for charity as a group of people. 8D that’ll be so nice.

  11. Ok I seriously looove the Fox BTS video!! LOLLLLL

    Gosh he is adorable with all that spaciness and wariness about the purpose of the interview hehe.

    BUT go and buy the cd!!

  12. Bill, thanks for the video link – was looking for it!


  13. Okay, John, got it! You’re addressing those who havent bought the cd and those who download illegally from the net.

    So go buy the CD and then enjoy the adorable-ness. And while we are the this subject, REQUEST!!!!! VOTE!!!!!


  14. They are trying to increase his popularity before his 2nd album comes out and sell better then his 1st

  15. The Samurai Cookoff is for the Murphy’s Kids’ Celebrity. The other celebrity chefs are from the medical profession.

    Samurai Cookoff vids added to the post.


  16. I’m gonna party poop here.

    He’s very fidgety and those arm swings really aren’t attractive. I think he’ll be embarrassed if he sees this video.

    I don’t think it’ll bring him more fans. Just sayin…

  17. haha John. but girls find it cute. the arm swings i mean 😀

    btw, listen to John people.go buy his CD.lots of em!

    you’re welcome Kylie 🙂 . love to see his awkwardness.haha

  18. John, I thought I was the one having a bad day here….


  19. What happened? What rumblings you heard in the Archuwoods?


  20. Aiyo. What happened, John? o_o; Don’t be in a bad mood. Think butterflies and sunchine~ XD

    Kylie. Almost finished the doodle. 😉

  21. Close-up pictures, that’s how the shades looked like. Cool.

    Hahaha that arm swings video.. My nephew like to do that too and I will start to yell ‘Stop itttttttt! You want me to chop off your hand hah!!’ (opp…sorry). Other than that he was so smiley and accommodating.
    John, teenage boys are like that. They have no patience to wait. They just can’t stand still and sit still.

  22. LOLL Damania you really threatened to chop off your nephew’s arms? hehe.

    Yah I guess most teenage boys are like that but David isn’t like most teenage boys is he? I suppose I hold him to a higher standard. Not fair maybe?

  23. lol debz butterflies and sunshine hahaha!
    john, go put LTAL on repeat on itunes 🙂 cheer up yea!

    ohhh the shades killed me earlier.

    now anything japanese is gonna remind me of him everytime.as if water, orange juice,hands,citrus colors,graphic tees,jason mraz,hoodies,skinny ties,plaids and who knows what else isnt enough 😛

  24. He may behave like a typical teenage boy sometimes. But the maturity he showed in handling certain issues are way beyond his age.

  25. Ala, John, we old people, what do we know.
    Most important, young girls like it. They find it cute, adorable and sexy 😛

  26. i just saw the fox 13 raw vid halfway..HAHAHA. oh david david. you are so precious.so precious indeed.

  27. oh the hand swinging thing..i tend to do that sometimes when im bored 😛 and im 21 hahahaha so i guess age doesnt play a big role? 😛

  28. Eh how come the comments are now in blue and underlined?

    And AAM mods how come my gravatar doesn’t show up? *impatiently swinging hands*

  29. LOL @ John swinging hands
    feeling better now? did you put LTAL on repeat? *lalalalalalaaaaaaaalalalalalaaaa*.ah, i love the lalalas

    love your new doodle debz! if you doodle the shades, i’m sure i’ll be LOL-ing non stop. the shades is like the one Soulja Boy would wear.hahaha.

    David = chef = HAWT!

  30. Eh? Couldn’t get it thru twitter ah, Kylie? :/

    Chef David: Featuring Remy the Rat from Ratatouille lol (because I love the movie)

    I tried putting in the shadez but yeah, I has no talent making the glasses ending up in the same size. :/

  31. Debz! that doodle is sooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!! 8DDD

    And, wow, david replies a lot of ur tweets! UR SPECIAL TO HIM!!!! 8DDD

  32. hey, just curious (but also important) – anyone out there actually even interesed in reading part 3 of the recap anymore????

    it’s been sooo long, and digi is so so sooo slow in providing an important video i need for part 3 *sigh*…


  33. i want to read part 3 Eve! Digi videos? i wanna see that too *shameless request*.LOL

  34. Hahaha! Those pictures of our Samurai Chef!!!

    So cute and funny! Hey what’s going on here?
    Someone is having low tolerance with all the gushing and wowing of our precious David.
    Cheer up is almost Friday!

  35. Hi Bill! How are you?

    So weird to see my comment underlined! Hey!what’s going on?

  36. i’m good. on my semester break right now.wohoo!! 😀

    your comment underlined?how? i don’t see any underline.hmmm 🙂

  37. eve – ME! and everyone else who is being mysteriously silent. but yes!pls do write it! 😀

    i just finished watching the samurai vids and..
    hahahahaha! i love how the chefs asked him to serve tartar sauce and what other sauce and stir the rice.OH and he randomly sings when he’s cooking TOO.I should have known. and the shades! “here david,put this on!” “oh okay!” *Ray comes and helps to put it on*

    i love him.period.

  38. WAHHAHA! the doodle!! so cuteeeee~~


    LOL jk jk. xD LOVE It.

  39. Hi Anne, Am I hallucinating or what. all your comments here are underlined.

    What’s going on? Must be my dum dum mistake or what? Mysterious!

  40. eunice – the comments look fine to me wor…no underlines or anythg..

    debz,every1 demanding for the archushades la 😛
    anonymous -thanks for the video! 😀

  41. OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! i’m speechless… lol.. D’s soooooo dang cute…. cooking skill uh… totally achuadorable…

    DEBZ!!!!! ur rawks!!!!!! love the pic

    *hah i’m totally missed everything hey archucousins.. how’s u all life*

  42. Hi Yes, where can we get that shade? Is it a toy shade afterall? Wonder if I can see if I wear it.

    But it looks cute on him!

  43. Haha I’m not fond of shutter shades. Usually I see “those kinds” of people around here in Malayisa wearing it. >.>

  44. i saw those kinds of shades at Padini last time.my friends and i toy around with it a bit.haha

    LOL @ eunice hallucinating 😀

    yesh Juice, we’re demanding the shades *shameless request again.haha*

    chant with me! *WE LOVE DAVID! WE LOVE DAVID!*

    okay, should really hit the sack now.love you guys~

  45. Oh dear good lord, these videos. He’s so adorable, but so, so obviously awkward it’s almost /painful/. *smishes him* I don’t think he realized they were still filming in some parts of the BTS video. Kid really needs to sleep, or is he normally THAT spacey? I’m like torn between cringing and smishing him because he’s so so adorable. *conflict* Haha.

    And the Cooking vids. Idek. But haha. Oh David. What are we going to do with you?


  46. LOL Bill. 8D

    Watching David cook (ignore the pun again if you wish) is making me crave for okonomiyaki. XD

  47. LOL I thot only Chinese dinners sounded like it was World War III going on?

  48. Good morning!

    What are you referring to John? World war III?

    Are you ok this morning? Is Friday brother! Relax!!!!

  49. Kylie, something weird is going on, on my side.
    All the comments here are underlined! Is it something I did or what? Can you see the lines under all the comments over your side?

  50. Morning Eunice, ya .. my words r in blue and underlined as well .. weird .. haha!

  51. HI Anonymous! Are you Shu Yee? and John ?

    Oh! I am so relieved now that both of you are seeing the same thing. I thought it was me, hallucinating!!!

  52. Hi Shu Yee,

    We are playing twitter tag!! Hahaha! I replied your email about the order yesterday. You described them as good looking and soft. That is so great! I was worried that they may not look exactly like David’s.

  53. Hi John, pls, unlurk yourself! Or are you really busy? Any success on the ebk?

  54. Hey, I found Invisible Children twitter.

    Try this therescue if you are interested!

  55. Eunice I haven’t tried the ebk yet. Will give it a go 2nite at home.

    The underlining phenomena happened yesterday for me and I think it’s because I used IE as the browser not Firefox. Idk wordpress is weirdpress I guess LOL.

  56. Hahaha, Weirdpress. So right! WordPress – I have no comment about it anymore.

    Eunice, ebk doesnt work for me. And yes I see blue and underlined comments. WordPress expert not around now.


  57. Yup I’m right!!

    Folks if you use IE to open the AAM page, you’ll see almost everything underlined and in blue. I have no freakin idea why lol!!

    Try it and see 🙂

  58. Sorry Kylie! Hope we can get the ebk for you all.

    Very nice and memorable details on his AI experiences.

  59. So will this weird thing continues from now on.

    I can’t stand the lines. There hurt my eyes.

  60. Ok the latest on the underlines and blue colour:

    Update your IE browser to IE8 version and you’ll get rid of the underlines but the blue colour remains.

  61. Hi Eunice .. was away fm this page for awhile ..
    Oh .. I need to enter the userser name and password before I can open. Cud u provide:-)) pls pls …

  62. Those shaaaadddeeeesss! Dying of cuteness!

    And Debz, you are one talented kid! You play the piano and your doodle is LOVE!!! Can someone show it to David pls????!

  63. Eve, me me me me!

    Shu Yee, did you manage to buy the AOL vids?

    Oh, to all students here, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Its time to delurk too

  64. hey Anne…… i’m find tho… had really funny experience… monkey attack my room and stealing all.. but not all la, some of the food.. so funny… my mum said that’s university monkey got phD already.. hahaha 😀

    EVE!!!!! i want part3!!!!!!! been waiting for it hahaha…

  65. hahhaha. yeahh!! eve .. i want part three too!! debz!! the doodle looks so cute!!

  66. oh my..
    these vids r just heaven!!
    though im sure he’s better off singing than trying to cut chicken meat..heh..

    thanks for the bts vid bill! =) aww..arm swinging! i forgot that i could do that anymore! lol..it feels good actually..just lettin loose of ur arms..haha

    n debz, what an archudorable one u created! haha..such intensity n perseverance on his face.. =D

    hey guys! happy weekend! =)

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