519 comments on “HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY DAVID

  1. David just came on for a split second on E! Holiday with the Stars – talking abt spending time with family for the holidays (interview at the Seacrest event). Then again some flashbacks when Ryan talked briefly abt AI8. Cute!


    Oh yeah, lots of good food too…

  3. Oh David sightings seem to happen to me quite randomly today. First this morning, i heard crush on hitzfm.

    Now, I just saw him on the yahoo homepage where they played the pepsi music smash video of crush..theonein the flower shop.
    Ahhh so nice to have David sightings on his birthday…haha!

  4. Have youself a Merry little birthday
    A day that’s full of delight
    From now on
    Your star will be shining bright

    Have yourself a merry little birthday
    Dream the highest that you can
    This day on
    Now that you have become a man

    Here you are on this golden day
    Happy golden day of yours
    Family, friends who are dear to you
    Gather near to you once more

    Thru the years
    We all will be together
    If the fates allow
    You’re a shining star upon the highest bough
    And have yourself a merry little birthday now

    Happy birthday David, we love you and we’ll always support you through thick and thin, up and down. As you said we’re as much a part of this as you are.

    But watch out for those tricky candles though haha

  5. Blessed 18th Birthday, David! πŸ˜€

    My not-so-witty one-liner: The moment every ArchAngel has been waiting for has arrived: David is finally LEGAL!!! πŸ™‚

    David’s MySpace is overflowing with birthday wishes! πŸ˜€ Love the header, Lily! Can’t view the video, too. 😦


  6. Happy Birthday David!!!

    his blogs are probably overflowing with wishes and love
    so here is another one πŸ˜€
    Please come to malaysia!!!


  7. Happy Birthday David!

    So you have reached eighteen
    Do you know what that means
    For you, your family & your fans
    Plenty of happiness and joy no end

    So David, cherish this beautiful day
    And thank you, thank you, your fans say
    We are as much a part of it as u are, you say,
    So together, let joy & happiness be ours all the way

  8. wow dja, your poem all rhyme one..very good ah.

    did u guys flood his myspace with birthday wishes too?

  9. LOL.Can’t flood it. I would. But not his friend YET. :p
    Djarox13!!! what have you been up to lately?! Havent seen you in ‘ages’ LOL! Nice poem btw, you should post it in his MySpace. Not here D: he can’t see it here. LOL. Stay with me till 11pm!

  10. Djarox13, such a beautiful poem. πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing.

    Kim, when Lily and I tried to post for the second time at his MySpace @ midnight last night, MySpace prevented us from doing so and asked us to give other people a chance to post. Haha! Oops… πŸ˜›


  11. ROFL…

    myspace overload ….

    fod is really having a party.love those baby pics of david. and the fans videos from asian countries..cool.

    party party!

  12. Hey ppl, I know I have been missing, some relatives came back from Melbourne, then no computer, (sigh!), then partylah, churchlah,
    it wasnt easy to log in.
    But you guys are way cool with all your wishes. I tried myspace but I couldnt even pass the registering part (:
    I will try to get some computer time tomorrow coz I miss everyoen so much & ihave so many stories to share! But for now, our David is 18!!
    Stay beautiful everyone, goodnite and I will try my best to spend more time here hopefully by tomorrow.
    Palm to Heart Arcangels & archies ❀

  13. i know im a lil late here but..
    Happy 18th Birthday David. Words are not enough to describe how much u mean to us. Wish i can give u a BIG birthday hug but..i guess a belated one in the not so distant future will do heh.

    john, love your poem. πŸ˜€
    goodnight DJA!! *hugs*


  14. David!!!! Blessed 18th Birthday!

    Hope the day has been a blast for you. What a tremendous year 2008 has been for you and us as fans!

    David James Archuleta, YOU ARE ONE OF A KIND…and that is a really good thing all round.

    Here’s to 2009, many more dreams coming true so get ready, David! πŸ™‚

  15. Hi Kylie,

    You are right, it is only 6.50 pm on the west coast here. If he has a party, it may have just started!

    Have a Blessed Birthday, dear David!

    Climb every mountain,
    Flow every stream.
    Follow every rainbow,
    Til you find your dream!!!!!

    May your every dream come true as you embark on to the New Year, 2009. As you turn 18 today,
    an age that marks your young adulthood from this day onward. May the Lord bless you and watch over you daily in all your ways!

  16. Isn’t it great that even newsblogs are wishing him Happy Birthday? Lol! Did they do that for Cook last week? Our baby is hot news haha!

    And Crush at 10 million views! The Archangels did it!

  17. Justine my, my whatever do you mean when you point out that David’s legal? πŸ˜‰

    Cook had a birthday las week? Wow how interesting πŸ™‚

    Questions for all you Archies out there: what were you doing when you turned 18? What were your musical influences? What were your ambitions? Or were your minds – fueled by hormone saturated bodies – completely focussed on members of the opposite sex πŸ˜‰ Did you harbor dreams of being a singer or entertainer? Did you listen obediently to your parents or were you an out and out rebel, dressed appropriately in the latest “cool” fashions of the time and giving your parents heart attacks with your teenage angst and adolescent hysterics? Or were you all just the usual geeks hehe

  18. Hi John,

    Good questions! what about you answering them first? What were you like when you were 18?
    What about you start the ball rolllling?

  19. OMG….John, that was too long ago!!!

    My memory is beginning to fail me…whatever did I do at 18? Giddy…Excited….Nervous…..coz getting ready for University. The first step to adulthood, freedom and independence πŸ˜› .

  20. Hi Eunice….I know you must be sleeping by now. I just logged in to wish David on his Myspace and AAM. Then the hustle bustle with the kids began.

    John, “legal” means the world is at David’s feet. No?

    Elice, YAY!!!! I read the blogs! Our baby is no longer baby. No more Baby D but Hot D. Yes?

    Oh, I didnt know Cook’s birthday was last week.

  21. Ok Eunice…let’s see when I turned 18 I was crazy over bowling!! haha. Yeah that was the in thing with me and my friends. Girls were a close second but could never replace bowling. Not until a little later of course πŸ˜‰

    I was a semi-geek you could say. Not really popular but well liked enough to have a bunch of close buddies to hang around. Interests other than bowling centered around music and movies. I remember catching all the latest movies that was screened. School wasn’t my best achievements but I got by. Not a rebel by any stretch of the imagination as I was brought up to obey without question.

    I remember the first handphones came out; they were huge clunky monstrosity that you carried around in a little suitcase like carrier. Then of course Sony released the Walkman portable music player.

  22. Hi Kylie,

    I am still around! Just got started! Watching Law and order now.

    Both you and John were great normal 18 years old!

  23. Hhhmm….Eunice I wish I was a bit more rebellious and daring about decisions in my life back then but I meekly followed the path of the safe and ‘normal’. I wish I had the gumption to follow my inner voice a liitle more.

    So now whenever young people asks me about their destinations in life I always urge them to listen to what their instincts are telling them. Often times you can get a pretty good idea of what to do.

  24. As for me, I was homely, did chores around the house. Not much a shopper not a movie goer either. Just not interested because I was active in church activities. Not a fashion goer, I learned to sew my own clothes then!! Neighbors called me a “kwai kwai” girl! But I am pretty fierce, or protective over my younger siblings against bullies! I dare to fight with them! Once I marched over to my neighbor’s house to confront two brothers for threatening to hurt my younger brother, they were shocked. They didn’t expect me to show up. Their mom was speeeechless!!!!
    After that incident, they knew the real meeeee! Hahaha!

  25. John, you still have the chance to reach your goal in life. It is never too late! Don’t resign to your present state.

  26. Whoa Eunice :-)…I am woman hear me roar! haha. Wow Sasha Fierce in the flesh.

    As for me I’m the youngest so had older siblings to fight my battles for me although I didn’t get into serious scraps during my teen years. Quite the goody goody two shoes was I haha.

  27. I am the oldest! I learned to protect my younger siblings. By God’s grace, my parents trust me alot.
    They did not have much problems with me. Cause I was around the house, taking care of chores. Responsible you may say, yes I was and still am.

  28. You know I’ve always wondered how it would feel to be in a positon like David’s. The subject of adulation and admiration of possibly millions just by doing what you love to do. Living your life in a fishbowl and having it viewed under a microscope all the time. Being famous and well known and loved is surely such a massive boost to the ego and a real natural high.

    I guess the excitement and novelty would wear off in time and may become tedious, but I suspect a person such as David – who isn’t in this ostensibly for the fame and fortune – would find all the attention really bewildering and not too beguiling at times. I think it’s precisely this reason that he’ll never give into all the trappings and pr machinery and stay true to himself.

    I wonder if I would be able to handle all the pressure and attention with the grace and ease that David seems to be doing so far?

  29. john, to answer your first question to all archies – what were we doing when we turned 18? i’m glad that i can answer this … i have yet to turn 18! Hahahaha. πŸ™‚

    it’s so interesting to hear all your stories. hehe.

  30. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, DAVID!!!! May you have a blessed year ahead πŸ™‚

    Sorry I couldn’t drop by yesterday, the wedding and the “party” almost knocked me out. Right, so 28th December will mean David’s bday, sister’s wedding anniversary and cousin’s bday.

    John, I liked the questions, although I’m 15. hehehe! They are good questions for me to ask myself as a 15 year-old;) And now I think I’m a nerd.
    Lily, thanks for the video! You rock!

    By the way, this is what I just found from standard.net. The results come from nominations and votes from their staff members


    BEST NEW ARTIST David Archuleta “I like him because he’s just an average teenager like the rest of us,” says Julia Saxton at Roy High. 2. Katy Perry

    BEST NEW SONG Hip Hop: “Crush,” David Archuleta

    I would like to dedicate this really short happy birthday music (38 sec only) to you.

    Btw, sorry for the horrible sound system coz my dinosaur digital camera is really old and only can take a video for less than 2 minutes.

  32. Hi Kelvin!!! Thanks for dropping by! So great to see your name here! πŸ˜€


  33. Hi, Kylie. I just came back from holiday. So, this is really a very rush birthday present for David. That’s me in the video.
    Hi, anonymous/fusion???????Please show yourself. My daughter played the piano? hahahaha. Did you see the pink colour baby shoes in the background of the vid?
    Hi, Justine.
    Hi, Kelvin…..ummm but I don’t know who you are?

  34. Damania, you rocked on the piano!!!! W-O-W!!! Incredible!!! Thank you for sharing! πŸ˜€


  35. Hi Justine and Joyce!

    I thought I lost you both, ladies! Where have you been?
    Belated Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to you!

    Take care and be good!!!!

  36. Hello Eunice! Howdy! πŸ˜€ I am still here. Haha. Been away intermittently for the holidays with my family. Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too! Hope you had a great Christmas and have your New Year’s resolutions ready! I’m sure there will be fireworks on the eve over there? πŸ™‚


  37. Damania, you play the piano really well!! πŸ™‚ I’m very sorry that I am a very greedy person, but in case you have time in future, do you mind putting up more vids of you playing the piano? Now, I kinda regret giving up piano 7 years ago.

    Goodnight, AAM!

  38. john – at 18? I was enjoying my holidays. LOL.
    and if i were to be faced with all that david has in less than 1 year…i cant say i would have stayed the same person. All the more reasons this young man never fails to amaze me.
    kelvin – hi there!!Have heard about you!Glad to see u here! (:
    lynn – goodnighttt!


  39. Anne you’re so right about David staying the same person and just like Julia Saxton says “I like him cause he’s just an average teenager like the rest of us.” That’s what connects David with his fans so much – the fact that he’s stayed the same person even after such a whirlwind year in his life. He’s remained calm and steady and has not let all the clamour and activity in the fast lane affect him one bit. Can’t say the same about a lot of other teen stars out there.

    I have to say though that David is not quite your normal or average teenager as he has tons of artistic talent that most adults would envy. Plus the strength of character to stay true to himself in the midst of all the tumult sets him apart from most teenagers and even a lot of adults.

    Kelvin welcome to AAM πŸ™‚

    And that video posted by Justine, I guess, was whoa! I saw the first line that says “I like to do it slow” haha….very naughty! πŸ˜‰

    Lynn you’re only 15? Wowza! You sound way more mature than 15. I could’ve sworn you were in your 20s and I mean that as a compliment πŸ™‚

    Good Morning everyone! A couple more days and we’re into 2009. Any new years resolution (s)?

  40. Damania I can’t enjoy your birthday video yet as my crappy office computer does not have sound so I’ll have to wait till I get home πŸ™‚

  41. John, then you are in for an awesome treat with Damania’s piano piece πŸ™‚

    Anne, so we now know who to badger for music pieces for videos πŸ˜›

    Damania, we should have included this in the birthday video we sent to David!!!!!!!! Are you a piano teacher?

    Fusion, Damania’s daughter is even younger than mine la.

  42. Oh Damania, yeah, I wanna see more videos of your piano pieces too! Have you worked on David’s songs? Especially “You Can” or “To Be With You” and adding the little touches? If not, can you consider this as a request?

  43. Stephanie, awesome header!!!!
    Can you do one for the Chinese New Year? πŸ˜›

    Woweee….Nice. David’s fans are talented. We need to discover more! By the time David makes it to Malaysia, we have a pool of talents to tap into.

  44. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!

    You are early, Kylie! Are you at work?
    Sorry, I missed chatting with you last night.

    I am so glad we have so many talented AAM members here. I am sure more are yet to be discovered.

    Have a great day!!!!

  45. Morning Eunice! Yeap, at work. I posted the IDF links for you at the other post.

    I’ll be in and out of AAM today. Where is John?

  46. Here I am baby,
    Signed, sealed, delivered,
    I’m yours πŸ™‚

    Hey girls and maybe guy ( Fusion ), can anyone of you come up with a siggy that we ( AMMers ) can use when we post comments at IDF? I think that way we can promote AAM in a way plus any other forums that you guys posts at. The siggy should incorporate AAM in the overall graphic. What do you guys think?

  47. Dear Anne and John,

    I do agree with both of you that David has handled the current pressures so well, despite of his shyness and inexperience with the media.
    David has grown so much in his skill, both in his stage presentation and also in his interactions with reporters and even fans. He is a little witty too at times. I am sure he has discovered/ exposed to a lot of things within this short year. Hopefully, he is able to sift all these experiences and learn from them.

    Let’s wait and see how our dear David progresses in this coming new year, 2009! Let’s say, year 2009, is the year of David James Archuledta!!!

  48. John, great idea. We can have a few to choose from.

    Email to AAM the siggys – I think they need to be of a certain size?

  49. Good idea! to create a what? “ssiggy”? Must be a new term then!!! Of course, anything that serves to promote AAM will be cool.

    What about theeeee articles, Sir John?

  50. Kylie,

    Starfusion will be great for this job.
    You may have to buy Starfusion/fusion lunch to get him create a siggy! Remember he thinks you are mad at him sometime ago.

  51. Haha, Justine posted that chapstick video? Naughty Justine and she herself is not even legal yet, right? Legal age to drink is 18 for both genders, 18 for males to marry and 16 for females to marry -yes?

    I thought it was Anne or Lily who posted the video.

  52. Eunice,

    Lol, wait…..right now he is the one who is mad, not me anymore. Hey, maybe you can work some charm on him….. need to bring something speshul back from USA for him. Did you get anything autographed by David – maybe that will help? If you are willing to part with it.

  53. Lynn……she’s like my favoritest young teen in the world πŸ™‚ Hehe, and Rachel. Where are you, Rachel?

  54. Kylie,

    I saw the chapstick video too. Are you sure Justine posted it? Ohhh, I hope she didn’t mean to create any “naughty” impreesion!

    Let’s keep it shhhhhhh, so as not to embarrass her!

  55. Yah Kylie the siggys have to conform to IDF regulations or else they’ll yank it.

    Haha we are the “Pagi Show” of AAM πŸ™‚

    Eunice “siggy” is short for signature. It’s a graphic / icon that appears on any comments that you post at IDF, sort of like an identity i.e your signature. It’s very similar to the pic / icon that appears beside your comments here at AAM.


  56. Kylie, I think I have offended him too. So let’s wait til he calms down first. Hopefully, he will volunteer to create one.

  57. Thanks for the information on the siggy. You mean the funny stamp like thing on the top right corner? Sorry, I am a tech-illiterate!

  58. Wah Eunice and Kylie has gotten Fusion mad?
    Maybe that’s why he’s feeling so sad?
    And what did you ladies do that was so bad?
    To make Fusion such an unhappy lad? πŸ™‚

  59. Yup Eunice that “funny stamp like thing” is what I meant although in this ( AAM ) case it’s called an “avatar”. Don’t know what that means though haha


  60. Maybe, you, John is the best person to befriend Fusion! Remember the elimination game the other day. He revealed himself, he was the Anonymous 2, and claimed you were the real imposter. Maybe, you can start from there.

  61. Eunice you’ll have to furnish us with an email address. We can start the initial process of creating the avatar but you’ll have to finish the job as WordPress wil then send you an email detailing the final steps you have to take.

    Oh Fusion come out, come out wherever you are hehe.


  62. Hehe, John has gone all techie on us

    Well, hello there, I have an avatar. I think it’s called a gravatar for wordpress blogs.

  63. John, I commented back on D’Arch.com site πŸ™‚

    Where’s Fusion? It’s too early for him to wake up! These young people party till wee hours and wake up when the sun starts to go down.

  64. D’Arch.com site? what’s that? Another new site?

    Goodness do we have to create an account as well? I have so many accounts I have trouble keeping track of all of them hehe

    Maybe I’ll write an article on all the accounts that I’ve signed up ever since David came along. It’ll be a few pages long I can tell ya πŸ™‚


  65. Hi Kelvin,

    You have a cool site there! I browse through it.
    Great job!! It is so nice for you to visit us here at AAM.

  66. John,

    Sounds so complicating to get an avatar. I think I will just drop the subject. I am contented with what I have now.

    Thanks though. I will get one later if I have to.
    Can I ask someone on my side to create one instead of going through AAM?

  67. OOKk, Kylie that’s you. I tried to pick up where you left off, welcoming new members. Hahaha.
    Since I am so useless in the other tech stuffs. At least I can be a greeter.

    Did I do a good job, Boss?

  68. No la, John. D’Arch.com is the official site lah.

    Oh yes, please, write that article. I have tons of accounts because of David. Some are online US magazines, radio, newspaper, music etc – had to sign up for an account to buzz up David. Then there tons of fansites for David.

  69. John, if I’m not wrong, davidarchuleta.com is the official website for David with forums and stuff. Its quite a new site I think.

    Kylie, AAM(I suppose it was John), I’m not that matured, I’ve got plenty to learn from the people around me. When compared to people that are my age who are so matured and have achieved way more than I’ve, I’m nothing. πŸ™‚

    Hey, do you all have problems with Fly FM now? For the past few days, it is as if there isn’t any DJ at all. Any idea what is wrong?

  70. Hey,

    Kelvin’s site has David’s songs available too.
    Can we create one like that, I mean his songs?
    That will be attractive to new visitors!!!

  71. Ahhhhh Lynnnnnn is here!!

    Fly was paying respect to the passing of the Negeri Sembilan Sultan. No DJ or shows. I think it’s back to business today? I thought I heard the Pagi Show fellas this morning.

  72. Lynn Flyfm was just paying respect to the passing of the Negri ruler. They’re back on track as of this morning.

    Oh yah the official David fansite in which Kelvin has a group called the Malaysian Fans Arch Angel I think.

  73. This morning though on Flyfm it wasn’t the usual trio of Ben and the other two what’s their faces but Jules and a guy dj. Basil? Anyway they played Crush early in the morning. I was hoping they would spin ALTNOY

  74. John and kcuntld, thanks for the info! For a moment, I thought Fly FM ceased operations :S But I’ve to admit I was kinda bored in the car without Fly FM. ALTHOUGH, Crush is getting plenty of spins on Hitz and Mix!!!

    Morning, Eunice! hahahhaa… I woke up early today to go to school to collect results. I don’t usually wake up before 10am. lol

  75. Quite sophisticated site leh! I bet all the members are high tech fellas!

    We need Starfusion here to create some of those cool stuffs too.

  76. Eunice, yes but limited features with WordPress.
    Do you know you have just visited the Official David Archuleta site? Kelvin’s is a sub-group created on that site. There are many othe rgroups there. Fans of David has one. Oh, practically anything you can think of la….there’s one that says “Nick Jonas David Archuleta fans”. It’s like a whole Myspace on that site.

    Here’s the main page:

  77. Alamak…. hold on hold on…. Kcunltd = Kylie????? Oh boy, I had no idea at all! hahaha

    PMR results? I got straight As πŸ™‚ So yeah, I’m ok.

  78. Congratulations to you Lynn! “As” wow!

    What is PMR anyway? Sorry I am so out of date here.

    We have hit 110 comments, including this one will be 111!

  79. Thanks for the info on Kelvin’s site, Kylie. I checked it up briefly. I saw a news like David will be performing with Jonas Brothers? True?

  80. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Smart Archie here πŸ™‚

    PMR used to be SRP, Eunice. For Form 3-ers.

  81. Thanks eunice! PMR is a public examination for Form3(year9) students. Some kind of evaluation before we enter upper secondary.

    JONAS BROTHERS??? Wooooooow…. Are they sure they want to perform with DAVID ARCHULETA??? I’m so mean.

    Anyway, I got to go. Will drop by later! πŸ™‚

  82. Guess what? I actually found a copy of True Life Magazine featuring David Archuleta in a magazine shop in KLCC. It was priced at RM 34.. Pricey!! It’s got loads of pics and a couple of posters and “in depth” interviews.. Is this mag for real? Or most likely unauthorized? Anyone going to get it?

  83. Raven, what’s the name of the shop? That must be the Life Story magazine was out recently. Do they have a lot of stock?

    Straight from David’s mouth – it is not authorised by him as in he doesnt know anything about this publication and said that there are some inaccuracies. But he recognised some of the photos from a photoshoot he did and he thought it was for a magazine. Anyhow, he is okay with the publication. He even autographed the Life Story for fans. Yes, some of us probably got it or will be getting it.

  84. Oh, Kylie, what Official site? The Kelvin Beh’s site?

    Thanks for clarifying the PMR thing. Yes, it was SRP then.

  85. It’ seems I’ve been missing all the fun.. At least I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t wish David on his brithday..

    I love your poem John..

    And yes Justine I know what you mean by David being ‘legal’ haha.. I’m counting down the days till he’s here in Malaysia..

  86. Ok my office is quite near KLCC and I know the particular shop in question. Will do a little treasure hunting for the mag

    Lynn whoooooot!!!!! Straight As wowza! Dang we’ve got a smarty pants here folks πŸ™‚

    Jonas Bothers?……oops I mean Brothers hehe. Eeeeww no way jose, they’re as Disney as they come. David is far and above beyond them. Sorry to any JoBros fans here, you know I speak the truth.

  87. Kylie, are you at lunch? What is that Official site you were talking about earlier? I need to learn more about it first.

    I have too many sites now, and I don’t log on them much. Some I don’t even remember what sites.

  88. Ouch, John.

    Some songs okay wat. Okay, some parts.
    Mind you, they are a huge money-making machine. Crowd puller. Catchy songs.

    David, when you are in Malaysia, you need to beware of J—— & R—-, lol. Other than that, you will have lots of fun here.

  89. Oh sorry Eunice, the official site is the link I gave you just now. Once you create an account with an email you chosen, you can start posting comments, do up your own page with stuff and add yourself to the groups that interest you eg. Kelvin’s. Each group has its own forum besides the main forum. So, it’s like a ONE BIG ARCHIE FAMILY under one official roof.

  90. Kylie

    That sounds cool, but I think I am content with what I have now. Too sophisticalted for me.
    I prefer somewhere cozy, less traffic and less congested group, like AAM here.

    I have David’s Myspace site, NotingDavid’s, Fanblast and IDF! I think I have an account with them way back AI, before AI ended.
    Then Itune and paypal…..countelss. I am confused with all the passwords…So I think I will pass it up for now.
    I will wait, may do that sometime later.

  91. Haha, okey dokey, Eunice. If only every click we make is gives one cent to David, he will be super rich by now. The Most Fanatic Fans.

  92. I like the idea, Kylie. David should claim royalty fees from all these sites.

    I have to go to bed now. Have a great afternoon and take care.

    Before I go, I will make one last shoutout to :

    STARFUSION! Hey, Mr Anonymous 2, thanks for revealing yourself. The elimination game is over, you can come out and chat now.

  93. Hi John, before I forget, I have forwarded the EB to you. See if you can get it work this time. Let me

  94. Thanks Kylie, Justine, Eunice, Lynn.
    Congrats Lynn, your parents must be very proud of you.
    Kylie, no, I’m not a music teacher. I just like to mess around on the keyboard and have fun. I can’t remember when was my last time playing the piano (more than 10 years ago, i think). David is the one who make me fall in love in music and touch the piano again.
    Actually, I did try to send a video to AAM for David few weeks ago but the file is too big and I couldn’t attach it to my mail. After almost 1 hour of trying, I gave up. Just yesterday, my son told me that he wanted to post his video in youtube. So, I tried to upload my video first. Surprisingly, it was successfully uploaded. I should have done this earlier instead of trying to send the video through email. Too late. *sigh*

    Yes, Kylie, I did work on David’s songs, but I don’t want to embarrass myself here. My piano skill is not really that great, I need to practice. (If I have time to practice *sigh* again).

  95. Thanks Kylie, Raven and John πŸ™‚ Honestly, the marking system isn’t as strict as it used to be anymore, I wished they could be more strict and give a really good evaluation for us.

    hahahaha, John, I agree. Jobros are waaaaaaaaay overrated.

    AAM, are you people planning to set up a group at the official site for more publicity? It could be good.

    Kylie and Eunice, what is the chapstick video you are talking about? Just curious. hehe

  96. Oh ok, just read all the comments on this post again, and now I know which video you people were talking about. lol!

    Thanks, Damania πŸ™‚ You can play the piano really well! Just post up some videos of you playing the piano when you have the time. I’m sure its gonna be great!

    Goodnight, Eunice!

  97. Damania, aww, should have told us. We can work it out!!! David needs to see you on the piano. I’m glad that David inspired you to love music and piano again. Would such a waste 😦 . Now, now, no modesty allowed here. You are GOOD! Just practice more. And upload those videos pleaaassseee.

  98. And Damania, if you call that “mess around and have fun”, I shudder to think of serious work put in, okay??!!!!

  99. Lynn…that chapstick video is not the original, just so you know πŸ˜› Someone messed around and came up with the one posted here.

    There’s truth in the marking system comment you made but my dear, from what I observe, you are of true straight As material – smart & wise.

    AAM Group on the official – working on it. Look out for it πŸ™‚

  100. Thanks Eunice will download when I get home.

    Come on Kylie JoBros? Seriously? They’re flavour of the month at the moment and of course they make tons of money but not my cup of tea, sorry.

    David with his immense potential will gain his share of the wealth but more importantly than that will garner far more artistic credibility and recognition than the JoBros multiplied 10 times. That’s my opinion.

  101. Okay, can’t argue with you on that one. David IS miles apart from performers/singers his age, twice his age, 3x his age….

    J & R? Two lovely angels πŸ˜›

  102. hahahahaha! Yes, you did it again! Answer questions…. If they are Malaysian Arch-Angels then I know who it is.

  103. Stephanie, oh my goodness, THANK YOU FOR THE ROCKIN’ BANNER!!!! New banner for the new year and the new phase in David’s career!

    Yes yes it was me who posted the Chapstick video. πŸ˜› I honestly meant no harm or ‘naughty’ impressions. Just celebriting his ‘coming of age’…although he came of age years ago. Soli ah… πŸ™‚ This missy is legal to drive, at least! Hehe. Kylie you’ve watched the original video of that??? I saw it ages ago but can’t seem to find it now! At about the same time I watched that, I also watched this really touching video of a girl who stopped slitting her wrists because of David: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4SYcOmGw58 The power of David -in the words of Phua Chu Kang, do not pray-pray (play play). πŸ˜€

    Lynn, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Have a brilliant time celebrating your accomplishment! And I know what you mean about the marking system, too…I felt and am still feeling undeserving of my PMR results. Haha. But I KNOW you are one smart ArchAngel! Cheers to you, Lynn!

    Guys, be on the lookout -or rather, hearout?- for David’s New Year’s shoutout on Hitz!!! A new and improved version from the Christmas one! Very long and very thoughtful and very beautiful message! Heehee.

    John, New Year’s resolutions. I am a bit afraid of making any since this year’s (2008) have YET to be fulfilled. Haha! And I am not 18 yet, but I’ll say this, as a 17-year-old, I can only hope to emulate HALF of David’s character and that itself is going to be incredibly challenging. I know it will be difficult but I will try. πŸ˜‰

    Raven, πŸ˜‰ legallegallegal. You found LIFE MAG?!?!?! Awesome news! ODD feed for January if the news are trickling in slowly! πŸ™‚


  104. justine, the chapstick video in slow motion make a whole world of difference. i think David will prolly ‘pengsan’ if he sees it.haha


    HEY Kelvin!

  105. Justine, thank you! Oh, you got your driving license already? I remember you passing your undang. hehehe! New shoutout on Hitz fm???? I did not even catch the Christmas one, I hope I get to hear this one!!!!

    Kelvin, its really nice to see your support for David.

    24th night in a row for ALTNOY πŸ™‚ Keep it up, Angels!

  106. oh my gosh, it’s 5min to 12 that I ge acess to my dughter’s comp, dang it, anyone n AAM wanna donate a comp to me?

    Kelvin, a very warm welcome to AAM and happy holidyads & a wonerful new year ahead!!

    Lynn, are you zzzzz oredi or u are online??

  107. Good day Djarox13 and every archies :D!!! Where in the world have u been? Stay with me till my loony folks snatch my modem away? πŸ˜€ So why aren’t you in bed yet? Not working tmr? ill prolly be on till 1am or 2 πŸ˜›

  108. yep πŸ˜€ ill have to refresh this site everytime though 😦 its really troublesome!!
    so what r u still up at 12am? plans for today?

  109. crappy net and computer.
    Life’s diff when ur in form 4 though πŸ˜› LOL
    I bet u r too excited and u couldnt sleep πŸ˜€ lol

  110. WOW! I thought I was the only Msian Archie to be still awake, maybe other than Justine and Anne. Looks like I’m wrong..

    John, I think J means John. I’m probably wrong. hahahhaa… but stay away from you? LOL!

  111. StarFusion…. I thought you were MIA! Thanks a lot πŸ™‚ I know life is gonna be different in form 4, but I’m taking everything one step at a time. Its gonna be stressful yet fun.

  112. lol Missing In Action? funny word πŸ˜›
    I am gonna be away for today (later today,afternoon) and tmr πŸ™‚
    why arent u in bed yet? lol bugs biting? or what?
    Yawns, Djarox13 takes 4ever to rply !

  113. Ooooppps, I meant beware of John? Not stay away. sorry…. hehehe! Kylie, did I get that right, is it John?

  114. Im spam this site now πŸ˜€ since im waiting for djarox13 to rply 😦
    oh yeah, britney’s songs lucky, im not a girl not yet a woman,everytime is really nice. dont know why i suddenly downloaded it again and listen to it.

  115. Happy 31st DECEMBER 2008!Baskin Robbins day! LAST DAY OF DECEMBER AND 2008! 😦 GOSH time flies so fasssssttttttt. I’m scared now 😦 Oh gawd.

  116. hahahaha…! I can’t sleep now that I’ve gotten used to sleeping at 2am, which is what I’ve been at for the past two weeks during the road-trip and wedding time. :S Its going to be my last two days sleeping late, before I tune my body clock back to 10.30.

    Freaky isn’t it? I think 2008 went by really fast, but I really enjoyed the journey this year. Learnt a lot and had plenty of new experiences.

  117. I guess you’re off . I’ll talk to you nxt yr then Djarox13 πŸ™‚
    Enjoy the rest of 2008 everyone πŸ˜‰ Prepare to usher in 2009!!! 😦

  118. Starfusion, r u onna say till 2am?

    Dont bluff djarox13 coz I bet yr mom & dad don’ t stay till 2am?

    Anyways, did you gift yr friends David’s album? I gifted 10, 3 say thnk you aunty, 5 said they never head of David A & 2 very thrilled!

  119. me too. It went by really fast. I dont know why , but its relatively fast this yr 😦 but we found david in 2008 . Can’t wait for AI Season 8 πŸ˜€ I nvr liked american idol before this. NEVER.

  120. Dja, you are really generous! 10 albums, 5 said they never heard, means you just introduced David to another 5!!!! Way to go! πŸ™‚

    Me too!!!! I’ve never been so into American Idol and now David got me into it. Although I kinda wonder if AI8 will be as good. I hope to see some great singers like David.


  121. OMG. IM NOT THAT RICH LA AUNTY.plus i havent received any christmas gifts before. small one got la. my family dont celebrate christmas.I dont think so,im really tired now. but they usually stay up till 2 am D: i followed the trend D: my whole family sleeps late (my sis sleeps at 4 D: )
    oh well, im heading to my bed πŸ™‚ u can text me if u want πŸ™‚ get my number frm my suiteheart ,kylie.LOL
    i hate chatting like this. have to keep refreshing.
    Good night. Or good morning lol

  122. Aiyo, who is Happy 31st December????
    The ppl who manage this AAM obviously are way zzzzzzz!!!

    For Happy 31st Christmas, aUnty not rich lah, just love the spirit of giving and receiving!!

    Dear Happy 31st Dec’s suiteheart Kylie,
    Would you be kind hearted to bless me with the number of ‘Happy 31st Dec’ at you r most convenient time, if you cannot remember, it is a
    of no importance hahah ha!!!!

  123. Lynn, I am u r asleep, angel cos it’s 1.5 days from 2009.

    Lynn, I am NOT generous but Ishall take credit for priorities in life!
    If 1 day u find a passion in life, go for it
    If that passion is rankec equvalent to David James,
    “give them a home which they will be happy and below your parents’s comfort, my advise is :-
    ask them what nvironment do they want.
    Bw with the faamilynis ideal but nursing homes are ver well equipped for thier health.

    Lyn, I am sorry to ‘burden’ u with such difficult scenarios but my FAMILY & I wish everyone in & not-so-in of AAM a joyous and bountiful happinesss New year!

    World peace, djarox13

  124. Good morning to all you angels there!

    We have reached 180 comments here!!!

    Let’s see if we will get it up to 300!!!by the end of tomorrow, 2008!

  125. lynn – CONGRATULATIONS on ur pmr results!!! This reminds me of a famous saying by ‘someone’ : “Do your homework!”

    300 FTW! LOL.



    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›

    * This is the 200th mark!!! We didn’t plan for it! But wowzers! πŸ˜€

  127. Good morning to all you angels!
    This is the number 202 comment I am posting now. Since you are all sleeping and I am up at 3.15 pm here, (office, listening to David)
    I have been thinking, how can we make 300 comments by tommorrow,12/31/08.
    Lets make this a very memorable “goodbye” to 2008.
    Well , I guess I found one, I am going to select my favorite song and post my thoughts..Maybe, we may even reach 400 comments if you post your favorite songs too.

  128. Here is my thoughts from my favorite song,”With You.”

    “I’ve been alone so many nights now.”

    Oh! David, I was so alone and lost after the AI competition was over.

    “And I’ve been waiting for the stars to fall.”

    I couldn’t sleep for 2 nights, was so disappointed, and lost. I didn’t stare at the moon nor wait for the stars to fall. But I did wait and search for news about you.

    “I keep holding now for what I don’t know to be with you, just to be with you.”

    It dawned on me that we will not see you again. Ohh! that was enough to drive me nuts and I started to do what I normally won’t do, logging on to website to search for you and your news. That’s right, there’s nothing I won’t do to be with you.

  129. Wow! it was so sweet to be able to meet you at the American Airline center! I was so overwhelmed that I lost my thoughts and I was speechless. You were so sweet, patient, gentle and considerate, eventhough, you were sick. You shook every hand, smiled at everyone, took the time to sign all kinds of things given to you, posed for pictures, graciously smiled at silly jokes, and answered everyone’s questions.

    “O’ to be with youuuu, and I can’t imagine two worlds spinning apart, come together eventually.”

  130. “And when we finally meet, I know what’s right.
    I’ll be at the end of my restless road. But this journey is worth the fight.”

    Oh, when you stood infront of me, you were so considerate, staring and waiting for me to call you.
    And when you stepped forward and took the gift bag, and asked, “what’s that, can I have it, is it from Malaysia?..” I was speechless, guess I didn’t prepare what to say to you. I never thought I will be able to speak to you at all. Those eyes of yours were piercing, so beautiful! When I watched you drank the bottle of water, I suddenly realized, “here is a precious child, he must be so worn out, thirsty and sick, but he still wears a big, gorgeous, warm smile, and takes the time to interact with everyone.” What sweet attitude from a 17 year old teenager!

    Yes, this journey is worth it. I was glad I took the time off to meet with you.

    Wooooh, o’ to be with you…..

  131. And when you stand there infront of me,
    I thank God for you. Thank Him for giving me an opportunity to meet you………..This is the end of my restless road…an answered prayer from the Lord!

    I am glad I met you……………………………………
    Yes, I will stand allll the way with you in the new year, 2009. Just with YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

  132. Good morning Eunice and to all those Angels who kept the commentary going last night haha!

    Eunice I just can’t get over the fact that you had David standing in front of you πŸ™‚ We just had the youtubes to go on and we saw you handing over the giftbag and then David took out THAT famous water bottle with the word “Perfect” printed on its side and then took a swallow. Gosh what I wouldn’t give to be in your position at that time.

    He still took the time to interact with fans even though it was blistering hot and he didn’t feel well. I read that David absolutely hates not to be able to meet with fans so he tries his darndest to come out for the meet and greets.

    I love the song “You Can” and I thought he should have performed it more during the Jingle Balls instead of “A Thousand Miles” even though I love his version of this song. There’s just something about David singing emo songs that gets to me all the time. It’s a bittersweet moment filled with heartaches and yet strangely comforting and soothing to hear that velvety voice singing about relationships and loved ones.


  133. ROTFL…….

    300 mark!

    Eunice, lovely evening to you πŸ™‚
    At first I thought you meant Chris Brown’s song “With You”. I see you are referring to “To Be With You” – that song is crazy emotional. It’s like “When You Say You Love Me” that he sang during AI.

  134. John is getting emo on us…….

    “YOU CAN” stirs my heart everytime. So true about the tone of David’s voice in this song. The combination of simple instrumentation, great vocals, on the mark emoting, heart stirring lyrics and beautiful melody makes this song a gem.

    Morning, John πŸ™‚

  135. Oh that’s the song Eunice was talking about! I thought it was Chris Brown too haha. That’s why I was scratching my head with the lyrics – “Where on earth did those lines come from?” haha


  136. Hehe, we are again the Morning Crew and the 3 gals are the Night Flight team.

    John, full work day today?

  137. Yah Kylie my crappy bosses has not declared any 1/2 day today. And no I did not manage to listen to Damania’s piano masterpiece as it was badminton night yesterday and I got back late. Will listen to it 2nite.

    Are you doing any of the countdown bash around town?

  138. Countdown bash???!!!!!!!
    And get stuck in the crazy human & motor traffic jam after????
    Can’t we just countdown in our little nice backyard?
    Maybe we can the residue sparks from the town’s fireworks……..

    Oh, fireworks….we saw the spectacular Christmas Fireworks at A Formosa!!!! Just right above us. So Awesome. The place was jam packed with holiday folks. I think the New Year Fireworks would be even more awesome there.

    Are you doing the countdown thingey?
    KLCC and Golden Triangle are the places to be.

  139. Hey Guys this is a very interesting website on the production, distribution and marketing of music. You should pay speshul attention to the article on Music Royalties. You’ll get a better idea on the mechanics of paying royalties to artists like David and how piracy and illegal downloads really eats into his earnings.

    It’s very informative and you get a good overall understanding on how the music industry works.


  140. No way hose, nada, wild horses wouldn’t drag me there, not even if my life depended on it, uh-uh, *shakes head vigorously*

    I ain’t going anywhere near any of those countdown events. I’d rather be safe and sound in my own home

  141. Hey folks!

    We have reached 222 comments, just after John’s last one. I think we can reach 300 or even 400.

    Oh, yes, I have some kind of mixed feeling today, relief and sad that the year has gone by so fast. I wonder if any of you feel this way during this time of the year.
    Well, I just thought I will focus on something positive so I just pulled the lyrics from the song, “to be with you.” Then added my own thoughts. I didn’t even double checked the title of the song, sorry for misleading.

  142. MORNING, AAM!

    Anne, Lily, Justine, you girls are a cute bunch! Spamming your own site? How about letting me spam your site, which I constantly do? πŸ˜›

    Eunice, To Be With You is a beautiful song. Two ballads on the album, You Can and To Be With You, I think I prefer You Can. I don’t know why, but I think Kara’s voice was too high pitched for that song. Wait a minute, maybe I’m just jealous. lol

  143. Hehe, Eunice, no mountain too high. We will talk till the clock strikes 12 πŸ™‚

    I saw the song title and thought Chris Brown but when I saw the first line, nope, this is not Chris Brown. TBWY is a beautiful ballad, so hopeful, so yearning.

    New Year doesnt mean much nowadays. It comes and goes pretty quick, much like CNY and Xmas. These days, the biggest events in our lives are the kids’ birthdays.

    But in terms of David……yes, what you are feeling likely to be what David might feeling. He didnt know what hit him in 2008 – everything happened for a reason, everything happened so fast and 2009 is just round the corner for him. He must be wondering, “what happened in 2008?”

  144. Yah those 3 gurls are the Three Degrees of AAM during the night shift while Kylie and I are the Donny and Marie of the daytime with very able backup from Eunice the soul sistah from the US πŸ™‚

  145. What happened in 2008? There was a supernova of a megaton magnitude blinding us all with his light, soul and soothing our hearts with his warm, buttery, honeyed voice – tender and yet powerful in its ability to brings us to tears and to our knees.

  146. Hi Lynn,

    You are early! I like both of these songs.
    To be with you is especially meaningful to me, as I recalled the moment I met David for just a few minutes!

  147. Kim, what did you do last night that you didnt sleep? I’ll be a zombie if I were you. I forget liao, Kim, are you working?

    Lol John, aptly put. Those crazy girls….wait till they start working.

  148. ‘zombie’ ‘zombie’ .

    remember that song by the cranberries.(oops, real age giveaway here)

    i feel like a zombie right now

  149. You go Kim, let’s strike 400 today.
    Have to keep posting to make it happen.
    So NO lunch break for you folks then. Hahaha!

  150. Lol John, have you used up all the superlative adjectives and nouns in your vocabulary to describe every inch of David? I sometimes just resort to “awesome”.

    What happened in 2008? There was a supernova of a megaton magnitude blinding us all with his light, soul and soothing our hearts with his warm, buttery, honeyed voice – tender and yet powerful in its ability to brings us to tears and to our knees.

    So True. For David, he’s still mostly clueless. Maybe this makes him humble?

  151. yes kylie, everything happens for a reason.

    just like in Kungfu Panda where master ooqway said “there are no accidents”.

  152. Hi John,

    It is unlike you not to like those countdown celebrations! Are you afraid of crowds or firecrackers?

    Well, if you are, I hope you learn to get use to such crowds before David stops by for the concert.

  153. I remember the song “Zombie”! Cranberries, haha. Wonder where they are now?

    Oh Kim, must be surreal meeting David. After all the waiting and longing…to be with you.

  154. Hi Girly, missy Joyce.

    You are early indeed! Come join the party. Let’s hit 400 comments. We need more help here.
    Did you receive my message?

  155. Oh Kim, you get me going again. I still can’t describe what I felt when I saw him. It was like a dream, though he was out meeting and greeting the others for over 1

  156. hehe. receive your msg on msn? yes. i’m so happy that you successfully got msn on your own. hehe. you can join us on our chats with all the rest. πŸ™‚ but perhaps the timing may not be right cos we usually chat at night m’sian time.

    me no likey countdown parties and stuff like that too. too noisy and pointless. i’ll be watching mamma mia tonight! πŸ˜€

  157. Eunice I really hate the masses of people that such events entails and I can’t stand the traffic, litter plus the jostling and crowding at the train stations.

    But for David’s concert I would go to the ends of the earth, swim the seven seas, climb the highest mountains and brave a stampede of the wildest beasts.

    Aint no mountain high enough
    Aint no river wide enough
    Aint no valley low enough
    To keep me from him πŸ™‚

    Does that sound creepy?

  158. sorry, I just clicked the wrong thing here.

    I had as hour watching him interating with the others before my turn. I was in a dazzzzz. Like I was in a dream, right til he stood close to us. In fact, I stepped back the whole time, trying to see what he was doing from a distant. Maybe, I tried to block myself from getting to close emotionally. I guess so now that you got me digging it up.
    That’s it, no wonder I wasn’t crazy like many, screaming, howling…………..But my feelings become raw whenever I think about the moment I spoke with him. I bottled it up!

  159. Joyce you’re watching Mamma Mia? I went for the show last Friday and it was super good! πŸ™‚

    ABBA was one of my favourites and I still listen to their music now. It was great to be able to sing along with the cast of the show.

  160. hahahahaha. john, that does sound creepy. you really are creative with words. you must be really fit physically. i love ain’t no mountain high enough. the sisterhood of the traveling pants.

  161. mee too john. no pointless countdown outdoor. so humid.

    but for David , I will travel A THOUSAND MILEs ,


  162. eunice, you looked so calm in the video when u spoke to him. it still cracks me up when he asked u if the water is from Malaysia too.haha.

    u shld hv said yes, from malaysia with love.haha

    soory, i am being corny.it happens when i dont sleep.

  163. What creepy???? No that is call AFFECTION, LOYALTY AND DEVOTION!!!

    It is my plan to attend at least one of his solo concerts next year. This time I will write down and practice my speech. I will take pictures with him and tell him all about his diehard AAM fans. So when I get to meet you folks in person, I need all your pictures, maybe, get Pui Yee /Joyce to create another project, so I can hand it to DAvid personally. I will make this my goal for 2009.
    I need your help then.

  164. joyce i love sisterhood of the travelling pants. aint no mountain was also the song for this other denzel washington movie called giant sumting??

    ok, another age giveaway here.

  165. yup kim, the musical. i can’t wait! so far all reviews have been superb.

    eunice, i can’t wait for the day in which i can start describing my experience of meeting david. i’ll go round telling every single stranger who’s willing to listen to me.

    go and tell. go and shout! go and and let the story out. oops. song from christmas choir.

    cos you know i’d walk a thousand miles if i could just see you…. if i could just hold you …. tonigggggghhht.

    8782 is the distance between LA and KL. so technically we would need to walk more than a thousand miles to see david.

  166. Joyce and Mamma Mia and ABBA?
    Lol, wrong era.

    Eunice, we will have to borrow your description of meeting with David when we meet him finally. We will be in a dreamlike state of existence. Suspended in time until the mean security/handlers blast the time capsule into space, “Okay. move along, move along.” And while David is hustled along, we’re still like in a dream.

  167. Abba, this group was from the 70s. Well, I listen to Johnny Mathis, he is much older, but has an unsual voice too.

  168. EUNICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That’s a DEAL!!!!!!!

    Okay, the girls will get down to it pronto coz there aint much time. You’re back for CNY, right?

  169. eunice, thats a great idea. i hope u dont carting a big trolley coz u might need it to carry all the presents for him from malaysia.

  170. kim … err.. no idea what other movie that is. hehe.

    kylie, i grew up listening lite fm. I WAS FORCED TO. my parents refused to listen to any other station while sending me to school. i know a lot of oldies. hehehe. i’m not a ole soul!! haha. anyway everyone knows abba. even ppl my age.

    hahaaha. that’s a deal eunice. πŸ™‚ but i’m afraid i won’t be of much help cos i’ll be leaving for my Bible school on 28 jan.

  171. Oh BTW guys, the birthday package has safely reached David’s people. πŸ™‚

    Now, it just need to get to DAVID.

  172. OH, we have hit 266 comments! I think we may be able to hit 500!!!!!!!hahah!

    Oh Kim, No way, I’m going to bring those presents with me. i just one a piece of paper or 2. That’s it!!!! I will set a limit first!!!!

    Please don’t give them this idea.

  173. Eh, Kim…..I like Denzel! Which movie is this?

    If only David starts acting in TV shows and movies! He can start with a musical??

  174. Kylie,

    Thanks for the good news. Yes, hope the B-present reach David. Poor guy, he still has many boxes sealed from the tour!! This b-day gifts will add more boxes!! He may need his family members to unpack them for him. Must be fun looking through the gifts. Oh, hope the mice won’t get to them before David does.

  175. Kylie,

    Yes, since Joyce won’t be able to work on the project, I hope Pui Yee is able to. I prefer something that is very Malaysian kind. Batik printing or…….. Let’s discuss about this sometime.

  176. Hi Joyce,

    I am not sure how to use the msn live chat thing. You are the only one listed there. I can’t chat with anyone if they are not listed as my contacts, right?
    Well, I hope they can catch me logging in sometime, then knock at my door!

  177. Lol Eunice, not to worry…once Joyce has your msn contact….in no time, you’ll be chatting with us crazy people….but it’s usually at night you know….like lateeeeeeeee into the night….but yeah, it is morning for you, though!

  178. GOODNESS! I left AAM for 1 1/2 hours, and I’ve so much to read! This Morning Crew is really efficient, with two special guests Kim and Joyce. Not bad!

    Kylie, thank you for the news! David David David David David…. WOO-HOO!

    Eunice, yeah poor guy. Everyone just loves him and the amount of presents he has. For someone with a kind soul like him, I’m sure he will donate some to charity and share the love with the needy.

  179. Lynn,

    You just said the very thing I was thinking. I am sure he will share all his gifts with his family and to the needys. That is David!!!! And that’s what makes him so different.

    Remember, when the interviewers asked what he wish to get for Christmas, he kept saying that he doesn’t really need anything. So simple and easily content!

  180. How about chatting 2nite on msn, that is if you guys don’t have any new years eve party to go to. I probably won’t be able to keep up though as the Three Degrees + Joyce can flood the chat box with a deluge of comments in seconds. I just sit and watch the comments zip by with light speed.

    Eunice you’d better brush up on your typing skills if you wanna keep up with these gurls πŸ™‚

  181. Kylie,

    What a comfort! I can chat with you guys. Well, i think I am as crazy as you girls are then.
    Maybe, on Saturday morning here, that will be Saturday night there. Or Monday morning here and Monday night there. These are the best 2 days I may be able to chat with you.

  182. You are right, John!
    I really have to polish a lot of my skills here. Well, I was thinking about the avatar again just now. I like to get one with David drinking the bottle of water. I saw you have that picture at the gallery. Can I just use my gmail account then?

  183. Yup Eunice you can use your gmail account. We’ll start the process for you and once you receive a response from wordpress you’ll have to do teh rest.

  184. Eunice, I’m super envious that u get to meet david 😦 john , do u have a myspace? and arent u gonna party with ur wife for new yrs eve? LOLLLL

  185. eunice, we look forward to meeting you on msn. πŸ˜€ i can’t wait to teach you how to use custom emoticons. hahaha. oh this is so fun.

  186. Hi Starfusion,

    Happy New Year to you!! I read you are MIA, so glad you are around. Hey, thanks for revealing yourself as the anonymous 2. We still need to find the anonymous 1. Well, I think we know who this person is. So aren’t you going anywhere this afternoon?

  187. kylie , i like denzel too. i think the movie’s name is remembering the giants. it was really cool movie abt a black football coach(denzel) in a white high school community. It was all abt breaking racial stereotypes and prejudices way back in the 60s . very powerful movie.

    eunice, ok we will or i will keep present small as possible . and light too.yah?

    hey lynn, i am sure there r many lurkers out there.Delurk yourselves now.

  188. I will try to chat with you, but no promises, I have to work tomorrow. I have a lot to do, before I head home. Several meetings before the “balik” date. Mostly, planning and delegations. Some are quite uncomforatble with my absence, so I have to assure them, I have things cut out for them to do.
    Yes, I need to be bold in learning high tech stuffs.

  189. ty, yeah I’m going Kl with my frens later . how about you?:P isnt it like LATE for u? how’s the weather? lol

  190. wow, at this rate, we might as well go for 500!
    You morning shift ppl have done tremendously well πŸ™‚
    Just make sure the night shift ppl are ‘infomred’ of the 500 goal!

    Yay, Happy Baskin Robbin day!
    Gotta go off now, will be back to read everyone’s comments and maybe answer John’s 18 yr old what-u-did questions.

    Speak soon, let the words flow πŸ™‚

  191. !!! DJAROX13 come centrepoint or 1u and we’ll meet πŸ˜› ima go to baskin robbins : D LOL

  192. Dja nice to see you on board if only briefly haha

    Fusion does “d***” mean what I think it means?

  193. hahahaha! WOW WOW! Not bad! Its 298 now!!!! Yeah, Night Flight-ers, the target is now 500!!! The nonsensical Lynn says that 500 is the official number for PLATINUM status πŸ˜› I’m so nonsensical! Who is going to be around here this afternoon? Leaving AAM for 30 minutes isn’t very wise, the amount of comments!


  194. Haha Joyce yeah isn’t that craaazzzy with multiple wives lol.

    Hey guys this is a youtube link for the radio mix version of ALTNOY created by a guy called slproductions hehe. It’s a hoot! πŸ™‚

  195. oh apparently I’m wrong πŸ™‚ Kylie’s face is dark with rage now. scary.

  196. I’m going out for lunch now! And I’m saying this to add one more comment to this post. This is pure spamming. πŸ˜›

    BYe everyone! See you all in an hour! Happy new year!

  197. Yeah, it’s molten lava hot rage burning through the internet lines to swallow you up and spit you back into the BugLand.Space


  198. Oh no! Fusiion, please be courteous leh!
    Kylie is happily married to ONE husband lah!

    Is ok for John to have multiple wives, since he admitted it.


  200. Oh oh Fusion you got Kylie on the warpath now. She’s even calling my wives dogs now lollllllll!!!!

    Ok can we get back to the real object of our affection now? πŸ™‚ Did you guys watch the utube link I provided?

  201. HAPPY NEW YEAR to
    1) Director of AAM (Anne)
    2) Assistant Director (Lily)
    3) Public Relation Manager (Kylie)
    4) Manager of Editorial Department (John)
    5) Head of Tween Department (Justine)
    6) AAM regular customers:DJA, Lynn, Eunice, Joyce, Elicia, …………………………………..
    7) all AAM visitors.

    Oooop, and not to forget that underage mannnn which I really don’t know how to address him now.

    HAPPY 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. LOL seriously, how many wives do u have?:P do u have a prenup? LOL. if no , then just give all ur wealth to me. πŸ˜€

  203. Damania!!! haha you’re really funny with the credits. I’m more like the weekly columnist than any editor as I have to answer to higher authorities and I don’t know how Justine would feel about being called the Head Tweenie haha

  204. LOL “underage mannnnnn”, thanks! I think you got one up on him. πŸ™‚

    PR…..lol. My husband will never agree about that.

    Happy 2009 to our resident PIANIST πŸ™‚

  205. And the dogs, John.

    Don’t forget the precious dogs!!!!!!
    They will eat him alive, hahahahahaha

  206. Hey, we hit 324 comments now.
    Let’s get to 500 but I have to go now.

    Have a Blessed New Year to all you precious folks!

    Happy posting! Will join you folks later!!!

  207. Hey anyone here gonna watch AI8? The new season is on Jan 13th?

    I know we all hated the manipulation of AI7 but somehow I’m curious if they managed to dig up another diamond this time and how will Kara add her spice to the whole stew?

  208. Hey you guys are slacking leh. There’s no action anymore?

    Kylie no half day?

    Lol I’m just posting gibberish just to keep the comments running. How lame haha

  209. Oh sorry, work.

    No half day but my boss sudah balik liao.

    AI8 – yes I will watch but not on TV. I will just scour the sites for videos and tips for good ones… this was i did for AI7. It’s too time consuming to watch everything and everyone.

    Yes, I am interested in what Kara says about the singing and performances. Please, please, please, please, please, someone make some common sense comments……let it be Kara. Coz I will fast forward the other 3.

  210. hahahaha! John, you are the one who is slacking, from work πŸ˜› Kidding! Its fun! Anyways, I’m baaaaack till 6pm.

    AI8? MEEEEEEEEE! I’m scared that I’d get so bored of AI8 because AI7 was just unbelievable. You know how a-certain-someone-who-was-17-then-entertained-the-viewers!

    Damania, HAPPY NEW YEAR! May you have a blessed 2009! OH YAH! I’m a very regular customer here who goes around annoying everyone I can. Hahahaha! Hey, it takes still you know(:

  211. Well I think Randy has some good moments although he does seem to be stuck on “can sing the phonebook-anything” comments πŸ™‚

    Randy and Kara are the musicians / producers type and therefore should have more incisive insights about any budding singer’s abilities and performance standards

    Paula, I kinda like her attitude of focussing on the positives and encouraging the singers to always try their best. It’s not easy being up on that stage and for just 1.5 minutes trying to prove that you’re the next Mariah Carey. So her style of positve reinforcements is most times good.

    Simon…..what can I say? To me he’s more of a music promoter and does have an eye on what will sell in the immediate future but I don’t agree with his blatant pimping of certain contestants that catches his eye. That’s being downright biased and unbecoming of a judge.

  212. oooops, I meant skill in my other post. sorry typo.

    John, I saw the video you posted. So that’s the radio mix we will hear on radio is it?

    By the way, I was listening to Lite FM yesterday, and they were having this top 1000 countdown. Crush was placed at no.341. I’d say its not bad, read LITE FM! πŸ™‚

  213. Hahahahaha!!!! Kim

    Fusion married to dogs? Oh my gosh this effort to log 500 comments is getting to be real trippy! hehe

  214. Apparently so Lynn. It’s supposedly leaked by Jive and will be the version to go on radio come Jan 6th I think.

  215. well john , if we r going to hit 500, might as well hv some fun along the way.

    ya kylie , i dozed of for awhile .now very groggy.

  216. Hmm……I know where the judges are coming from. Meaning their background and roles. But they are too much sometimes – at some points in the show, they made a laughing stock out of AI with their antics and inconsistencies. Or maybe the producer(s) at fault. Oh well, make good TV drama or else we have nothing to discuss.

    And 4 judges…..that’ll cut down performing time right?

  217. John, Randy is a little bit like me. Wait, I’m a little like Randy. Haiyah, whatever. We are running with few words a.k.a we don’t know our adjectives πŸ˜›
    How come Jive is always leaking it as part of promotion? Its getting a bit boring, we need SUSPENSE! Although, I hate suspense.

    Everyone of AAM, we have about 150 comments more to reach the 500 mark. Its not faaaaar!!!

    Since John brought up the topic about judges, what do you think of David being a judge in 20 years time?

  218. CRUSH on Lite Fm countdown is very cool πŸ™‚
    But I havent heard it on Lite Fm yet.

    High Five, Kim! Lets bring it home πŸ™‚

  219. Not neccessarily less performimg time but it probably means the judges had better speak their minds quickly and concisely which means that for Paula more prepared critiques and she’d better match the singer with the comments correctly lol

  220. Wah Lynn….that’s so far away. How about a mentor first?

    As a judge, David will a kind judge but with constructive tips – a cross between Randy/Kara & Paula. He may also be able to offer helpful firsthand guide to the music business – a bit of Simon there. Wah…..that’s a PERFECT judge?

  221. David as a judge?

    Well I think he’ll have very appropriate inputs regarding the singer’s technique and emotional and musical stylings but I’m afraid he’ll be a little like Paula i.e he just can’t bring himself to say anything bad about anybody lol

  222. hahahaha! Not bad as a mentor. Michael Johns was a mentor for Hollywood Week AI8 right? I can’t imagine David criticizing anyone now… Hmmmmm, but this guy will go so far in the industry, he’d have have plenty of experiences. I’m sure David will be really willing to share all that he has learnt to others.

    Anlynn’s 2009 resolution : BE A BETTER PERSON!

  223. John’s 2009 resolution be more like David!

    Or is that too corny? haha

    MJ mentored for AI8? That’s interesting πŸ™‚

  224. Lol…yeah, what John said.

    But David may surprise us with his intelligent critique. It’s great that he is becoming a songwriter, too. Plus a musician.

  225. Well, at least I read it somewhere sometime back that AI producers invited him to mentor Hollywood week. I always liked Michael Johns, my top 4 would have been David and David, Carly and MJ. I’m glad David is beginning to establish himself as an singer and not any other American Idol wannabe.

  226. I’m listening to David’s album now, and I’m wondering, is it possible to sing Barriers live? Its so layered…

  227. WALAOEH!!!!!! It took me a LOT of time to peruse the comments after the ‘spamming incident’ last night with Anne and Lily. Lily is going to have a field trip catching up!!!! Lily: Chapter 2 of the Book of David??? Hahaha!

    Damania, Tween Department…. Hmm…. It’s OK. I’ll take it! πŸ˜€ Hahaha, Happy New Year, Piano Prodigy!

    Was it only a few months ago that we came to know David??? Time sprints!!! And Blessed 2009 to everyone! πŸ˜€


  228. Lynn, great minds. That were my top 4. Top 2 being David and Carly. Best singers of the season.

    Barriers is one of my fav tracks. And I’m weird and in the minority, coz I like the layering. Conveying “barriers”.
    They will have to probably do a more pop rock version for live. And the band does the vocal layers. I think it can be done. And I’m so looking forward to the live version.

  229. Kylie……………………………………why………………………………….tell me whyyyyyyyyyy…………..


  230. Cub HEad FTW!!!!!!! LoL.

    oh my.i just realised i havent try ALTNOY on the piano yetttt!!Been stuck at the comp whole day. What a way to end 2008. haha.


  231. Justine, poor you. Because it took me a long time just reading 30 comments. Did you wake up like 2 hours ago?

    Kylie, ME TOOOOO!!!!! I remember when the album was first released, many people didn’t like the layering, but I liked it. Gosh, are you my loooooooong lost sister???? lol

  232. Lynn, you are psychic???? Haha. Yah, I woke a little over 2 hours ago!!! πŸ˜€ Had to catch up on 100+ comments!


  233. Lynn…..Gosh!!!!! I think so!!!!!

    David Archuleta
    YEDL (yes?)
    Man U

    Awww…..my long lost soul sistah *hugs*

  234. Dear Cub Head, I’m no psychic, but I have a sister who used to sleep at like 3am, and she won’t wake up unless she has 12 hours of sleep. lol….. Justine, don’t mind me being a k-poh, but what do you plan to do since spm has long gone?

    YEDL, YES! *hugs*. hahahaha! Are you still at work?

  235. You talking to me? What is a “Cub Head”? Never heard of such a thing before.

    Haha. Thank you for asking! I am excited about college! I begin college this Friday! Engineering at Taylor’s American Degree Transfer Program. Stoked! πŸ˜€ Are you prepared for upper secondary? I think you’d enjoy it. Especially Add Math….wah, super challenging and fun!

    Justine the Human

  236. Wooott! Justine, the Smart Cookie!

    Oops, I just called Justine a Cookie πŸ˜›
    Sorry Cub Head, ma’am,

  237. Head of Cubs. I can’t remember where I read it at all, but I’m sure you have read about it. Fans in their 40s are called cougars, 30s are called something(I need help here…. Kylie?! Anne?!), the tweens shall be named Cubs.

    Wow, not bad! Trasnfer program? So is it going to be a 1+3? Engineering, not easy! I think I’m prepared! Sadly, I’m one of the weirdos who hate math. lol….

  238. So you guys don’t mind being called ‘Cubs’???????? Wut iz diz….

    2+2 for me. πŸ™‚ I know it ain’t easy! My initial plan was to pursue Journalism but I am scared out of my wits so I am going for Engineering because I enjoy Physics and Add Math. Aiya, don’t like Maths ah? What subs do you like? History? I am terrible at history. Low memory power, I have. 😦


  239. FOUND IT! It was from Snarky Archies :
    “James from IDF has solved this discrepancy!

    20s: Kittens
    30s: Pumas
    40s: Cougars
    50s: Jaguars!

    Just in case you wanted to know.

    *cleans paws*

    sabrina note: Okay, an email we got that amuses me TOO MUCH. From Rebecca!

    Hey Snarkies!! I’m 64 years old and I LOVE David!!!! I noticed you didn’t have a cat name for us really old Archies, so I suggest Leopards, because at my age we get wierd skin spots and speckles. So, that’s my thought about that.

    So, yeah – 60s: LEOPARDS

    dana note: And Bea has dubbed the teens CUBS. YAY.

    or if you don’t prefer being called a feline, like me, you can be a squirrel! squirrels are where it’s at. yes, sir.”

    Journalism sounds pretty interesting as well! Scared out of your wits? Why? My sister took up engineering as well. 2+2…. HEY! When you go to U.S, your chances of meeting David will probably be doubled! Not bad. Nah, history isn’t my thing. I always study history for the sake of studying. I like Science and English.

  240. I got to go now. You people do keep the number of comments rolling! 130 comments in 6 hours, I’m sure AAM can do it! πŸ™‚ I will be back at 10. Anyone join me here tonight for countdown at AAM?

  241. happy belated birthday to you david….
    i luv u so much…
    i hoped that ur careers n study will shine on….


  242. Kylie is probably replying to your find on cats. I am so sorry but I cannot comment on the subject. Hahahahahhahaah!

    Dunno. Just have a hunch that I will not do well in it. Hehe. Hopefully lah get to see him. πŸ™‚ But quite hard also… I don’t know anyone there…so can’t go around! Science and English! Awesome! I like English, too. And am sitting on the fence with Science. I don’t hate it…but I don’t love it so much either. But I’m leaning more toward the loving part. Haha.


  243. See, I told you folks we will hit 500! The evening crew will bring in the remaining 135 to hit gold!
    And omgosh, all we need (after hitting another 135 posts is only 389 hits for AAM to rach 50,000 hits!!

    Tonight will be interesting!

    I couldnt finish reading all the comments otherwise I will run out of my comp allocation time (sigh)

    Lynn, congratulations on your PMR results and I absolutely agree with everyone here, for a 15 yr old, you are really smart, witty and straight A material. Lunch on you yea?

  244. Kyle, I think I know who is J & R

    J is our very intelligent and lovely Justine
    R is Raven??

    What do you think, Justine & Raven πŸ™‚

  245. Justine, see, I am right. Tweens/teens are called cubs. And you are the Cub Head. Face it!!!!!!!!!
    So you wanna be called a squirrel? I go find a nice name for ya. πŸ™‚

    *Thank you, Lynn, soul sistah.*

    Hey DJArox, aint a problem at all to hit 500 mark. And 500 mark is platinum? Oh, I lost track liao.

  246. Fusion, can you explain d****

    Damania, love your piano video. Absolutely our house pianist. You crack me up with your credits.
    “Oooop, and not to forget that underage mannnn which I really don’t know how to address him now”

  247. Hi Rai, is this is your post? Welcome to AAM.
    Merry Christmas (12 days, so still can wish)
    & happy New Year

  248. AIYOYOYO, I cannot think now lah!!!!


    I am still in denial. No need to trouble yourself to find a nice name, Kylie. I am happy with mine now…..I hope. Hahahahha!


  249. Fusion, what time at centrepoint tonite? Remember to bring enough money okay, coz I normally buy 4 tubs. You better check in early to get AAM to 50,000 hits.

    Oh Lynn, please forgive my manners. Since you have done so well, it is I who should buy you lunch, okay?

  250. And looks like we (or is it only me???) are going through great pains to rake the comments up to 500! Hitting the 400th mark soon! πŸ˜€


  251. Kylie, I spent the past hour trying to catch up but didnt manage to read all.

    I have a funny story to share
    Our community organized a teenager party tnite for all the kids who took UPSR & PMR. Almost all the teenagers did well incl my kids.
    Some parents are contributing food but I contributed door gift (David’s Album)
    But my son & daughter has restricted me to only 3 DA’s album and begged me to mix with other artist album so that their friends dont know my ODD πŸ™‚
    Let’s see what happens tonite.

  252. Justine, I’m with you. The trick is not to 1 long post but break it into many many posts, correct or not?

  253. Okay, I have to go prepare the kids for the their party, so I shall step away and will try to be back as soon as I can.

    see you guys later

  254. Hehe Djarox13, you are contributing to half of his album sales here!!!! πŸ˜€

    Enjoy the party and take care! I have to go, too. Spending my new year’s eve with the family. Enjoy the party here at AAM, E-family! πŸ™‚


  255. Oh, and before I leave, Happy New Year DAVID!!! We’re not going anywhere. This year has been literally phenomenal because of you and we will only be so blessed to witness your amazing rise to SUPERDUPERSTARDOM (is that a word?) in 2009 and the years to come!!!

    Okie dokie, tata! Tty in 2009!


  256. Justine, I am not allowed in the teenagers’ party lah. Parents are not welcome but it’s good for the kids to have their little party.

    Which means I may have the time and computer to contribute to our 500 mark!
    Let’s see who will get the 500th post honour tonite, my bet is on Justine, Anne & Lily or even Lynn.

  257. oops, that was me, oh well, I wont blame you if you think I did that just to post another post.

    Where is everybody? Partying?

  258. Eh! where’s everyone?! I guess I’ll talk to you guys in 2009!!!! keke πŸ™‚ going out now!

    Happy New year!! πŸ™‚

  259. Thank you AAMers
    Providing solace for ODDers
    Also meeting awesome posters
    Spreading joy, talent & lots of laughters

  260. John, didnt you leave specific instructions?
    Let’s hope all our regulars esp the night shift crew will create an avalanche before 12 midnite.

  261. John, you havent answered my question, what did Fusion meant when he said d***

    Fusion, where are you, am i getting my Baskin Robbins or not? (:

  262. Omgosh, when I see all my post one after another, I remember what David said, “you will never be lonely if you befriend yourself”

  263. Dja I don’t know what d*** means and I think he’s mad at Kylie hehe. So guess he’ll be MIA for a while.

  264. Dja, thank you! Congratulations on your children’s good results as well πŸ™‚ Of course I can treat you lunch!!! When I go to KL or you come down to Batu Pahat. hehehehe

  265. “John, didnt you leave specific instructions?
    Let’s hope all our regulars esp the night shift crew will create an avalanche before 12 midnite.”

    hahahaha! Dja, you just made John sound like the Managing Director. Anyway, everyone DELURK nooooooooow. We’ve got 1 1/2 hours to reach the 500 mark. TEAMWORK needed….. πŸ˜›

  266. Yah guys where are you? We need the cubs and cougars, pumas, kittens and a large pride of lions I think to get to 500 πŸ™‚

  267. hey members of AAM, people online and people who are out to usher the new year. I’ve got a question for you all. Do you prefer your school life or your working life now??? Just a random survey, because I’m msn-ing with 3 people who are telling me they ALL prefer school life. Hmmmmm….

    David, do you want to answer as well? πŸ˜‰

  268. Hi Lynnnnnnnnn!!!!!! Will be here for a short while, hehe then go do our little countdown πŸ™‚

  269. HIIIIIIIIIIIIII Kylie! Going to countdown with your family? I’m sure that would be nice.

    you know what? You and StarFusion are like cute siblings.

  270. Happy New Year Everyoneeeeeee
    A new year. a new start , a new chapter
    Wishing you’ll a Happy New Year 2009

  271. Hi. I’m back, gosh, we have another 88 posts to hit 500, come on Angels and archies, go for it!

  272. hello Lynn, it is I who should buy you lunch, one day, one day.

    Hi Cris, how are you, merry Christmas & Have a great and joyful new year!

  273. Lol, Lynn…..Fusion will flip when he reads that. But why la you think like that? Do you mean sibling squabblings?

  274. Oh my gosh, I think everyone on planet Earth are using the internet, my comp is starting to go real sloooow (:

    Lynn, for me it’s def school life!
    As for David, i tried calling him for you but his line is understably overloaded, sorry, cant get tru.

  275. YAAAAH! Sibling squabbles…. I always see Kylie is “mad” at Fusion, Fusion may be “mad” at Kylie. Aren’t they cute? lol!

    The internet line has been slow since this morning. hehehehe, Dja, do ask David for me when you get through him ok?

  276. DJArox, funny girl. Maybe you got the wrong phone number – the one he lost.

    So where is the Three Degrees gone to? They havent met their comment quota yet.

  277. Dja, ok then, I’ll not say no to your free treat! I wonder how people can survive going on a diet…. Ladies, isn’t it waaaaaaaaay too tough to say no to food?

    Cris, I hope you enjoyed 2008 and happy new year πŸ™‚

  278. Kylie, Three Degrees have gone out to usher the new year, I’m sure. πŸ˜€ Never mind, because the initial target was 300 and we have gone waaaaaaaaaay beyond the 300 mark. hahahahaa! Don’t be surprise if you wake up tomorrow and see that this post has got 500+ comments, because we’ve got many night owls around. hehehe….

    Happy New Year everyone!

  279. Kylie, can have more faith in me or not? Of course I called his private line but you know davidlah, everyone is equal in his eyes.

    Guess, what? I have just received 3 sms from our ‘Three Degrees on new year wishes and I am so tempted to call them to report to AAM immediately! Should I?

  280. Well folks, another 9mins to another wonderful archie new year and I would like o thank everyone for having me, tolerated me, laughed with me and educated me.

    May the new year bring joy, happiness and good health to each and everyone of you. Ad may the new eyar brings David to Malaysia πŸ™‚

  281. Dja, I have to agree with Kylie that you are funny! Your kids are funny as well…. No more than 3 David cds. So what happened in the end? πŸ˜› Aren’t you going to join the kids for the countdown? Now I think Kylie has gone off for a mini countdown as well.

  282. Last but not least,
    David, thank you for sharing your music and yourself with us. We love you and may the Lord wraps you in his loving arms always.

  283. 4 more minutes and I need to type it out before it strikes 12.

    Thank you AAM for all the archu-updates and the “regular customers” for all the joy throughout this year πŸ™‚ All of you made 2008 an amazing year for me!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! May 2009 be a year with peace, joy and love!

  284. Dja, I’m not that great. Still trying to be nice, because my patience always run real low. RESOLUTION : BE A NICER PERSON! lol or like John said be more like david

  285. Lynn, by your post dated Jan 1,2009, you have showed greatness, just like David.

    Is Kylie still here?

  286. Oh my gosh Damania, Happy New Year! So happy to see you here πŸ™‚

    So, ada new year resolution?

  287. Lynn, well, in the end I had to agree to only 3cds, 5 pencil cases and 5 casual bags. Nice colorful bags. You see, during Christmas eve, some their friends also received David’s album from me.
    So my kids are a bit embarrassed πŸ™‚

    As for coountdown, both my kids are countingdown with their friends on Maple Story.
    Do you know Maple Story?

  288. Lynn, my new year resolution is to be more like David. You know what, I never had new year resolutions, I am not sure if it is good or bad.

  289. Ummm…. no resolution this year.
    Have to run now. My girl is crying. The sound of the fireworks is so loud.
    Good night.

  290. Maple Story as in the game? If its the computer game then yeah, my friends do play it, but computer games aren’t really my thing.
    Ooooh, i see. Yeah, i remember you mentioned that you gave away 10 cds. 13 cds altogether… *sings THIS IS THE SEASON TO BE GIVING fa~la~la~la~*

  291. Kylie, welcome back! I actually called 1 of the Three Degress and I actually felt really bad after that call 😦

    Lynn, what time do you plan to sleep tonight?

  292. Awww…sorry Damania that I missed you.
    Happy 2009 to you, too.
    Your little gal will bring you much joy πŸ™‚

  293. Yep, Maple Story the comp game.
    Singing “tis the season to be giving..”
    Do you like my singing?
    Oh, I should tell you, whenever my colleagues and I go to karaoke, they will always pay me to stop singing. So maybe my new year resolution is to commit myself to a singing course…nay, bad idea.

  294. Kylie, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Dja, I never really had any resolutions as well, this year is my first year I’m writing them down. But I’m kinda bad at this kind of thing, because I’ll usually forget them by March. I’m out to keep to mine this year!!! πŸ˜›

    I expect a new blog from David tomorrow.

  295. Yeah, a new blog, please DAVID! You have been too quiet lately. And we didnt get a birthday blog, right?

  296. Lynn,
    “I expect a new blog from David tomorrow”

    Haha, it came out sounding like an instruction, not a prediction.
    Okay, I shall remind David that Lynn expects a new blog tomorrow πŸ™‚

  297. Hey hey hey Ladies or should I say cougars / pumas / cubs πŸ™‚

    A very happy 2009 to all you Archies and to the man himself David Archuleta.

    All success, happiness, wealth, health and good singing voices πŸ™‚

  298. No worries, Dja, I’m sure whichever of the Three Degrees you called will not be angry at you. They are all very understanding and lovely girls πŸ™‚

    Sleeping…. I should be sleeping at about 1am tonight. You?

    Kylie, I agree on that. The Archu-news have been a bit slow lately. I’m sure he is having a fun time with his family

  299. Kylie, I called our cub leader and I felt I was disturbing her for our young and single gals should paint the town red on speshul day like this.

  300. JOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHNNNNNNN!!!!!! I honestly didn’t expect to see you here till I log in in the morning. I thought you went out for a countdown or something. hehehe…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

  301. I went for a teh tarik with friends and ushered in the new year while drinking hot tea πŸ™‚

  302. Hey Lynn you had the exact comment for the new year on Jan 1 2009 at 12.00 am. Congrats! πŸ™‚

  303. DJArox, not to worry about our Cub Head. She loves hearing from you πŸ™‚

    John….you are a cat, too. Speshul one that is. πŸ˜›

    Lynn, my soul sistah, no more locks, no more tears, no more barrieeeeeeeeerrrrs….. πŸ˜‰

    Okay, folks…..time for me to retire for the night.
    I’ve worked very hard today, hehe.

    Much love to David!

  304. Welcome back John & all the well wishes back at ya.

    John, if you call us cougar, cubs or pumas,
    does that mean we call you tiger?

    I think ladies and young ladies will do.

  305. Lynn, I have another 15 mins to hit the sack.

    Just curious, you are only 15, does your mom allow you to go out unchaperoned?

  306. Ok Kylie, sweet dreams and may you wake up to a great and joyful new year. And yes Kylie, you have toiled the entire day.

  307. John, yeah, it feels nice to have a comment at 12am, and the right one πŸ˜›

    Kylie, GOOD NIGHT and Happy New Year once again! Yes, no more barrieessss!

    Dja, my mum does, basically because the mall I always to go with my friends is just three streets away from my house. hahahaha…! But she won’t let me walk there alone πŸ˜‰

  308. Okie dokie, it’s bedtime for me.

    Lynn, thank you for the very pleasant chat.

    Everyone, good nite, sweet dreams and dont let the bed bug bite!

  309. I just got back! Beautiful fireworks, I saw!!! πŸ™‚




    Sorry for the caps. Am just shocked. Hehe. I was honestly and truly delighted to hear from you!!! Thank you very much for the lovely call!!! You never trouble me so don’t be upset…or you’ll make me upset!!! Hehe. πŸ˜€ Have a blessed new year and God bless! πŸ™‚


    Its been a pleasure to know all of you and i look fwd to the next phase of david’s career with u guys!


  312. Happy new year to you!
    Happy new year to you!
    Happy new year to all AMMMEMBERS and
    David Archuleta.
    We all Lovvvvvvvvvvvv Youuuuuu!

    Hi, all you beautiful and handsome AAMMEMBERS!
    May this new year 2009, brings you love, peace,hope, good health and wealth.

    Sorry! I missed the party last night. It is 12.15 pm on 12/31/08. I still have several hours to enjoy it.
    Bye for now, have to go for lunch!!!

  313. Good day, Eunice! I suppose David hasn’t celebrated the new year yet! We are in 2009 now at this side of the globe! πŸ˜€ Enjoy 2008 Eunice!


  314. LYNNNNNNN!!!! Guess what??? David just posted a blog on MySpace!!!!! πŸ˜€ Psychic lah you!!! πŸ˜›


  315. Hi dearest Three degrees,

    You are still around at this hour! What time will you get up to enjoy the 1st day of 2009?

    Will leave soon! Our boss just gave us half day off, after the staff meeting at 11.45am! Well, that’s why I couldnt post at that time. Our meeting started at 10 am here which was 12am,1/1/09 across the Pacific ocean!

  316. Last day of freedom before college “lockdown”! But I will get up at exactly noon tomorrow. Got a birthday party to attend. πŸ™‚


  317. Hey, you are still up.Good!
    I won’t let go unless we reach 500!
    It is still 12/31/08 here. And is is 3.05 pm only!!!!

    Come on, we have hit 469 comments now!

  318. I am leaving for home now and will log on again to make the rest of the comments….hehehee!
    This is 3.10 p.m. on 12/31/08.

  319. It is past 5AM now. I have to sleep before my father wakes up soon!!! Haha. Take care Eunice and have a blessed new year!!!


  320. Hehehe. OK, this is not just to rake the comments higher, but this is a tribute to my mentors -Anne, Lily, Kylie and John. You guys fuel AAM and make this site what it is today!!! Terima kasih banyak-banyak for putting up with a lowly teenager like me! And terima kasih banyak-banyak for being your best for David! I learned tons from you four throughout the last few months of 2008 and am braced to learn more this year!!! Quoting Djarox13, palm to heart! It has been more than my pleasure to have known you through a wonderful artist called David. πŸ˜€


  321. Eunice, glad to be chatting with you!!! Hehehe. I will be attending Taylor’s University College this Friday! πŸ™‚

    TTY in 2009 (US time)!!!


  322. And it is 3.26 pm on 12/31/08.

    We’ll make it for sure.
    We have 15 more to go! Let’s surprise the rest of the gang!

  323. Justine, if you have to go, then don’t worry.
    I still have 8 hours to 1/1/1009.

    I will continue when I get home!!!!!

  324. Oh, sorry, I still have 8 hours to 1/1/2009 not 1009.

    Plenty of time from now to 12am. There will be sufficent time to make the rest of comments. Hahaha!

  325. Since I am a bit on a roll here…

    This is a tribute to the adults that have emulated David’s humility to the core: Djarox13, Eunice, Damania, Elicia, Jolene, Ai Sim, Kim, Cris and not forgetting Kylie and John!!! You are the very definition of ‘young at heart’ because you seem to unleash the inner youth all the time! I am fortunate to have such a wonderful group of adults to respect and learn from. If you folks never mention the word ‘work’ in your comments, I would’ve thought you were my age!!! Seriously. So thank you! The young ones are blessed. πŸ™‚


    P/S: Sorry if I have missed someone. It may have been because you never mentioned ‘I am at work now’. Haha, kidding!!! πŸ˜€

  326. By the way, Taylor’s college is famous in my days.
    What will you be majoring in?

    You can answer this question next year!!!!!!

  327. I am still here, apparently. Haha. Will probably sleep at 6AM. πŸ™‚ I will be pursuing Engineering. Taylor’s college is still famous now…but the fees are also famously exorbitant! My my… 😦


  328. And again with the tributes…(sorry this is getting boring).

    To the youths at AAM -I am refusing to use the word ‘Cubs’ Kylie, even though I just did πŸ˜› – Joyce, Pui Yee, Lynn, Nik, Ying Xian, Rachel, Michelle, ANNE, LILY and the thorn among the roses (har har, don’t get mad Fusion…me joking only…), I think you guys are the reason for my change in character in the past few months. Haha. You guys prevented me from combusting internally with my silent ODD and have been a great company throughout the spazzing era that isn’t about to end anytime soon. πŸ˜‰ Did I make sense?? Gosh…it’s almost 6AM!!! Anyway, thank you for posting at AAM and being a real chatty and friendly bunch with the adults! We have learned tons from them, haven’t we? And bless them for being such cool adults! πŸ˜€


  329. Oh gosh. It’s past 6AM and I am determined to get this to 500!!! Eunice, mana kamu? Hehehe.


    This is #492.

  330. Anne, Lily, Kylie and John…forgive me. For I am spamming. And I will continue to further spam to reach 500. πŸ˜€


  331. DAVID, Happy New Year!

    Never in a million years did I ever expect to have witnessed something so incredible as you. You are a true gem and there are no words to convey how you have changed me -musically, spiritually and emotionally. You have a good head on your shoulders and I am very proud of you for doing what you do, standing up for what you believe in and being the way you are. You truly embody the words “one of a kind”. Happy 2009, dear David!


  332. 500!!!!!! OH HIJOLE!!!!! I am going to bed now. πŸ˜€ Have a great first day of the year!


  333. Woouuuh…..500 ya all…congratz!!


    …so now everyone zzzzzzzzzzzz….lol

    and so looking forward …2009 David’s journey..


  334. Rusharr, where were you yesterday?
    You were missed!
    Elicia, too!

    HAPPY 01/01/2009!!!!!!

  335. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! We have reached 500 comments! Justine you are the BOMB! You beat me to it. Kudos! to you dear sister!

    Congratulations Rusharr! your’s the number 501!
    You are a trooper!!!!!!

  336. Thank you, Eunice for carrying the torch right up to the last few hours of 2008 over your side of the globe.

    You are a precious connection we have to David!!

  337. Well, the marathon is over and I don’t know what else to do here. That is incredible! Justine has great determination! Wowww!

  338. Haha, Eunice. Yes, determined little Cub Head she is!

    Well, GOODBYE “Happy 18th Birthday, David!” thread! Fond memories in this thread. Love you all!


  339. Well, I will make another comment to make it 510!

    What a great feeling to have accomplished it!

    Hmmm it is important to set goals for this new year!

  340. hahahahaha! I like the note on top of this post. And guess what? It is only 8.16pm in Salt Lake City πŸ˜€ CONGRATS, AAM! Your post has reached PLATINUM! Oh, and CUB HEAD a.k.a JUSTINE, you posted the 500th post. Not bad!(: Now, I expect the hits to reach 50k by today. hehehe.

    Justine, thank YOU for all the updates and making me feel sane. Yes, we truly did learn a lot from the adults here. Oh, so David DID blogl. lol

    Kylie, yes, this thread has fond memories. Alright, lets move over to the next thread. Goodbye to this post, and HELLO to the 1st post of 2009

  341. Surpassed 50, 000 HITSSSSS!!!!!

    Logged on. Saw 49, 999 hits. Refreshed. Immediately became 50, 0004 hits!!! Morning Crew FTW!!! Mission Accomplished. Gotta run now!!! Happy New Year guys!


  342. omgoshh. woke up today and saw over 50k hits and 500+ comments?! HAHA. we need a msian TCA Most Fanatic Fans Awards lollll.

    aww Justine, thanks for the tributes..im bad at those kinda stuff but just wanna let ALL of u know again, im really really thankful for all of u. Thinking back on 2008 yday before the clock struck midnight, one of the Major events that has happened in my life in the past year was David and getting to know u guys. I wouldnt know how my year would have been without all of that. so, thank you. thank you, all of you, because there are just so many to name lol. *HUGS*

    I’m gonna miss this thread..but we all gotta move on right? so, new thread here i come! (:


  343. Congratulations!!! 500 and counting wow!! awesome!

    sorry i zonked out last night.the mind was willing but the body counldny handle it. slept b4 midnight.

  344. Hey..guys..sorry yesterday MIA….Kylie..i did read all those post…..and someone..talked about me behind my back….huh…LOL

  345. Pingback: Happy 19th Birthday DAVID. « Archuleta Avenue Malaysia

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