20 comments on “Samurai Cookoff!; New David blog, Madison Interview, Manila Article, Tweets, Archuduties

  1. Good morning!
    Anne, thank you for posting David’s latest blog.

    That is a lovely story too.

  2. Lol Ian, yeah when did D’s album became Zero Gravity? Whooopsssss, we hardcore fans must have missed it.


  3. heeeyyyyy guyss…..aahhh i miss you guys
    i’m home and on holiday..wohoo!! LOVE David’s new hair.yeah ❤

  4. No, I’m on cloud 10. haha just kidding. 😉

    Lol I can see how the movie and the cloud 9 thing connects. I had to laugh at that.

  5. heyyaa guys! hes the schweeeetest. LOL feli, saw that..i like the part when he burst into beyonce’s single ladies HAHA. and adam’s head er..exploding? lollll. that was funny.

  6. anne- yea! ikr.. i was laughing so hard that i couldn’t stop. he’s soooo funny! lol XD watch his other videos.. haha

  7. Sweet archunite n dreams my archucousinzz… happy archuowlings.. lol 😉

  8. are you guys gonna buy?

    lol. david looks so adorable with the hat ( i dont know wht’s it called )haha. David!! cook for me xD (hey , i can dream right ?) ahha

  9. Hey u guys! Gosh..i’ve missed so many things here..haha..

    Can’t wait to see David in action in the kitchen! haha..hope he’ll try to make pad thai or something..maybe lemak cili padi? =D

    Good to see u guys again! =)

  10. Regarding that mag. LOL It’s really tempting…but I don’t think I’m able to purchase it at the moment. Sad, sad. 😛

    Heyy Nadia. 8D

  11. Good morning… 😉

    just want to inform, anyone buying the teenage mag singapore?? I don’t have the PayPal account but I manage to find way to tranfer the money from my bank account to salamahafifi bank account.. if anyone interested just email her to find the way.. 🙂

    Enjoy your day 😀

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