41 comments on “TMH Radio Push; The Davids at Dinner; Prom with David; Vid for Kricket; Another Airport Video; Gorgeous Cambridge Pics; Wild Welcome for the Davids; Gua Muzik; Archuduties

  1. Yay for Kricket’s tweets! Cant wait to meet you, Kricket!

    archuphilsM&G @ Moa Main Atrium 5:00PM – Purchase 150P worth of SM Green Bags to get passes! Will update if new info comes in. ty @nettekulet!

    archuphilsThe Davids on the frontpage of The Phil. Star & Manila Bulletin! Go get your copies now! Excuse me while i get mine =) ty ponticello!


  2. Oh my gosh the video to Kricket is awesome! I’ve never met her or talked to her…but I hear her name a lot. 🙂

  3. morningggg. 😛
    woah that airport video. so eerily familiar.hahahaha.


  4. He’s in Manilla now? Auw, is he stoping by to malaysia anytime soon? 😉 anyway, david rocks. I miss him! OMG OMG!

  5. The author of the Manila Bulletin article obviously has not bothered to do much research into David’s recent live performances during his tour. He/she is still very much stuck in the AI time warp. Pathetic but so very typical AND lazy of these so called music critics.

    So like Paula says take heed of the good and just dump the bad.

  6. I wish i can go there n M&G n spent all my time infront of my lappie looking for more info about D there… haaaahhh 😦

    but he’s in ASIA again!!!!! lol

  7. Lol, imagining David “researching” for the date ……..

    The M&G at MOA today was very quick – David came on, say a few things (thank you) and invited the people to the concert. Then gone liao.


  8. LOLLL at the m&g at MOA!

    And looking at the shops? Is the boy asking for trouble lol I can see now the hordes of screaming girls running after him in the mall a la KLIA!

  9. and the vid at the restaurant? without the annotations I honestly couldn’t make out anybody! lol

  10. LOL Anne @ the airport thing. *low voice* they copy our plan lol just kidding. 😉

  11. Those were hysterical screams!! Rusharr, do we need earplugs?


  12. That is CRAZEEEEEEEEEE. When I first played the video, it was as if my room was invaded with a horde of banshees. Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

  13. Ahhhhhh… been so busy the whole day x[ No time to get my daily dose of David (:P) today x[
    And boy his smile in the 1st mng pic xD
    *back busying*

  14. Oh, btw, in my course, CIMP, we always have a theme day every Thursday. And tomorrow’s theme is Angels and Demons. I’m so excited about it haha. I’m wearing AAM’s T xD
    *really going now*

  15. hey guys.sorry for not posting anything today.busy with stuff and the internet failed.im browsing using my phone the whole time 😦
    btw,this is late but yeah Kyyliiee,im still spazzing.haha.Anne got a reply too.and Amelia.gosh. AAMers ftw!!
    Going to shower now.its hot!!

  16. Lol John, those screams were the type of screams at Sri KDU – high pitched, feverish & piercing.

    Try standing in the eye of it. You literally feel the screams piercing through your left ear and coming out of your right ear. Then a dazed feeling becoz your equilibrium has been assaulted.


  17. Kylie 🙂

    For a moment there I really thot a heinous crime was being committed at the mall LOL. I was afraid my pc speakers wud explode with the decibels!

    To all of you going to Manila, have a safe trip, enjoy yourselves and bring back lotsa pics,vids and stories yah?

  18. Good morning or almost afternoon everyone!
    So much to catch up here!
    Lots of excitment around here eh! Wow! those screams are piercing.
    Kylie and company, you may have to get some earplugs!!

  19. Morning Eunice .. ya .. n if u hv the time.. go to snarkies n flw the philippines angels tweeting min by min of David at SIS. They even put up a video .. good job angels in Philippines!

  20. Hi Shu Yee,

    How are you? I haven’t been around for a day or two , seemed like ages. And have missed so many video clips and pictures…etc I am really behind.

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