210 comments on “David Archuleta : We love you and we don’t have to apologize for it

  1. Good morning all!

    Well said John! Thanks for policing. We need someone to speak up for us here.

  2. Archie misses us!
    he tweets:
    So I’m at the airport, and I can hear them announcing boarding for a Singapore flight. I really miss Asia!

  3. Okay, what did I miss last night? I went to bed at 12 midnight, so I shouldnt have missed out much right????

    Lolllllll, I totally don’t get human nature sometimes. If you hate someone or something so much, why waste a second of your time looking it up or reading or commenting??? Go devote your time to support your own idol or passion or whatever that makes you happy.

    And the world would be a happier place.



  4. Morning John … thks for the sounding:-) btw .. hope u dont mind me asking .. where were these ‘anti’ ppl lurking? just curious.

  5. John, I would also like to add that David Archuleta is not some faraway and illusive celebrity we follow.

    We have met him, speak with him, laughed with him, lol and at him (such a funny boy, still a boy to me), joked with him, teased him, appreciated him, celebrated with him, sang with him, sang to him, took pictures of him and with him. Awww….we have cried for him, we should cry with him???

    Granted the time was so limited but it certainly is a step closer to knowing David Archuleta, the person. More than what fans of other artists hope to do.

    Like how you conveyed to David, singing is not the only thing we love about David Archuleta. It’s the person David Archuleta.

    Lol, I am still waiting to do these stuff with my other AI that I love – Chris Daughtry.


  6. Thank you John this was awesome. Thank you Malaysia for loving our David so much. I think American Idol did David wrong, they should have given him some thing for his song Crush. Lots of people are making money off os David and yet I think some one his holding him back. I don’t know why but this is my feelings about the whole thing. But again thank you guys for taking good care o our Idol over there you guys ROCK. And that video of the airport was WOW. I think I watched it 50 times and keep going back for more. I know David will be back there because he loves and misses you guys. David would say I could thank you guys forever and not thank you enough.

  7. Woahhhhhh!!!! David’ latest tweeter….blows my mind to know that he misses Asia so much.

    Haha, the Asians definitely succeeded in suffocating him with our loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Well Done!

    David, so COME BACK!!!
    Maybe we can strike a deal – you stay in USA for 50% of the year and then 50% in Asia?


  8. Archumorning guys…..

    WOW JOHN…. u’re life saver!!! 😉

    that recent unwelcome comments I think it from the same person…. And I think that person need love soooooo much and need attention coz after all AAMers have a great bonding together!!

    WE ARE ONE BIG FAMILY!!! we have mummy, aunty, uncle n all the cubs ;).. HUrray for AAMers!!!

  9. Kylie… wow how about he stay here 70% n came back there 30%… he need the weather here.. 😉 lol

  10. Thank you so much. I appreciate a “selected” freedom of speech in this case. I want to go where David is appreciated for the amazing person and singer that he is. Sometimes it seems he’s put so high on a pedestal that he’s bound to fall off — he’s human people! Let’s enjoy all the goodness of David, and understand that he isn’t perfect. I know, it’s easy to forget that, ’cause he’s so dang near perfect, but he is a human being after all. Let’s celebrate him and all his success and lift him up when others try to pull him down. ‘Kay? Thanks again for your write up.
    Blessings and peace, Amy

  11. Hey Virginia, we love David from Day 1 of AI7 and none the less today. It was a privilege and an honor to have David in Asia – something we never thought would happen in our lifetime, haha. Lol, we totally did not predict that airport scene. If watching the youtube put you on the edge of your seat, imagine us being right there!!! I am not sure if any video captutred this well, but as soon as David & the gang headed off to some secret exit (lol), the throng of fans just ran with the direction. Incredible to watch that before my very own eyes.

    I actually agree with you about AI vibe – it was so subdued to the point of being manufactured. I for one dont put AI on a pedestal where David is concerned. Lets move on. David has so much going for him. It is incredibly exhilirating to be on this journey with him!!! To learn and live. To fail and succeed.


  12. By the way, I just wanted to say “thanks” from the bottom of my heart for treating David so well on his Asian tour. I want to hug you all! Let’s hope he gets the same lovin’ in UK!

  13. Awww..Amy, thank you so much for saying that. {{Hugs}}.

    You know, the amount of fan interaction is only representative. David was so involved in promotional activities and of course we wished he had more time with the fans. Wished so hard that he had stayed longer 😛


  14. Haha, John, awesome title.

    David Archuleta: We love you and we don’t have to apologise for it.

    There, David, you are stuck with crazy us.

    And John, continue to abuse your moderator powers 😛


  15. Fatin, I would have said 100% or 99.9% in Asia with 99% in Malaysia. That would be too selfish, yah?


  16. Amy and Virginia…

    Thank you so much for your support!!! We are all his guardian angles.. 😉

  17. Fatin, okayyyyyyyyyyy.
    *shame on me for thinking so selfishly*


  18. John n Kylie.. (suitable song for both of u n us by David)

    Love me tender
    Love me sweet
    Never let me go
    You have made
    My life complete
    And I love you so

    Love me tender
    Love me true
    All my dreams fulfilled
    For my darling
    I love you
    And I always will

    Love me tender
    Love me long
    Take me to your heart
    For it’s there
    That I belong
    And we’ll never part

  19. I agree with the whole AI thing too! I mean they gave David Cook something. Archie deserves the same! But heyy even without AI, Archie’s gonna go a long, long way. He has his incredible talent, personality and morale for that. And we fans will continue to give our utmost support no matter what. So go David Archuleta!

  20. Haha, I just had the chance to really read the HOT mag interview.

    That was a fun David Archuleta!

    What were you trying to hide under those baggy clothes?

    Er, little me? [Laughs] I’ve gotten a better sense of what I like to wear too because, well, I have to. Everyone else cares! [Laughs] So I have too!

    Okay, hands up those who scrutinise everything he wears?


  21. John you rock so hard! I LOLed at the selective freedom of speech thing. And as mods, you guys have the right to set the bar, so that is awesome because you guys have never NOT allowed us to state our opinions, if sometimes we (read: mostly me) can be a tad critical of the technicalities. But the blatant trolling is just so much DNW.

    Thanks guys! Also, great write up.

    David Archuleta: Once you hear him live, music is never the same again.

  22. Bill, yalor!!!!!!! He actually stood up to demonstrate that?? That doesnt sound like a shy and reserved kid to me.


  23. Nadia, David hasn’t gone Pt yet, right? Hopefully, he does by the Idol S8 finale, so they will have something to give him then. 😉 Plus there will be a lot more viewers at the time.

    Both David’s are already said to be coming back (*makes epic flaily motions*) so it’s possible, yes?

    Also, I’m off people. Need to finish packing and get to the airport. See you next week. (Thank God AAM has everything condensed for me to read when I get home, lol.)

    Cheers, everyone!

  24. E-mail, Kylie? *runs* Oh! Gosh, sorry! Reply is sitting in my draft. >_< Aiyah. Sorry. Hold on a sec.

  25. Right on John! I couldn’t of said it better! I love the article! We know what David is about and how AMAZING he is. He’s the BEST Ive ever seen and I’m a golden Archie! Some “get it ” like us – LUCKY US and some take a longer time. It’s like salvation 🙂 Hopefully (prayerfully) they’ll see the light! Once they see him live – they’ll get hooked! UK has a TREAT coming! Go get’em David! and take care of yourself!

  26. Where did those lurkers comment? I was bed early so I kinda miss some spots here.

    Ignore and forget. Those people really have nothing else to say to condemn us.

  27. Rusharr, YES! Thank you. Will inform you soon.

    Eunice, okay…checking soon!


  28. I agree with Wellda, Uk has a treat coming, I think he has arrived by now! They will be hooked to David Archuleta!!!

    Take care of yourself,David!

  29. Did I miss something? What happened? Apologize what???

    David said that he miss Asia. We all miss you too. We want a full concert from you.

  30. Kylie, he’s still the shy and reserved boy. i think he stood up because he feels comfortable enough with us Malaysian fans (and also interviewers).

    hey barbzz, eunice, fatin, amy, virginia, wellda and all 🙂

    glad to see rusharr is back!

  31. eh, tonight got chatroll or not? *seriously addicted.lol*

    p/s: Anne, i blame you! lol.jk.jk

  32. Hahaha, Bill, you all crazy owls. 3.42am??? I was fast asleep! And you’re up early this morning?? Salute.

    I will make Anne hold off Chatroll tonight – make you suffer a bit.


  33. Eunice is it true from us to UK it’s 15 hrs flight..i thought i’ve red it somewhere..if so…he hasn’t arrived yet…coz it was 5 hrs ago he was at the airport!!

    Hey bill…i’m still high on the medication..so i feel fine for now…wait it wears off..then i’ll look for my pillow..lol!!

  34. Huh???? 15 hours?????????? Cannot be right???? Lol that makes Asia not that far.


  35. Kylie read your mail. Thank you for your comforting words!!! I actually was upset for several days!!! I am very sentimental yah!!!
    Hahaha! I am over it now.

    Thanks, and I replied yours.

  36. get well soon rusharr 🙂

    No Kylie!! Friday and Saturday night=PERFECT for chatroll dizziness..LOL 😛 *don’t torture me. John is still the target. sorry John 😛 *

    btw, Debz the crazy owl + doodler. Anne also *i thot she said she only slept for 2.5 hours the other night. crazy Anne.haha*. i’m up early coz i got class, and i was late to class. but alls fine. haha

  37. Rusharr,

    I don’t think it takes 15 hours. If he flies from the East, New york, it takes 6 hours to reach Germany.
    But if he flies from LA, may take around 10 hours, including transit if there is any. And it depends which part of Uk too.

  38. great write up john. critics should not use the Ai performance last nite to put him down, i mean, everyone knows david was really sick last week, i mean, listen to his voice carefully, that was not his normal voice, i bet david is trying his best to sing as perfect as he can and it kills him not to be able to give his best for his fan. and it kills us to look at him trying that hard to please us. he does not deserve those nasty comments from people who dont know him as well as we fans do! they should watch youtubes of david’s performance during tour and think again before saying that david hasn’t improved abit! I hate the lowlife haters!

  39. Rusharr .. miss u at the chat yday .. hope u totally recover sooon!

    Morning Eunice:-) Hope David’s body will hold up .. the long flight can really take a toll on ur system. They better give him first class .. then he can stretch out n sleep.

  40. good day eunice (morning or night in texas?lol)

    just watched TMH AI performance for the umpteenth time*exaggerating.haha*. i’m loving his cute hoodie! it was all t-shirts and jeans before, now it’s shirt+hoodie+skinny tie? it’s a combination of preppy and hotness. I WANT TO MARRY THIS BOY!

  41. Hey, is John still fuming? Hope he’s cool down by now.
    Hey John, is Friday morning! Relax and be cheery!
    Is weekend and don’t work too hard!!


  42. Eunice..hhrrrmmm…still depend from which airport huh?..so you think it is from East New York eh? But i think he flew from LA..AI show…aaaahhh never mind ..if he reached there already he would tweeted ald..

  43. Somebody commented that AI has a control .. cos they don’t want David to overshadow cook .. (not that cook minded i’m sure) .. until the next AI winner is crown… mayb that’s why they didn’t honor him / give him anything yday…

  44. Hey Kitty and Shu Yee,

    Good morning to you girls!
    Yes, I agree, they should let him have the executive or first class. He needs a lot of rest before he sings again real soon! Poor boy! He is so excited.

  45. Rusharr, if he flew off this morning, he should have arrived by now. I don’t know when he flew.
    So guess he has arrived by now, or maybe not.

  46. hi eunice shu yee!! hugs

    What?? thats they’re reason? don want to overshine cook? so lame!! well, whatever!, whats done is done and david is still our precious gem no matter what happen. just wait til end of this year to see who shone the brightest!!

    ahem, mind me fuming a little bit there hehehe
    we must stand up for david, he needs us to support him and we need him to inspire us to be better human being, agree folks?


  47. Poor AI management. Can they even be honest to themselves for once? David Archuleta has overshadowed David Cook by miles long time ago. They are still in denial!

  48. Hola Kitty .. hugs … that’s how i felt too when i read it .. anyway .. we believed in David n sooo it goes .. we shall stand by him .. ALWAYS!!

  49. right on! David Archuleta shines from the first day of audition and has been put at the top since his first AI show!

    He’s already a winner in our eyes and ears a long time ago!

    Go David James! we’re with you all the way, don’t you ever worry about it!

  50. Shu..if i tell it won’t be mysterious anymore lol!!

    Eunice..if you look at his twitter…he was still at the airport 6 hours ago…

  51. Hey rusharr .. pls pls … my brain only works when i know who i am chat with .. pls pls .. dont be archumysterious 🙂 Never know what creativity can be birth from our chats haha!

  52. After spin ALTNOY…hunny madu mention AAM laa… something like the showcase was amazing….and fans AAM…with David we can fly..i think the tshirt laa..hee..he…

    i did request for must have music just now…so did you peeps..right!

  53. Morning everyone 🙂

    We do love David Archuleta don’t we? I had to vent a little hence the current post. Although it’s not directed toward fans of other idols but people with irrational and illogical antipathy towards a young man like David.

    Like Kylie said we have had the privilege of closer personal interaction with David and we totally appreciate the person that he is. Even so I don’t understand why people just prefer to be negative about anything and everything that David is – from his singing to his personality and everything in between. Sometimes I just want to grab them by the shoulders and ask “What don’t you see that so many of us do?”

    But I’m calm now and content in the knowledge that David has a host of fans who totally ‘get’ him and will stay fans for life. 🙂

    One more thing, I think we should dispense with the rivalry of the Davids once and for all and embrace both if possible – or at least keep the less positive emotions in check – as we have members here who are fans of both and I’m absolutely fine with that. What say you all?

  54. Rusharr,

    If he was at LA airport 6 hours ago, which would be +2 hours here= 8 hours in Texas and would be 9 hours in the East. Let’s say there is no transit for this flight, he may still be in the air then. Ya you are right, he is still flying high in the sky!!!

    BTW when is his first performance?

  55. Hi john,

    yea, your’re right. we should be more positive. David James needs us to support him more than ever now. No matter who his rivals are, he’s okay with everything, and so should we…aigggh, david, david, why are you so nice like an angel huh?

    we could stay mad at anything because of him…he calm us down with his songs..

    We LOVE you David, don’t worry about anything ya, just stay healthy and do your best, share your gifts to us.

    hugsssss to everyone

  56. sorry typo “we could NOT stay mad at anything because of him…he calm us down with his songs..”

    hehe better

  57. Sure, John. That will be a nice and kind gestures to embrace both Davids.
    I must confess to you folks, a couple of weeks ago, I saw a video clip of David Cook singing.
    I was taken back, he actually is a great looking young man. I think he shaved a little and I can actually see his clear or clean cut face, I told myself, hey, he is pleasant and good looking.
    Since both Davids are great buddies, we should accept them and be happy.

  58. Rusharr,

    So he doesn’t need to hurry then. Great! hopes he get to shop around or sight seeing before 24th.

  59. how could anyone ever hate such a gentle, sensitive soul…

    We love you very very much Davey!

  60. Kitty,

    I love this song too. He’s like comforting us, reminding us is part of life. We are all humans prone to fall or make mistakes.

  61. John…totally! I no longer care about the haters out there or those who don’t get our David. We love him and we don’t make any excuses!

    Have a blast in the UK David! And come back to Asia soon. WE MISS YOU MORE!

  62. Morning peeps.


    John, if you’re really an angel, I bet you’d have 20 pairs of wings 😀

  63. I am always upset when I read negative reviews about David. However, after reading this post, I no longer care about them. 🙂

  64. Oh so a negative poster wandered here as well? I broke my heart to read D’s twitters… I’m not so musically-inclined – he sounded fine to me lol! Reading the stuff on EW was depressing, but I’m glad all other media were generally objective about it. Thkfully ppl like those on EW exists only in small pockets of the American society. And I shake my head at the bashing that’s being heaped now on the AI8 frontrunners. Thkfully also the music industry is so much bigger than AI lol!

  65. John .. that’s the weakness of an ardent fan .. we won’t tolerate anyone who sees it otherwise let alone vocalise it!! Our reaction is always protect the one we love! Incidently .. i love cook too but dont care much abt his rocky tone that’s all.

  66. About the negative commenters yesterday: I’m really fimiliar with handling trolls online ’cause they use to be a lot all over the AI boards during the course of AI7. 😀 I just give them a hug, a brownie and some milk and walk away. :3

    Aww, he misses Asia. *iz hoping he’ll transit in Malaysia when he goes to Manila later* lol JK

  67. Archumorning peeps…

    hey debz…

    wat time did u sleep lest nite???

    anyone want ZG ringtone?

  68. I think I’m sadder when I read David saying in his twitter “……I’ll make sure that doesnt happen again.” Almost like an oath to the fans. And a death sign-off for himself???

    Maybe reading too much into it.


  69. kylie, david must’ve read a lot of bad reviews abt his performance… so, maybe dats y he twittered like dat… aww, david… dont be too hard om urself… we’ll b supporting u all the way…

  70. Shu, yes, being too ardent can be problematic at times. It may cause us not to see the real & true picture. If the performance wasnt that great, we can admit it with good dose of positivity. We shouldnt need to create a war to defend him to death.

    And yeah, we can also say we are not into Cook and leave it at that. No one need to force us to like Cook. Neither do we use strong words to describe other artists and AI contestants. What you see, we may not see. Nothing wrong with that, right?


  71. Alex- 3:30… almost 4… around there. LOL

    Kylie- LOL His fear (responsibility) is taking a toll on himself. He really needn’t worry much. Let’s make him a get well card. lol

  72. LOL Kylie *small voice* I like Cook. But yeah, no need to say anything. He has his own traits and our David has his own. Two different people with different styles that may or may not suit everybody’s tastes.

  73. i love david

    i love archuleta avenue malaysia! thanks for all the things you do for david!!!

  74. yeah Kylie. I read that twittr too and it cleaved my heart into two.

    Gosh, he’s HUMAN. What’s wrong with some people?? But we know our David enough that he’ll take it as a lesson/challenge and will emerge from it VICTORIOUS! > . <


  75. i thought he was amazing at AI last night… reminds me of his showcase in KL.
    hope to meet him soon.. LOL! He is freaking adorable. Smiling 24/7!

  76. ohmygoshashley~ do you have LJ by any chance? ’cause our avvy looks fimiliar. 😉

  77. David is his own worst critic and he’s a perfectionist when it comes to his music. There’s no such thing as “good enough” or half measures in the way he plies his trade. I know for certainty that David will give his all each time and that’s why I’m such an ardent fan and I will defend him till the bitter end.

    This tells me that David is serious about his craft and is passionate about it. His professional attitude is very similar to the way Tiger Woods approaches his sport – it’s all or nothing. Either do or do not, there’s no trying.

  78. LOL Dangg, if I was still in form 5, I’d ace any essay with you guys around. XD With your big twisty words.. me likey. LOL

  79. ok, i just noticed SC left the judge table right after RS cue to commercial…

    i think he went upstage to c David…


  80. John, totally agree with you about the perfectionist in David. Its just that I have a fanciful hope that he is not driven to perfection solely by the fans. But more for himself. And his own dreams and hopes.


  81. i wish i can write like y’all…

    so bombastic la, the words…


  82. Lol Debz, you are still furthering your studies right? Look for John when you need to ace any essays.


  83. It just breaks my heart that David feels like he needs to apologize. It made me cry to hear that. I know how much he wants to make his fans happy. He doesn’t realize that we were all proud of him last night. We love you David. You don’t realize how amazing you are.

  84. Oh, the bombastic words belong to John. In every piece of his writing, there bound to be some words I have to look up the dictionary so that I understand the exact meanings. 😛

    So yes, increase my vocab too.


  85. i just love it when a word is added archu- at the front…

    just archuriffic…

    *there u go again…*

  86. Alex, maybe there are some backstage videos or reports lying around the AI site we can check whether SC did that?


  87. And oh, Debz, I found out lately it’s not so much the bombastic words we have at our disposal, it’s also the skill to put form and emotions to the words, then only a compelling story is created.


  88. Maybe if David had written “I’ll do better next time.” would have soften the pain. Hmm…


  89. Kylie .. Debz suggestion … a get well and best wishes send to David in UK from all of us… is it possible?

    John … every ounce of my nerve feeling abt David is with you alllll the way .. that’s why we are here .. our sounding board .. committed to see his songs goes up in charts .. radio stations we dont even tune into hv our attention lol! sharing our joy of seeing him and wishing him well .. cos he gave us soooo much … is unspeakable:-))

  90. Oooooh, the ZG video tribute to David – haha, the first bits of AAM shoutout video is used at the beginning!!! He was really cute then.


  91. love the ZG vid
    love you all guys 🙂
    and Debz idea of a get well and best wishes cards or stuff for David is great!

    off to hit the sack. archuowling tonight…. 😛

  92. Hi annabelle!
    Wrong time to come on now. The owls have gone to sleep……….

    Bill, your bio clock is really upside down. lol


  93. *gives john a big hug* *gives everyone here a big hug*.

    yes,we love david archuleta and we don’t have to apologize for it.


  94. oh and good er..morning. HAHA. but i woke up at 1stg kayy. and watched david for the 4th time on tv lollll.

    bill – chat again ah tonite? see how la..suspense abit 😛


  95. Lol Anne, we were not expecting you to show until 5pm this evening. All good. All good. John has everything under control.


  96. Hah! You watched David on tv for the 4th time?? And spazzed out again??? You are crazay. No hope for you, Anne *shakes head*


  97. ceyh, Kylie wants to torture me with holding off the chatroll and Anne pun sama ka?

    chatroll or no chatroll, i’ll be archuowling lor 😛

    my bio clock upside down weekends only. Debz one the whole week. haha


  98. HAHA kylie!! kekeke. btw, ure not on msn? need to discuss stg rite?


  99. oh kylie..this side of anne never existed till david archuleta came along..lol.

    bill – i can see that haha!!


  100. I saw that post last night before I signed off and I decided to ignore it, David A. is for the people who get him 🙂 .
    Came here today and seems like John wasn’t the happiest man alive this morning. hehe…. John, just sit back and wait for them to eat their words. (:

    The tribute video has got 3 clips from Malaysia!!! ZG never fails to lift up my mood!
    Oh by the way, BODs of AAM, thumbs up to all of you, so many people are impressed with how the 5 of you have managed this site. Even the fans from US, how many times have we seen them praise AAM? PLENTY! *hugs*

  101. hahahaha! Bill, you are archowl laaa… u stayed up till 3.40 am too? So, any cellcast from UK??? If the show starts at 8pm there it should be around 3am here.

  102. Aww..Lynn, you are one person I love to meet. Wished you came for the showcase!!!

    Credit is due where credit is due – and that’s you guys. Without your support and love for David, the site will be nothing.

    3 clips??? Eh, I need to watch it again 😛


  103. I love too meet you too, Kylie!!! I’ve heard too much praises about you on AAM, supermamacub 🙂
    yeah 3 clips, one AAM clip, the Vblog and one from Rentak Muzik.

    Anne, four times??? Being a math genius(cough, math and my brains don’t sync), you’ve got a good life, because 3 is all I can get. Yesterday night, tonight on 8tv and sunday afternoon. The only time I regret not having astro after AI7.

  104. Hey Fatin .. had a good afternoon … ammmm:-)

    Kylie .. trying to ask my cousin who lives in london to send a card on our behalf .. She is a cook fan .. but well .. she was my flower girl at my wedding .. n hope she will do it haha! no harm trying right? will let u know if I can get any headway ok?

  105. Kylie – lol.. x hilang mana2… my dad got some work at PD so I’m home early n taking my nap.. 😉 hahaha

  106. wow.. just watch the tribute… SOOOOO NICE.. open up my eyes again.. lol

    Love you too D.. 😉

  107. hola peeps…

    having blackout here…

    now laptop bat ver low…



    oh ya, kylie…

    the vid u requested earlier, no where to b found…



    for now…



  108. Hey my sis amira…

    kylie – thanks… I can’t watch the youtube earlier at the office (I figure u put it).. but OMG.. its give me goose bumps again al over again seing D sung Love Me Tender.. owww

  109. Happiness is reachable, no matter how long it lasts . We should stop making our lives complicated.

    Life is short
    Break the rules
    forgive quickly
    love truly
    laugh constantly
    And never stop smiling
    no matter how strange life is
    Life is not always the party we expected to be
    but as long as we are here, we should smile and be grateful.

  110. This is from Gengen tweet..

    David Archuleta’s first album will be released to 10 Asian countries/areas after being introduced to China on May 12. How cool is that!!!!

    this is not include M’sia, S’pore, Indon. and Phili… i think…huh?

  111. Hee. It’s nice to know what’s what with David 😉

    Oh btw, I’ve followed McFly’s Tweeter too. I can’t wait to see what they’ll tweet about when they hear David sings!

  112. shouldn’t it be “David Archuleta : We love you and YOU don’t have to apologize for it” Haha. Whatever!

  113. Hehe. Act I’m a fan of McFly, though not as fanatic as I’m a fan of David. Hee. Anyways, I’m sure they’ll be blown away by our David Archuleta!

  114. hey guys, i started to come here since err.. when david came to Malaysia to perform hehe.

    Nice to meet you guys (if you guys really see this LOL)

    i watched American Idol and watched his performance.. He was great! 😀

  115. Heyy! Tom from McFly just tweets about David!

    “tommcfly – Tonight is the first night with David Archuleta opening for us! Must thank him for mentioning us on American Idol!”

  116. rusharr, I started noticed him since AI top 12 LOL =x
    Besides David A, i like Ramiele too! Hehe, i really like AI Season 7, missed all of them 🙂

  117. Hey guys… I’m back again.. lol

    Hey there Elmo

    p/s: twitter is so slow on my laptop.. haih..

  118. Annie Germany fan informing D…

    ArchFansGermany@davidarchie – current weather in Edinburgh: 8°C (46.4 F), hazy. brrrrr. Hope you have a nice cuddly scarf and a warm jacket with you. 🙂

  119. Eh Fatin, where u hilang again? We are obssessive fans you know. We never leave our eyes off David.



  120. i’m from Malaysia =x lol.. i’m from KL.

    Nop, i didn’t go to the showcase. I couldn’t get the tickets lol. went to buy his albums but out of stocks. hitz.fm and fly.fm didn’t pick up my call LOL

  121. eLmo, OIC. Should have come over to AAM earlier. We had some spares to giveaway at the last minute.


  122. owh.. nice to meet you Elmo.. i’ve got from hitz.. n buy the album.. lol

    kylie- lol…. *speechless* 😉

  123. Aww Elmo you must be bumped! I went thru the same thing at first, but luckily my cousin managed to get a ticket for me at the very last minute.

  124. lol. that time when hitz giving out the last pair of tickets, i was like ‘CALL ME, CALL ME!!!! rawr!’ -.-

    yeah, should have came earlier to AAM lol

  125. Hello everyone!!! I went off to study chemistry and feel asleep :S :S
    I think the McFly people love David!!!! Obviously they watched David’s performance! hehehe…


  126. Rusharr…. were you in the 2nd row? LOL! I actually did not have intentions to ask u that question. But you gave me the idea. I will know you, when I meet you, I guess. How’s your fly-day? More intense voting?

  127. So is chatroll on again tonight? My parents might snap at me knowing I’ll still be up by 3am. =D

  128. Hello~ Just came back from a movie date with my friend (she’s going of to matrics later on, so yeah).

    I wanna share a funny story! 8D Just now, we went for our movie on time, but the movie started later than usual. So, my friend complained why isn’t the movie starting as scheduled.

    Then…I heard it.

    ALTNOY PLAYING IN THE FILM BOOTH! LOL (Bet it has nothing to do with the tardiness,but lol, I love using my imagination)

    …aaand, I heard David 2 more times when we were out shopping. My friend called me crazy but idc. LOL 😉

    Okay, now back on topic. 8D Archuduties!! *left behind*

  129. hey do we need to pay to follow david’s twitter? im a follower but i want to get updates thru smses.. like pacmee 🙂

  130. I just had to stop in and say how much I love you guys!! The support that you showed David in Malaysia obviously made him want to come back to you as soon as possible! He even twittered that he missed Asia! What that says about ALL of YOU goes without saying!

    Thank you for being a warrior for David. I will gladly be part of any army you call to protect him!

  131. Oh, and David already seems to be having an amazing time in the UK! Go UK Archies – make him love it there too!!!

  132. Hey karenkid 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by. Yeah we’ll gladly recruit you into our army! The more the merrier I say 🙂

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