65 comments on “What a rush!

  1. Johnnnnnnnnnnn! *hugs* I was feeling much better until i read thissss.
    i miss the ‘little’ guy too. *tears*.


  2. John! Hi! *waves* Awww, such beautiful momories come back to me as I read this. Oh yes! Yes! It DID feel like Christmas at the time! I’ve never felt an atmosphere as warm in a long, long time.

  3. *thumbs up* wooot! 😀 we all miss him..
    can’t believe it all ended in just a blink of an eye.

    oh ya! there is a new pic from david right? pac mee.. i got the msg just now..

  4. JOHN! *sobssssss* Emo rush again la. With all his pac mee, Vlog and now your post. I miss him to. I think we all do!

    Aih.. the ZG jig.. He’s getting comfortable and letting loose with us, but that’s when he has to say goodbye too. 😦 You’re right John, that’s the highlight for the 3 days and his performance too.


  5. yaya.. i rmmber the lil jig !! i got shock .. he is sooo cute.. if he can do that infront of us(fans) means he is being HIM… yaya.. he is being himself all these while.. LOLS… glad he is confortable being with AAM-ers…

    and he came up n sat with us WITHOUT ‘david archuleta security’.. awwwww..

    miss him much =)

  6. Hey John, I see you found your words afterall.

    That is so eloquently written! I think you said it all for many fans. thank you for sharing!

    Very touching recap!!!

  7. John, if I were your college lecturer I’d award you the highest grade EVER for this write-up! My eyes don’t get misty easily John, but I am now…..

  8. Hey AAM folks/bod,

    There is a Red FM interview from Malaysia. It is a great one, the lady who interviewed David is really good. I think her name is Aly. Go check it out~`

  9. Morning John … thks for pouring out our hearts with ur words .. I miss him .. n Ray too!!

  10. Hi shu yee,

    Good morning!

    Isn’t he precious? Have you check out FOD yet?
    Red Fm from Malaysia posted their interview with him there. check it out.

  11. Anne .. n every AAMes who will be sitting for exams .. wishing u guys the best n pray that u will hv clarity of minds n recollections of what u hv studied! Sooo studyy:-)))

  12. Eunice, the Red FM interview already posted – in the previous posts. Yeah the threads are moving lightning speed.


  13. Morning…

    Uncle John… I miss him too…
    What a wonderful words and feelings to describe…

    Owh D.. please come back here ASAP!!!

  14. Rusharr you’re on a roll already! I know we can count on you to marshall the radio duties! Plssss vote/request full swing guys – weekend’s coming up!

    John – again you are amazing at finding the right balance of words for our ‘little guy’! Thks!

    All the best to everyone sitting for exams next week!

  15. Hei…Elicia you think u can get insight scope…why Nightflight didn’t play Altnoy even though many of us requesting!

    Shu ….yes!! phantom act day!!!

  16. I like this post over at FOD..he..he..refering to D performanceon AI next week..

    “i’ll be anxious to see what they do for David’s video next week. there is so much – platinum Crush, gold CD, jingle jams, solo tour, asia tour (Beatlemania welcome at the KLIA), his wonderful involvement in all the charities would be way cool too.”

  17. Rusharr- like I said – they just updated the playlist n ALTNOY has been dropped due to very low request count. Crush still gets a few spot spins. As with all the Fly shows – the playlist is preset, although they do sometimes play an impromptu request on NF – only if you call in to request (not sms – that goes into the total request count)! All our requests this week can hopefully push it back into their playlist which I think will only be reviewed again next week or week after next.

    So keep webquesting and sms requesting guys… and try to call in to request the song on NF or try your luck even with MHM – if you want them to spin it impromptu. That’s how it works on Flyfm lol!

  18. aww………… the words brought me to tear *sob*

    yea for me, david is not like star
    but more like a friend

    argh~~~ missing him everyday

  19. Daniel .. I’m a little behind as I just skimmed thru the old posts n comments .. n read ur composition to aam .. woow .. u hv talent! sori did not hv a chance to say hello while u were here. Hope u hv a great flight back to Florida!

  20. Bravo John! Excellent writeup to describe the feeling of ODD after Big Little David (aww, he’s got a little red indian name now heheh) left us in awe and pining for more of him.. huhuhu

    David! David! David (chanting in my head now hehehe)

  21. aaw John,

    precious words for the Precious one,

    Imagine the memories that David took with him of Malaysia!… that jig might turn into a ‘joget’
    next round!!

    Keep the archulove burnin’

  22. btw, anyone up to the ZG vid compilation i suggest last nite??? anne gave the green lite…

  23. Omg, yes! We miss HIM SOOOOO MUCH.
    I’m sooo glad he had a great time here with everyone in M’sia!

    AAM, you guys really did it! 🙂

  24. Beautiful.

    Dear John,

    If you ever write a whole book of your thoughts and memories of David that you’ve conceived through the years as an Arch Angel…I’d buy it.

    In awe (& tears),
    Leana 🙂


    Hey Guys,

    Start requesting and listen out for TOUCH MY HAND on Hitz (especially) and Fly Fm. Is iz 3rd single…..

    You can request for TMH the way you have been doing for ALTNOY. Hit up on the TMH buzzzzzz. And max it!

    And sound out here when you hear TMH on the radio – we want to keep track of the spins.


  26. Owh.. same with me.. but my office server got some problem… been trying to vote n request but it SOOOO SLOWWW…

  27. I knew it Kylie! Great – 3rd single… though it seems Richard’s clue for next week’s AI song is still ALTNOY! I’m for TMH… ALTNOY’s run is almost done here lol!

  28. Oh John, awww….you and David are brave to express your feelings here – YOU missing him and HE missing US. I know he will definitely be coming back to Malaysia and this time the organiser will have no problem seeking sponsors after the Archu Craze he created for a month…

    JMO – He has unintentionally built some unofficial PR sites who provides reliable info on his busy schedule; upload his every performances on youtube and also help to push his album sales and singles up the charts like

    USA – FOD and Snarky Archies;
    Singapore – Team Archie;
    Malaysia – AAM – 51 nights of ALTNOY; constant reminders to vote at radio stations by one gussy lady;

    I am sure if those DJs at those radio stations want to find the latest news of David, I am sure this is the site they look first.

    Anyway, David deserves to be loved. He is such a wonderful person. Like I said in the previous post, those who have spent longer than my 5 sec with David have fallen deeply in LOVE with him and likewise for David. Well, we shall be seeing him on tv next week, so sit tight, ready to be blown away like he did on last Saturday!! Yeah!!!

    Ok – Goodnite and sweeet dreams.

  29. I feel like crying when I read your post.
    Yes, we miss him so badly.
    I can’t even concentrate when I’m in college.


    I know he missed us too!!

  30. John…so touching to read! It was wonderful to see the love and adoration that was shown to David during his visit to your country. It was obvious to me while watching the videos that he felt completely enveloped in the love being shown to him during his stay. I understood the “bittersweet” moment you felt when he looked over his shoulder and said good-bye…his fans all over the world have experienced it! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts of David with us!

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