10 comments on “Teen.com interview,Breakout in OK Magazine, Shontelle backstage video, David to perform at Mckay center, MTV asia chart attack updates

  1. Thanks Lily for posting. I tried to listen to the Spanish Birthday song, but I could get it open.
    Anyway! it will sound beautiful I know!!!

    Thanks again!

  2. ^^Then you are dumb for wasting your time posting here. Oh, and by the way, at least try to sound intelligent by correcting your Grammar, sweetie. 😛

  3. lora,

    i don’t mind if u think that way, but pls don’t leave you poo poo at other people’s house. that is wierd..

    btw, David Archuleta is the BEST! MUAH!!

  4. For those of you who don’t think David Archuleta is your cup of tea, please don’t come knocking on here then ok?

    Go elsewhere with your trash cause we sure don’t welcome it here. So shoo little kiddies!

    That is all.

  5. Dear missy lora,

    I feel so sorry for you and your attitude!

    You came to the wrong place, shame on you for all your sucking! You sure don’t have any taste of music and personality!!! What a rude and pathetic person you are!

    Hope you learn some manners/attitude from our golden star David Archuleta!

  6. i liked the day listened to the song called ‘crush’ i liked that so much dude and i realy like david he is my best teenage (male)singer
    you are adoreable

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